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Addresses the controversial subject of vaccinations and their possible side-effects – sometimes referred to as ‘A Shot in the Dark.’

New Jersey Schoolchildren Offered Cash Prizes for Pushing Big Pharma Vaccines

Group of school children wearing face masks in education center during Covid-19 pandemic.

The New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) has come up with a new ploy to generate more interest in childhood vaccines: a contest for children called “Protect Me With 3+.”

According to reports, the campaign is aimed at young children and teenagers to indoctrinate them into the “benefits” of vaccines. Using posters and videos, Protect Me With 3+ is all about “educating New Jersey communities,” the NJDOH says, about why everyone needs to get injected with vaccines. Continue reading

Iraq War Veteran in His Late 30s Claims COVID Vaccine Gave Him Condition That Causes Full Body Paralysis

Drew served in the army and claims he was ‘encouraged’ to receive the vaccine by Veterans Affairs

An Iraq War veteran has claimed the Covid-19 vaccine made him develop Guillain-Barre Syndrome causing full body paralysis and leaving him with nerve damage.

Drew – who prefers not to share his last name – says he was an ‘otherwise healthy 36-year-old’ before he received the mRNA Pfizer vaccine in April 2021.

After two doses, he says he started experiencing ‘cold/flu symptoms’ which ‘turned to numbness, tingling’ and then to ‘complete paralysis within weeks’.

He says he was hospitalized and diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, a very rare progressive nerve disorder that can cause total body paralysis in serious cases. Most people make a full recovery. Continue reading

CDC Knowingly Labeled Accurate News Stories About the Dangers of COVID-19 Vaccines “Misinformation

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) routinely labeled accurate news articles as “misinformation” because they went against the government’s pro-vaccine narrative, review of internal messages that were circulated widely within the CDC shows.

One of them referred to a peer-reviewed study that concluded that myocarditis, a type of heart inflammation, was more common among patients following COVID-19 vaccination than an infection with the virus itself. Continue reading

Seese: The People VS. Vaccines

                          Dr. Lorraine Day

May 5, 2002 ~ Government-mandated vaccinations are coming front and center again as parents around the nation notice that after supposed “immunization” their kids develop other illnesses, if not the very ones they were vaccinated to prevent. At this point, I owe a big “thank you, granny” to my grandmother, my mom’s mother, for her orders to my mom never to have me vaccinated as a child. What granny knew in the early 1940’s, a few honest medical doctors are speaking out about now – the dangers of vaccination and worse, their ineffectiveness in so many cases.

This afternoon I heard Dr. Lorraine Day speaking on radio KFYI in Phoenix about some of the horrors of vaccination and many of the aftereffects. Dr. Day is not the first speaker I have heard on this subject, but it is just time to remind the people outside our listening area that a well-credentialed medical doctor has come forward to make her views and knowledge about vaccinations available to the public, which most doctors will not do. Continue reading

Pathologist: mRNA-based Vax Linked to ‘Turbo Cancer

The more that’s learned about the COVID mRNA shot, the more serious are the questions raised about its safety. Now, apparently, cancer can be added to the list.

As studies emerge on the COVID-19 mRNA shot, several documented dangerous or deadly side effects are coming to light. Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole, in a recent interview with Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog, suggested one more can be added to the list.

“The amount of autoimmune disease we’re seeing, inflammation in the hearts of healthy young people that we’re seeing, neurologic damage and harm, Parkinson’s, exacerbation and worsening of dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease – and … to bring the monster in the room, cancer is on the uptick. So, we’re in trouble,” he summarizes. Continue reading

cancer, Cancer, CANCER ~ December 13, 2023

Dr. Robert Malone Warns Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine May Cause CANCER

Dr. Robert Malone has warned that Moderna’s own patent shows that its Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine contains “billions of DNA fragments and other contaminants linked to birth defects and cancer.”

Malone made the warning at the recent “Injuries Caused by COVID-19 Vaccines” hearing led by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia).

