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As Dr. Kelley was first a Doctor of Dental Science, we pay homage to his earlier work, with this section, and the probable dangers to ones health and well being, due to the continued use of mercury in dental work.

Loudon: Does Grandma Have her Lower Teeth Out Again?

The two most important ORAL HEALTH HABITS, especially for younger people, are to keep healthy teeth and keep the supporting tissues healthy. Many people now keep their teeth until they are 90 years or older.

Many young people do not think their teeth will be a problem when they get older. Many feel that skipping a night or two of brushing and flossing will cause no harm. But they may be sadly mistaken. They also may feel that eating ice cream or candy just before bedtime is not harming their health and teeth. Continue reading

How the Diet and Mouth Breathing can Effect Oral Cavity Development in Young Growing Children

Parents, Grandparents, Dentists, and Naturopaths need to understand how a child develops his teeth, oral cavity, and Nasal breathing. One of the great reasons was shown last week in the production of nitric oxide from nasal breathing. It is very important to be aware of children’s diets, development of their breathing, nasal airway, teeth cleanliness, and facial esthetic development.

Facial beauty, tooth eruption, and development, plus how a child develops their dentition are closely related to the dental bite. A poor diet, Candida Albicans fungus, gut inflammation, and leaky gut, colds, allergies, and breathing through the mouth can influence tooth development and even children’s health. Continue reading

The Confessions of a Modern Medical Doctor

We are seeing a slow movement forming against some of the methods used by the so called modern Medical establishment within the medical community itself. An education towards other methods outside the mainstream, as information becomes more available and we look beyond what is perceived as the accepted wisdom of the medical world. I am just one of this movement. Allow me to introduce you to a new stance on what it means to be a modern doctor. Continue reading

Correcting Over closed Bites on children 3 to 12 Years Old

Today, I am deviating from preventive cancer to a children’s problem helpful for dentists and parents. This is related to children and how the development of their bites affect their facial esthetics and occlusion.

Otitis Media Treatment
About 3 – 4 percent of the children in the U.S., ages 3 to 12, have over closed bites, or closed occlusion. Parents and most dentists do not recognize this problem. It can affect hearing, the bite, and facial esthetics. Continue reading

The Unknown, Unseen, Severe Cause of Many Chronic Diseases, Arthritis, and Cancer

If a person were to research disease they would find that over 35 percent of Americans are infested with chronic debilitating candidiasis. Most of the time they do not feel it or feel any symptoms. They do not realize that candida albicans fungus infestation is the cause of more chronic diseases that any other parasite or cause of disease in the body. Continue reading

Loudon: Dental Facts that do not Always get Wide Attention

There are four critical disease factors involved in the development and treatment of diseases. Surprisingly, Oral and dental health is one of those severe disease factors. The other three factors are cationic, non-electromagnetic foods that you eat, inflammatory toxins, and oxidative body cell overload (oxidation). Oxidative body cell overload is caused by eating too many cationic, non-electromagnetic foods like sugar, omega-six oils, excessive red meat, and to many carbohydrates.

In the United States, every year, between 600,000 and 700,000 people die of heart disease. If it were not for the excellent heart, blood vessel, and heart surgery, many more people would have severe or fatal heart problems. If a person wants to avoid major diseases, including heart disease, they must understand oxidation and oxidative stress. Continue reading

FDA Has Known For Years: Silver Fillings Cause Kidney, Brain, Urological, Fertility, Neurological And Renal Problems

Mercury has been used in fillings since the 19th century. Dentists throughout the US continued to use amalgam fillings because they were much cheaper, faster, and easier to place than traditional gold materials.

However, did you know all silver fillings (aka malgam fillings) contain about 50% mercury? Did you also know mercury is a very toxic element? In fact, there is no known safe level of mercury exposure. Silver fillings are very popular in the US and have been used to fill the cavities of more than 100 million Americans. However, more and more, research shows that silver fillings expose you to the toxic, very dangerous effects of mercury. Continue reading

Root Canals Revisited: New Studies, New Evidence, Same Dangers

According to traditional dentistry, a root canal is a procedure that a dentist “first accesses the pulp chambers inside the tooth, then cleans it out and finally fills it.” Sounds pretty innocent, right?

In reality, what happens is this: a “dead organ”, your tooth, is left in the mouth and then filled with synthetic material. This creates an area that is ripe for pathogenic bacterial overgrowth that can possibly lead to dis-ease, including Breast Cancer. Continue reading

Severe periodontitis associated with an increased risk of lung, colorectal, pancreatic cancers

Having severe periodontal disease may increase the risk of developing certain types of cancer, according to a long-term study published in JNCI: Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Medical professionals explained that the condition, more commonly known as advanced gum disease, is usually caused by bacterial infection that damages the soft tissue and bone that support the teeth. Previous studies demonstrated a link between gum disease and cancer onset, but the mechanism behind the connection remained unclear. Continue reading

Are YOU brushing your teeth with someone else’s poop?

Study finds feces is common on toothbrushes in shared bathrooms

It’s enough to put you off brushing your teeth altogether.

According to a new study, there is a 60 per cent chance your toothbrush is covered in poo, regardless of how well you clean it.

And that’s not all. If you share a bathroom, around 80 per cent of that faeces will belong to another person. Continue reading

Gum disease increases women’s risk of breast cancer up to three times

This is thought to be due to the bacteria that causes inflammation in the mouth entering the circulation via the gums and going into breast tissue, which can result in cancer.

Speaking of the study’s findings, Dr Nigel Carter OBE, CEO of the Oral Health Foundation, said: ‘Interestingly, this research shows that there is evidence to support the theory that gum disease can have a much larger impact on the health of our whole body.’

Severe gum disease, known as periodontitis, can affect the bones in people’s jaws and cause teeth to fall out. Continue reading

Dental Mercury: Dangerous to Pregnant Women and Children in Europe but Safe in the US?

Protecting the Innocent: Dental Amalgam Mercury and Risks to Fetuses, Infants and Children

Pregnant Woman Sitting On Grass Outdoors Holding Bump

Dorice Madronero offered a grave warning to a 2010 Dental Products Panel of United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA):

“As a young expectant mother I know that twice following dental work I miscarried.

I know that at the time the dentist gave no warning about a mercury exposure. I know that at no point in my visits to the obstetrician was I warned about a mercury exposure, in the dental fillings or asked about my medical and dental history.” Continue reading

Severe gum disease could lead to one of the deadliest and most vicious forms of cancer

You can rinse your brush head every few days under boiling water or in the dishwasher

The bacteria responsible for periodontitis, which can be killed through brushing teeth, play a role in pancreatic cancer.

Scientists claim it is the first evidence that the bacteria can spread from the mouth to other parts of the body and cause tumours.

It offers hope of a cheap way of screening for pancreatic cancer, which is known for being vicious and having low survival rates. Continue reading

Stem Cell-fillings: A Revolutionary Dental Discovery

Did you know there’s a new type of dental filling that actually triggers your teeth to repair and regenerate themselves? It’s true. Researchers from Harvard University and the University of Nottingham recently developed a procedure known as stem cell fillings. In essence, it’s a regenerative dental filling that prompts the stem cells inside a person’s own tooth to heal itself. This is a revolutionary dental health discovery that could make the dreaded root canal a dental procedure of the past. Continue reading