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Radiation, X-Rays, mammograms and more – I mean – just what do you think that your cell-phones and Wi-Fi are doing TO you? AND, OH GEE – Now it’s all gone to 5g. STOP sleeping with that cell-phone by your bedside each night… and while you are at it – the Micro-wave in your kitchen isn’t helping either – and those ‘Smart’ meters? All of these things are just turning up the temperature and cooking us like the proverbial frog. ZZZAAAAPPPPP!

East Palestine Soil Contains Dioxin Levels Hundreds of Times Over Cancer Risk Threshold

I certainly wouldn’t be comfortable living there,” said one organic chemist.

Ohio EPA and EPA contractors collect soil and air samples from the Norfolk Southern train derailment site on March 9, 2023 in East Palestine, Ohio. (Photo: Michael Swensen/Getty Images)

East Palestine, Ohio residents’ concerns about the enduring impact of last month’s fiery train derailment are likely to intensify following the release of data showing that levels of dioxin in the soil near the wreck site are far higher than the cancer risk threshold recommended by federal scientists.

Dioxin is a toxic and carcinogenic byproduct of burning vinyl chloride, a hazardous chemical that at least five Norfolk Southern train cars were carrying when they derailed in early February, sparking a full-blown environmental and public health disaster. Continue reading

Loudon: The Origin of Diseases and the Effects on the Brain

Some of the time many physicians treat the symptoms of disease rather than the cause. With cancer, many times the cause of the disease is missing from their mode of treatment. Many times, cancer patients are dying when the cause and a cure are now available. In Europe, Asia, India, Japan, England, and many other countries, a very high-pressure non-invasive cancer machine called the Cellsonic VIPP therapy machine has been curing cancer for many years. Recently, the company got a license from the FDA to use the machine in the United States. This is very great because cancer patients will be non-invasively cured when many oncologists are now mostly treating the symptoms of the disease with chemotherapy and radiation.  Continue reading

Pittsfield Health Board Ordering Verizon to Remove Cell Tower

It should happen to EVERY school in this nation! ~ Ed.

Neighbors of the South Street cell tower hold signs urging the Board of Health to take action and protect their help.

PITTSFIELD, Mass. — The Board of Health on Wednesday unanimously agreed to send Verizon a cease and desist order to remove its cell tower at 877 South St.

It will be held in abeyance for seven days and if the wireless provider does not agree to have a meeting with the board and demonstrate a desire to cooperate to the board’s satisfaction, it will go into effect. Continue reading


A powerful, radiation-emitting #5G antenna being installed outside of a residential home in Venice Beach, California. The resident pleaded with #Verizon to move the tower somewhere less intrusive. Verizon ignored her. ~ Americans for Responsible Technology

DEEP DIVE into covid with Sally Fallon and Mike Adams

5G, spike protein, SPIONs and Germ Theory

I can tell you that magnetized vaxxed person is a real phenomena. The maintenance man was in my apartment last week. He proudly showed me his vaccination card. I took out a magnet and when I put it near the vaccination site on his arm, the magnet was literally pulled out from between my fingers when I got within a quarter inch of his arm. He jumped up and down, and swing his arm in a circle and the magnet stayed right there. In his unbelief and fear he questioned if it was just his sweat making it stick. So I wiped his arm down and put baby powder on his arm….the magnet still stuck. The whole day he was working in my bathroom he was anxious and quiet.

Sadly, there is no advice you can even offer to someone who has taken the jab, except “make Jesus your Lord, cause you don’t have much time.”

The blood clots can’t be avoided. ~ Tess W.
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Thermography: Is This The Best Breast Screening Device

~ Forewords ~
As far back as the year 2000, this site and its Editor/Publisher were recommending our listeners and readers to avoid mammograms and the like and find a doctor who would work WITH you and not ON you – by going the route recommended in this marvelous column. Take heed – the answers are here – and out there. After all – it is YOUR health (J.B.)

Thermography is a high technology tool that specifically measures inflammation in the body. This test is particularly good for assessing areas of inflammation and increased metabolic rate. It is more effective and is significantly less invasive than mammography.

