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New Jersey Schoolchildren Offered Cash Prizes for Pushing Big Pharma Vaccines

Group of school children wearing face masks in education center during Covid-19 pandemic.

The New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) has come up with a new ploy to generate more interest in childhood vaccines: a contest for children called “Protect Me With 3+.”

According to reports, the campaign is aimed at young children and teenagers to indoctrinate them into the “benefits” of vaccines. Using posters and videos, Protect Me With 3+ is all about “educating New Jersey communities,” the NJDOH says, about why everyone needs to get injected with vaccines. Continue reading

COVID Reveals the Cover-Up: How a Medical ‘deep state’ Operates

This is not paranoia; it’s a reasonable conclusion based on Yogi Berra’s sage advice: “You can observe a lot by just watching.”

COVID-19 government censorship illustration by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

If there was any doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic exposed widespread corruption in America’s health care establishment, a federal lawsuit should put it to rest. Filed by the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana, the Murthy v. Missouri suit accuses the Biden administration of censoring medical views it dislikes.

So, what did the American Medical Association (AMA) do? The doctor’s guild lined up with the censors in an amicus brief.

That’s right. It’s their way or the highway, science be damned. Continue reading

Iraq War Veteran in His Late 30s Claims COVID Vaccine Gave Him Condition That Causes Full Body Paralysis

Drew served in the army and claims he was ‘encouraged’ to receive the vaccine by Veterans Affairs

An Iraq War veteran has claimed the Covid-19 vaccine made him develop Guillain-Barre Syndrome causing full body paralysis and leaving him with nerve damage.

Drew – who prefers not to share his last name – says he was an ‘otherwise healthy 36-year-old’ before he received the mRNA Pfizer vaccine in April 2021.

After two doses, he says he started experiencing ‘cold/flu symptoms’ which ‘turned to numbness, tingling’ and then to ‘complete paralysis within weeks’.

He says he was hospitalized and diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, a very rare progressive nerve disorder that can cause total body paralysis in serious cases. Most people make a full recovery. Continue reading

Warning Signs of ‘Silent Heart Attack’ That Most People Put Down to Tiredness

Silent heart attacks can leave your heart permanently damaged. If patients don’t know when they’ve had one, the risk of future heart disease greatly increases – so here’s the symptoms to look out for

You won’t feel the typical severe symptoms of a regular heart attack  (Getty Images)

Many of us know that chest and arm pain can be indicators of a heart attack – but few know the warning signs of a “silent heart attack”.

These account for around 45 percent of heart attacks and tend to hit men more than women. It effectively means you have had a heart attack without knowing it, with the symptoms lacking the severity of a usual and more dangerous heart attack. Continue reading

Monitoring Blood Pressure at Home? Make Sure You Follow These Steps!

Learning how to take accurate at-home measurements can help your doctor diagnose or treat high blood pressure — a common condition that can harm the heart, kidneys, and brain.

When was the last time you had your blood pressure checked? All adults should have this simple test at least once a year.

If a blood pressure reading at your doctor’s office is elevated — that is, higher than a healthy range — current guidelines from the US Preventive Services Task Force recommend repeating the measurement outside of a clinic setting before starting treatment. But that’s not the only reason why your doctor may suggest regularly tracking your blood pressure at home… Continue reading

How to Stop Heart Attacks and Irregular Heart Beats in Their Tracks

Each year, 1.5 million heart attacks occur in the United States resulting in over 500,000 deaths. Another common, though usually less fatal, cardiovascular problem is irregular heart beat. Though irregular heart beats are not as serious as heart attacks in most instances, they can lead to serious complications if not treated. Fortunately, nature has potent herbal solutions for each condition which will usually stop them in their tracks in short order. Continue reading

The Gonzalez Therapy and Cancer

A young Dr. Gonzalez with his mentor… Dr. William D. Kelley

Editor’s NOTE: There are occasions that we choose to bring back to the forefront a piece which we had published some years ago – and today we are doing just that. You see – time goes on – and with both Dr. Kelley and Dr. Gonzalez not with us any longer – other than in Spirit – we find a great need to be reminded of what they had accomplished for their fellow men and women – chiefly – what we refer to here as “Cancer VICTIMS”. So enjoy – but most importantly – learn from those who provided the answers to the dis-ease that we know of as ‘Cancer‘. ~ Jeffrey Bennett, Editor

In 1981, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez began researching the use of pancreatic proteolytic enzyme therapy as a treatment for cancer (Gonzalez and Isaacs, 1999). He conducted an intensive retrospective review of 1,306 patients who had been treated over a 20-year period by Dr. Kelley who used enzyme therapy, diet and nutritional support. This study included a review of pancreatic cancer patients, some of whom survived in excess of 5 years (unpublished). Continue reading

Signs and Symptoms of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome


Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) is a group of inherited connective tissue disorders that affect your body’s ability to produce collagen. Collagen is a protein that gives elasticity and strength to your joints, skin, muscles, organs, blood vessels, and ligaments. [1]

People with EDS have weak or structurally abnormal collagen, which causes joint hypermobility, velvety soft and excessively stretchy skin, and fragile blood vessels that easily bruise and bleed. [2] Symptoms of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome range from mild to severe and may affect your skin, joints, bones, muscles, and blood vessels, depending on the type of EDS you have. [3] Continue reading

CDC Knowingly Labeled Accurate News Stories About the Dangers of COVID-19 Vaccines “Misinformation

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) routinely labeled accurate news articles as “misinformation” because they went against the government’s pro-vaccine narrative, review of internal messages that were circulated widely within the CDC shows.