At the November hearing, Malone revealed that Moderna acknowledges in its own patent that RNA is preferable to DNA in vaccines because of the risks involved. Additionally, Moderna’s mRNA injection, which was administered to tens of millions of people… (Continue to full article)

Government Data Shows Young People Now Dying of Cancer at “Explosive” Rates Following COVID Vaccine Push
There is no denying, based on available data, that cancer rates massively spiked following the release of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines” through Operation Warp Speed.

Between 2021 and 2022 when most of the now-fully vaccinated world got jabbed, cancer deaths skyrocketed, particularly among young people, according to data from the United Kingdom’s Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The same government entities that pretended to care about everyone’s health in 2020 when they shut down businesses and schools and told everyone to stay at home in isolation suddenly could not care less once 2021 arrived and the jabs started to cause widespread health problems… (Continue to full article)

Young Adults Who Took 4 COVID Vaccines Are 256% More Likely to Die, Especially From TURBO CANCERS
The Office for National Statistics (ONS), the official reporting department of the United Kingdom, quietly published a data set that shows appalling mortality rates in young adults who took four Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines. The ONS data tracks deaths by vaccination status from April 1, 2021, to May 31, 2023.

From January to May 2023, young adults aged 18 to 39 who were vaccinated four times up until that point were 256 percent more likely to die compared to their unvaccinated peers. In February 2023, the quadruple vaccinated were 318 percent more likely to die of any cause compared to unvaccinated people.

One of the most alarming trends is skyrocketing cancer rates among young people… (Continue to full article)

“Here’s how i knew i had cervical cancer”
One Survivor’s Story of Discovering Unexpected Symptoms

Cervical cancer symptoms might not present in the ways you’d be inclined to guess. One woman’s story highlights how important it is not to question your own questions: “It was the look on my doctor’s face.”

Despite standard gynecological practices, the CDC says more than half of women diagnosed with cervical cancer say they never or rarely had a Pap test nor were tested for the human papilloma virus (HPV) that leads to many cervical cancers. “This is a travesty,” says Pari Ghodsi, MD, FACOG, an OB/GYN and women’s health specialist in Los Angeles, CA, “because the symptoms of cervical cancer can be very subtle, yet they can be detected very early on with regular screenings.

Christie O’Sullivan, 48, of Trinity, FL, is one of these women whose life was saved when symptoms caused her to request a cervical cancer screening… (Continue to full article)

EARLY DETECTION, EARLY DEATH: Mammograms Linked to 84% Higher Breast Cancer Death Rate

New research published in JAMA Oncology reveals that mammography is responsible for an astounding 84 percent higher rate of breast cancer deaths over a 20-year surveillance period.

Because of the very high rate of false positives they produce, mammograms end up killing, it would seem, many more women than would otherwise die from breast cancer had they never participated in the mammography racket.

Mammograms produce trauma in patients, both physically in breast tissue and also psychologically, emotionally and even spiritually in women who end up being told that they must undergo even more invasive “treatments” in order to survive.

The pressure that mammography puts on breast tissue can be a cause of cancer in and of itself… (Continue to full article)

Sweet and Deadly: Here’s how SUGAR fuels CANCER in the body
While sugar provides much-needed sweetness to make food delicious, it also “feeds” cancer cells in the body.

How does this happen?

It’s best to start from the source itself – sugar, a simple carbohydrate produced naturally by green plants through the process of photosynthesis. Sugar cane and sugar beets have the greatest quantities of sugar of all plant types, making them the top sources of table sugar after processing.