Research has shown that the major mechanism involved with all degenerative disease is inflammation. Most medical testing searches for disease processes that have already developed. They are looking downstream to the effect rather than upstream at the underlying cause. More advanced health care practitioners use instruments and technology that searches upstream for the cause of physiological abnormalities in the body. Continue reading

The Confessions of a Modern Medical Doctor

We are seeing a slow movement forming against some of the methods used by the so called modern Medical establishment within the medical community itself. An education towards other methods outside the mainstream, as information becomes more available and we look beyond what is perceived as the accepted wisdom of the medical world. I am just one of this movement. Allow me to introduce you to a new stance on what it means to be a modern doctor. Continue reading

Conquering Cancer… according to Joe Biden!

cancer_02Time magazine starts an essay written by Vice President Joe Biden on cancer saying, “Every day, thousands of Americans hear the dreaded “c word” from their doctor. I know the fear and the numbness that sets in with the cancer of a loved one. What happens next can make the difference between life and death. If there’s a treatment that can help, there’s hope. But for some people, hope is a clinical trial that will ultimately determine whether a new therapy can slow or stop their cancer.”
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The DANGERS of 5G pollution cannot be overstated

As the new fifth-generation (5G) wireless technology rolls out around the world, it is important to keep in mind that its widespread use does not mean that it is safe. In fact, many studies have shown quite the opposite, prompting moratoriums and bans in some areas.

Here is a closer look at some of the biggest dangers posed by 5G technology. Continue reading

Cellphone Use Tied to Changes in Brain Activity

It was but 10 years ago that the following was written and published – you know – back in the day when we only dealt with 3-G. Ah yes, I miss my Blackberry phone (pictured above)… but NOW – we have ultra-fancy ZZZZZZAPP – hi-tech computers in our pockets (cooking our testes) and stuffed in our bras (I don’t wear one). We sleep with them in our beds or on the sofa while we watch our 70″ TV while it runs on our Wi-Fi at home. They are on our nightstands cooking our brains all night long. The towers are installed all over town and around our schools. Alzheimer’s, Cancer and who knows what else? It is all part of the goal to dumb us all down to the point of physical and mental incapacity? It sounds like it to me. ~ Ed.
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Toddlers who spend a lot of time using touchscreens have shorter attention spans and are more easily distracted

Early exposure to devices like tablets (pictured) and smartphones might influence the way children are developing

Using eye tracking technology, UK experts found infants with high daily touchscreen use were quicker to look at other objects when they appeared within their line of sight on a computer screen. They were also less able to resist distraction compared to toddlers with no or low touchscreen use, experiments found. Continue reading

The Fungus and Cancer Connection

Studies Show Fungus on, or Inside Your Body Could Not Only Cause Cancer, but Also Feed It

Here’s something your doctor, or Oncologist will never tell you. If you have cancer, then you have fungus/mold/candida. It feeds the cancer, it is cancer itself. Here’s all you need to know and how to deal with it.

Few things are scarier than hearing the words, “you have cancer.” And yet it’s something that an estimated one third, to half the population will hear at least once in their lifetime.

With such staggering rates and so much money and research poured into combating cancer, you would think we would have rounded the corner towards reducing it, or even found a cure by now. What is terrifying is that despite the millions of dollars spent every year on research, we seem to be no closer to knowing exactly what causes cancer, much less finding a cure for it. Continue reading

Crossed Signals: Dangers of Wifi

You can’t see it but it’s everywhere. WiFi connects computers to the internet, no cords required. Now kids are using it in wireless classrooms across the country. But is it an invisible danger? Carolyn Jarvis investigates why some parents say wifi in schools is making our kids sick.

The Dangers of 5G

Our modern technology usually comes with unforeseen dangers. Sometimes those dangers are known but simply ignored. Simply put our society demands convenience and we don’t pay any attention to the ramifications of those demands. I have heard for years that there is a danger of radiation from cell phones, but we keep plowing forward into a area that has exhibited probable problems. Continue reading