One of them referred to a peer-reviewed study that concluded that myocarditis, a type of heart inflammation, was more common among patients following COVID-19 vaccination than an infection with the virus itself. Continue reading

Scalp Folliculitis: Treatment for Inflamed Bumps

Scalp folliculitis is a skin condition that affects the hair follicles on the scalp. It causes inflammation within the follicle creating a bump that can be found anywhere on the scalp or hairline. Treatment will vary based on the underlying cause.

This article will discuss the causes and symptoms of scalp folliculitis. It will also cover treatments for each specific cause. Continue reading

Seese: The People VS. Vaccines

                          Dr. Lorraine Day

May 5, 2002 ~ Government-mandated vaccinations are coming front and center again as parents around the nation notice that after supposed “immunization” their kids develop other illnesses, if not the very ones they were vaccinated to prevent. At this point, I owe a big “thank you, granny” to my grandmother, my mom’s mother, for her orders to my mom never to have me vaccinated as a child. What granny knew in the early 1940’s, a few honest medical doctors are speaking out about now – the dangers of vaccination and worse, their ineffectiveness in so many cases.

This afternoon I heard Dr. Lorraine Day speaking on radio KFYI in Phoenix about some of the horrors of vaccination and many of the aftereffects. Dr. Day is not the first speaker I have heard on this subject, but it is just time to remind the people outside our listening area that a well-credentialed medical doctor has come forward to make her views and knowledge about vaccinations available to the public, which most doctors will not do. Continue reading

Do You Have Hypothyroidism? Look at Your Hands

Hypothyroidism is the medical term for an underactive thyroid gland. This happens when your thyroid does not produce enough hormones to meet your body’s needs.

The following is more than interesting to me as I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism some twenty-two years ago – and yet – no Doctah has ever bothered to share any of the following with me – nor did either of them describe exactly what I had, nor how it would affect me. ~ Editor

Hypothyroidism can cause a range of symptoms, some of which may affect the hands.

Learn about the symptoms of hypothyroidism on the hands and skin and what treatment options exist. Continue reading

Sachs: Make Medicine GREAT Again

After decades of working as a medical doctor I have come to understand how, in general, there is a powerful myth of how intelligent and wise we are. In the great play Fiddler on the Roof there is a line about why Tevye the lead character longs to be rich. He says, “when you’re rich, they think you really know.” It’s the same with doctors, when you’re handed that M.D. degree, the doctor himself, the public, our patients, typically think he really knows. But honestly, and sadly, most don’t know much, and many lack what is even more important, wisdom. This is especially true for our young doctors, indoctrinated into cultrual Marxism for years, rather than experiencing a truly liberal American, western, and Judeo-Christian education.

I opened the latest edition of RadioGraphics today. It’s one of the premier journals for doctors like myself who specialize in diagnostic radiology. . . Continue reading

More Doctors Confessing To Intentionally Diagnosing Healthy People With Cancer To Make Money

Why shouldn’t Doctors lie when the entire cancer industry is one gigantic fabrication from start to finish?

It happens more often than you can imagine, but more doctors are finally getting caught in the act of misrepresenting their oath and fraudulently diagnosing healthy patients with cancer to turn a quick buck from kickbacks on chemotherapy poisons.

Is it any wonder that cancer societies worldwide put a far greater financial initiative on chemotherapy and radiation research than disease prevention techniques? Preventing disease doesn’t make money, but treating disease certainly does.

Take Dr. Farid Fata, a prominent cancer doctor in Michigan who admitted in court one year ago to intentionally and wrongfully diagnosing healthy people with cancer. Fata also admitted to giving them chemotherapy drugs for the purpose of making a profit.

Were his patients shocked? You bet they were. Who would ever suspect a Doctor of faking a diagnosis to collect money. It’s unconscionable. Yet it happens with cancer and almost every disease that medical doctors can generate income through kickbacks and commissions based on the volume of patients treated with specific pharmaceuticals. Like anything people are used as a comodity. Continue reading

How Unexpected Weight Loss Can Sometimes Be an Indicator of Cancer

In a new study, researchers report that health professionals who lost weight without starting a diet or exercise plan within the previous two years had a significantly higher risk of developing cancer within the following year.


Health professionals who had unexpected weight loss in the previous two years had a significantly higher risk of developing cancer during the subsequent 12 months compared to those who did not have recent weight loss, according to a new study published in the journal JAMA Network.

Unintentional weight loss is losing weight without changing your diet or beginning an exercise program. The study looked at a 10% or greater weight loss in the healthcare professionals. Continue reading