The Unknown, Unseen, Severe Cause of Many Chronic Diseases, Arthritis, and Cancer

If a person were to research disease they would find that over 35 percent of Americans are infested with chronic debilitating candidiasis. Most of the time they do not feel it or feel any symptoms. They do not realize that candida albicans fungus infestation is the cause of more chronic diseases that any other parasite or cause of disease in the body.

If statistics on preventive diet and health were available, candida albicans may account for millions of Americans dying before their time. In other words, chronic candida fungus, the toxins and inflammation it causes, and the leaky gut, let toxins, tiny food particles, parasite larvae, etc., into the blood. Candida changes the gut flora and can continue for decades, causing many diseases. This chronic disease state will go on as long as the person continues to eat refined, processed, altered foods, boiled omega 6 oils, sugar, and sugar derivatives. The inflammation in the small intestine cause holes in the gut that go through the lining into the blood. That will let a continuous flow of bad hombre get into the blood and body cells, organs, and even the brain.

This very serious problem affects all age groups in the U.S. Part of the reasons for obesity, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatism, diabetes, heart disease, depression, mental decline, and scores of other diseases plus possibly cancer are the results of chronic candida fungus OVERGROWTH.

Candidiasis is getting more and more prevalent in the U.S. It is a very serious health problem. To prevent disease, a person must prevent overgrowth of the candida yeast or fungus in their small intestine. The ratio of good bacteria, molds and fungus, vs. the bad bacteria, molds, and fungus in the gut should be 80 percent good to 20 percent bad. OVERGROWTH of candida fungus will change that ratio to the bad side. This is what produces excess toxins and inflammation in the gut. The condition weakens the immune system plus causes the lowering of good bacteria. When the ratio changes to the bad side it starts a whole cascade of disease senarios.

Candidiasis affects over 40 million Americans. It was first diagnosed by Dr. Orion Truss, of Birmingham, Alabama. Dr. William Crook first brought it to the public in a book called “ The Yeast connection.”

Candida albicans fungus OVERGROWTH resides in the diverticulum of the small intestine, where it spreads into the body. It can be found almost everywhere in and on the body. In many individuals it can be found in the mouth (thrush), as vaginitis, jock itch, in and under the toe nails, fingernails, the heels (as a crust), and the prostate gland. Many people have candida OVERGROWTH that does not show up in the body, but still is very harmful. Most of the time it is silent and not detected.

Most candida overgrowth resides in the immune system (gut biome), where, along with bad bacteria and sometimes parasites, it produces toxins and acute inflammation. These toxins and inflammation create holes in the small intestine leading into the blood vessels. Small food particles, protein particles, parasite larvae, and other contaminants escape into the blood. That is the origin of many diseases.

These blood contaminants can affect a person’s immune system, nervous system, lymph system, endocrine system, joints, and even the brain. Candida can be induced by steroids, birth control pills, chemotherapy, drugs, antibiotics, diabetes, sugar and sugar derivatives, refined and processed foods, plus omega 6 vegetable oils found on the grocery shelves.

In the blood the candida toxins can be responsible for autoimmune diseases, rheumatism, allergies, leucocytosis, infectious colitis, headaches, fatigue, depression, menstrual problems, muscle pain, mental decline, joint pain, plus many other conditions.

Candida fungus loves to feed on sugar, sugar derivatives, and carbohydrates, including excess bread and pastries. Other parasites join with them to produce acetaldehyde and ethanol. Dr. Hulda Clarke, in her book, “The cure for all Cancers,” even goes so far as to say acetaldehyde and ethanol cause cancer. According to Dr. Orian Truss, these chemicals can create enzyme destruction, cell membrane defects, damage to the red and white blood cells, poor brain function, headaches, low immunity for diseases, and is a big factor in cancer formation.

Candida fungus can usually be controlled by 1. Changing the diet. 2. Reduce and/or eliminate sugar and sugar derivatives. 3. Getting and using refrigerated lactobacillus acidophilus capsules or powder. 4. Get some capsules of caprylic acid and take one every day. 5. Reduce or stop all alcoholic beverages. 6. Keep a neutral or slightly alkaline body. Check your urine and saliva pH for neutral 6.2 to 6.8. 7. Take psyillium every day. 8. A very good parasite two week removal supplement program is to take wormwood capsules (6 each day for 14 days), plus caprylic acid capsules and Dr. Hulda Clarke’s “intestinal edge” on her website. Do this two week purge twice each year. 9. Take Mycelex. 10. Eat 4-5 crushed garlic cloves in food every day.

Dr. Anderson Tumor stated that “most sick people have a candida yeast overgrowth…..but yeast overgrowth is not what makes so many people have a disease. It is the effects of the lowered resistance from a weakened immune system.”

The leucocytes are the main defense for fighting candidiasis. They require a great diet, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and essential oils in the diet. All of the above essential elements are needed to create a fighting army to destroy candida.

More and more research shows that antibiotics kill both the good and the bad bacteria in a person’s small intestine. Antibiotics are necessary for serious infections and are a necessary deterrent. However, the administration of excess antibiotics leads to an immune system deficiency. Many doctors do not give enough advice to support a weakened immune system deficiency. They also should recommend a person to take lactobacillus acidophilus capsules or powder with water after taking antibiotics to build up the immune system. All good lactobacillus capsules and powder should be kept in the refrigerator to preserve the live cultures.

Doctors should also make a “things-to-do list,” after giving antibiotics to patients. The information in this newsletter will provide a very good start.

Remember, chronic candida fungus invades the body in many ways. As many as 50 percent of obese people may have excess candida. In most cases, it is a “silent” invader. It may be responsible for more disease than anyone knows.

September 5, 2020

~ the Author ~
Merle E. Loudon, B.S., D.D.S. graduated from the University Of Washington School Of Dentistry in 1957. After two years of service in the Air Force, he started a private practice in East Wenatchee, Washington. For the past 45 years his practice has included Orthodontics and TM Dysfunction treatment specializing in temporomandibular pain treatment, headache, head and neck pain control, functional jaw orthopedics, and straight wire orthodontics. Associated with mercury elimination, oral surgery, crowns and bridges is TMJ treatment, diet control, parasite elimination, intestinal cleansing and healing (wellness).

Merle E. Loudon, B.S., D.D.S. has taught advanced courses for dentists on TM Dysfunction treatment, orthodontics and related pain control for more than 30 years. In 1972 he was the first dentist in Washington to use straight wire orthodontics and the first dentist to correct vertical deficiencies in children by placing vertical dimension-primary molar buildups and/or vertical (erupting) appliances. Merle E. Loudon, B.S., D.D.S. was involved with the first group of dentists to recognize lateral tongue splinting in young infants and integrate functional and fixed techniques to correct vertical dimension deficiencies and condylar placement. He is the originator of vertical dimension-primary molar build ups, which help to correct deep bites and Otitus media in children. He invented the Loudon-Chateau Anterior Repositioning Appliance, the functional muscle malocclusion concept, the twelve commandments of occlusion and the vertical overbite domino rule. Merle E. Loudon, B.S., D.D.S. has written numerous articles in several American and foreign dental journals and has lectured in over 50 cities and 7 foreign countries on functional jaw orthopedics, fixed wire orthodontics, Otitus media treatment and TM Dysfunction treatment. He has been instrumental in setting up criteria for teaching in the International Association For Orthodontics, including the certified instructor program.

Dr. Loudon is a member of The American Dental Association, Diplomat and Senior Instructor in the International Association for Orthodontics, and is a Diplomat of the American Academy of Pain Management. He also is a member of the American Orthodontic Society.