Glucose, fructose, sucrose, dextrose, lactose and maltose are some of the different forms of sugar found in food. Sugar molecules can stick together; glucose and fructose can combine to become sucrose, commonly known as table sugar… (Continue to full article)

Turbo” Cancers and Other Unusual Tumorous Conditions Appearing in “Very Strange” Ways Since COVID Jabs Were Unleashed

A professor emeritus of epidemiology in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the Yale School of Public Health and the Yale School of Medicine is speaking out about the horrors he and his colleagues are witnessing in patients who were previously “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

Dr. Harvey Risch, whom we have covered before, says that the number of “turbo cancers” is skyrocketing ever since the launch of Operation Warp Speed, a Trump administration scheme that fast-tracked COVID jabs into production and released them en masse under the guise of a “public health emergency.” Continue reading

Pandemic-Era Conditions Blamed for Spike in Cardiac Arrest Deaths

SARS-CoV-2 infection itself played minor role in OHCA survival rates in Seattle

Epidemiological records suggest that Seattle’s drop in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) survival during the pandemic could be largely explained by indirect factors such as treatment delays, not acute SARS-CoV-2 infections.

While instances of EMS-treated OHCA tended to track closely with community SARS-CoV-2 levels and acute SARS-CoV-2 infection in 2020-2021, only approximately 5% of people with OHCA, whether treated or dead on arrival (DOA), actually had evidence of COVID-19, reported researchers led by Jennifer Liu, MPH, of Public Health-Seattle & King County in Washington. Continue reading

cancer, Cancer, CANCER – VAX and POISON ~ October 6, 2023

Residents are worried that, in addition to contamination from years of coal mining and byproducts in the area, nearby fracking projects such as this one will add further toxicity to the local water supplies and soil

Scientists find at least SIX toxins like arsenic and uranium in systems used by 95% of the US population
About 95 percent of the US population is drinking water from wells and community systems containing unsafe levels of toxic contaminants, a new study has revealed.

Scientists at the University of New Mexico identified at least six pollutants, primarily arsenic, nitrates, uranium and lead, linked to neurological and developmental problems.

Fracking fluids and PFAS were also detected in the drinking water that also flows to the homes of about 320 million Americans.

‘The seven contaminants and contaminant groups presented here represent a tiny fraction of the thousands of regulated and unregulated chemical agents present in drinking water,’… (Continue to full article)

Thousands of workers leave the VA amid a flood of new cases and quota demands
Claims processors with the Department of Veterans Affairs say they have strained to keep up with a flood of new cases brought on by the PACT Act and an existing quota system that pits their livelihoods against the veterans they signed up to help as a growing number of the processors leave the job.

The PACT Act expanded benefits to millions of veterans exposed to toxic substances when it was enacted in August of last year. But that has stressed the VA workers tasked with moving cases along amid a backlog, mandatory overtime, inadequate training and quota demands, according to two former claims processors and four current processors who spoke to NBC News on the condition of anonymity out of fear of retaliation.

Another employee said at least 25 new claims enter her queue each day, on top of the cases she did not get to the day before.

It’s impossible. You’re falling in sand you can’t get out of.” … (Continue to full article)

Agent Orange Linked To Bladder Cancer, Hypothyroidism, Parkinson’s

More veterans may be included in compensation

agent-orange-report-735Originally published on this site on November 8, 2016. ~ Monsanto and Dow were 2 of the 9 wartime contractors hired by the US government to create Agent Orange, a combination of the toxic chemicals 2,4-D, and 2,4,5-T, just over 40 years ago. The damage these chemicals have perpetrated on our health and environment did not end with the Vietnam War though.

Aside from the long-term poisoning of soil and crops, a new review of Agent Orange research has found evidence that bladder cancer and hypothyroidism are more strongly linked to exposure to Agent Orange than was previously assumed. … (Continue to full article)

U.S. Gov. data confirms a 143,233% increase in Deadly Cancer cases due to COVID Vaccination
This Substack has been diligently chronicling the horrifying DEATHVAX™-induced turbo cancer phenomenon:

From Turbo Cancer to Sudden Cardiac Mortality to Excess Non-Covid Natural Cause Mortality: The Never-Ending Adverse Events of the “Vaccinated” & The Global Depopulation Program

Cancer begins when genetic changes interfere with the normal replication and replacement of cells in the body. Cells start to grow uncontrollably and may form a tumour. It is the No. 2 leading cause of death in the United States.

Unfortunately, it appears the disease may be on the rise thanks to the experimental Covid-19 injections. Because official U.S. Government data confirms the risk of developing cancer following Covid-19 vaccination increases by a shocking 143,233%n… (Continue to full article)

Why Are Vaccine Injured Patients Silenced?

How a decade of propaganda turned us against each other

One of the cruelest things about being injured by a pharmaceutical is the degree to which doctors will deny the idea that the injury happened (as acknowledging it requires them to accept the shortcomings of the medical model they’ve invested their lives into). This denial is known as medical gaslighting and it is often so powerful that friends and family members of the patient will adopt the reality asserted by those doctors and likewise gaslight the injured patient. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen this tragedy transpire in my immediate circle and one of my missions here has been to bring awareness to medical gaslighting and explain why it always happens. Continue reading

CDC: Put Another Experimental Vaccine Booster in Your Child’s Body ASAP

Some health experts say the public is headed into another winter bout with COVID, which means the CDC is pushing vaccines once again, but this time even babies are included in the newest push.

Pfizer and Moderna had new COVID vaccines ready for last week when the Centers for Disease Control urged Americans to start lining up for a second or third – or more – jab in the arm, including young children. Continue reading

Paul: The Death of Informed Consent

Here’s what never happened in the hospital during COVID: a doctor sat down next to a patient and said, “You have a choice. We can give you Remdesivir, which killed 53% of the patients in an Ebola trial. It was so bad the trial had to be shut down. And you’ll notice here in Remdesivir’s fact sheet, it says, ‘Not a lot of people have used Remdesivir. Serious and unexpected side effects may happen.’ Or we can give you ivermectin, a safe and effective drug that’s been successfully used for decades, and send you home. Which do you prefer?”

The reason that conversation never happened is that it would have cost the hospital too much money. If the hospital gave you ivermectin and sent you home, the federal government paid the hospital $3,200. If the hospital gave you Remdesivir, the federal government paid the entire hospital bill, plus a 20% bonus. So the hospital executives’ choice was to receive $3,200 or $500,000, which was the average hospital bill. No contest. Patients were going to get Remdesivir — whether they wanted it or not. Continue reading

Top Vaccine Scientist Says He’s NOT Getting the COVID Booster

One of America’s leading voices on vaccines says the shot isn’t for everyone

Anti-vaccine graffiti is seen on the wall of a shop amid the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Belfast, Northern Ireland January 1, 2021. REUTERS/Phil Noble

One of America’s leading public health experts is saying that some Americans should not get this year’s COVID-19 vaccine, and he will skip it himself.

Paul Offit, M.D., a member of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) leading panel of experts on vaccines and director of the Vaccine Education Center at Philadelphia Children’s Hospital, told The Messenger that he would not recommend a healthy American under the age of 70 to receive a booster this year. Continue reading

The Vaccine Act: Understanding its Significance in Immunization

NOTE: What you read here is NOT necessarily agreed upon by the Editor and publisher of this web-site – but is merely posted as a reference as to HOW these issues are looked upon by others. Just remember – it’s ALL merely just A Shot in the Dark! ~ Jeffrey Bennett, Editor

The Vaccine Act, formally known as the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), is a pivotal piece of legislation that has had a profound impact on immunization efforts in the United States. Enacted in 1986, this law was designed to address concerns regarding vaccine safety, liability, and accessibility. In this article, we will explore the Vaccine Act, its purpose, and its significance in the realm of vaccination. Continue reading

The Real Reason Drugs Cost So Much — and Do Too Little

We’re still going to be paying too much for the wrong drugs.

Until 2003, Medicare covered most hospital and doctor visits for the elderly, but it did not cover the ever-growing costs of prescription medications. Former President George W. Bush changed that when he signed a law adding prescription drug coverage to Medicare.

But there was a catch… (Continue to full column…)