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The words, teachings and lessons of Dr. Kelley. Gleaned from his letters and papers.

Dr. William D. Kelley: Developer of Non-Specific Metabolic Therapy

NOTE: The following was the basis for my evening broadcast, ‘The Edge ~ To Health With You‘ on September 2, 2020. Join me each Wednesday evening for another installment of ‘To Health With You.’~ Ed.

A dentist and orthodontist by training, Dr. William D. Kelley discusses the nutritional concepts and practices underlying non-specific metabolic therapy, how they emerged over years of treating patients and himself for disease, and the results he has achieved applying them.

Following this magazine’s interview with Dr. Harold W. Manner, we received innumerable letters and phone calls. Much of that correspondence was from readers who hadn’t known of the healthcare possibilities offered by nutrition therapy until they read about the Manner program in our pages, but a surprisingly large number of folks called to let us know that there are other revolutionary researchers who are “curing” degenerative diseases such as cancer. And the greater part of these “tips” suggested that MOTHER EARTH NEWS look into the metabolic therapy work of Dr. William Donald Kelley at his Winthrop, Washington clinic.
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William Donald Kelley, D.D.S., M.S.: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

…but what you will read below – will NOT be the end of today’s story, so stay with us until the end – for it may ONLY be – the Beginning!

      Jeffrey Bennett – Editor and Publisher

On my May 7, 2014 global broadcast, “To Health With You!”, I was privileged to share with my audience, a complete lecture that Kelley had delivered in New York City – and it opened my eyes to a side I had never witnessed of Dr. Kelley – what appeared to be not only a dedicated man (something which I had never doubted in the years I knew and worked with him), but a man with a sense of humor – and at that time – much more than a twinkle in his eye.

All of this was before the death of Steve McQueen – before the studies of Kelley’s work and counselee filed by a man who would one day become a student of Kelley – and ultimately become well known for his own involvement in that which he would soon learn – Nicholas Gonzalez (under the guidance of Dr. Robert Good) – before the attacks on Kelley by representative “entertainers” of the mainstream media – before multiple attacks on him by various factions of both state and federal governments – and before the attempts on his life – all of which drove this tireless champion of TRUTH underground for some years – sometimes in Pennsylvania – other times in Washington state – and still other times – well who really knows where. Continue reading

Kelley: The Master Gland of Detoxification

VICTORY_cvr_webSeptember 6, 2015 ~ The liver is the major organ of detoxification, and also the most stressed by our modern lifestyle. One cannot live long without the heart, brain, kidneys, or pancreas, yet it is proper liver function, which prevents these organs from becoming diseased. Here, in addition to metabolic wastes, is where environmental contamination, food additives, and all other chemical pollutants are removed from the body. You should be just as much or more concerned about the condition of your liver as about the condition of your heart. If you have had hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, infectious mononucleosis, or other liver damage, you should become very protective of this vital organ. The intake of anything that places undue stress on the liver should be eliminated entirely. Such a list would include: chemicals of any kind; drugs; synthetic foods; artificial food additives, such as flavorings, colorings, preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilizers, sweeteners; alcoholic beverages; carbonated beverages; hair sprays; chemical deodorants; and reheated vegetable oils used in frying, commercial pastries, and most fast foods. (Unrefined oils, or butter for sautéing, can be used without creating peroxides and free radicals, which are toxic to the liver.) Continue reading

Gonzalez: Dr. Kelley’s Story ~ How It ALL Began – Part 3

What we are about to share is our third offering of a transcript by Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D. speaking at the World Research Foundation. These records were recently discovered by the widow of Dr. Gonzalez and have been made available to the pubic. Today and one week from now, we will continue to post the subsequent segments of Dr. Gonzalez’s story. The following transcript in addition to additional commentary was BROADCAST on July 13, 2022 on To Health With You! HERE is the LINK to listen! Part 3: Dr. Kelley’s Story ~ How It ALL Began ~ Editor

Suzy and Dr. Kelley

Now Suzy’s a remarkable woman. Suzy didn’t have cancer, she had allergies. And when I say allergies, I mean the worse case of allergies in the history of medicine. She was so sensitive to iodine that she could not walk within ten miles of the ocean or she would suffer an anaphylactic reaction. She had to carry adrenalin around with her all the time repeatedly, at least twice a week, she’d have anaphylactic reactions. Some bright allergist had treated her with desensitization shots and used dirty needles and she had developed hepatitis, and not only did she have terrible allergies but she had chronic hepatitis, which you know in itself is a fatal disease in many cases. She was 24 years old and she was dying.

There were about four foods that she could eat, she was getting worse, and she figured by the time she was down to distilled water it was over. She knew Kelley was primarily a cancer doctor, but she figured if he was smart enough to kill cancer he could cure her allergies. Continue reading

Gonzalez: Dr. Kelley’s Story ~ How It ALL Began – Part 2

What we are about to share is our second offering of a transcript by Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D. speaking at the World Research Foundation. These records were recently discovered by the widow of Dr. Gonzalez and have been made available to the pubic. Over the next few weeks, we will continue to post the subsequent segments of Dr. Gonzalez’s story. The following transcript in addition to additional commentary was BROADCAST on July 6, 2022 on To Health With You! HERE is the LINK to listen! Dr. Kelley’s Story ~ How It ALL Began – Part 2 ~ Editor

Dr. Kelley, Dr. Max Gerson, Dr. John Beard, Madame Curie and Dr. Edward Howell

Dr. Kelley’s local library fortunately had a copy of Max Gerson‘s 1959 book called FIFTY CASES. Now Gerson was an interesting character in medical history, he was a very prominent German physician who during the forties and fifties developed his own personal approach to degenerative diseases involving primarily a diet of raw foods, nuts, seeds, grains, and lots of fresh vegetables juices: 8- 10 glasses a day. Now with this approach, Gerson had great success with a whole range of degenerative diseases, including cancer. During the thirties with the advent of Nazism, Gerson, being Jewish, left Germany and came to New York and set up his own clinic, for about a twenty year period continuing to have a fair amount of success using this particular diet. Continue reading

Gonzalez: Dr. Kelley’s Story ~ How It ALL Began

What we are about to share are the first two parts of a seven part transcript by Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D. speaking at the World Research Foundation. These records were recently discovered by the widow of Dr. Gonzalez and have been made available to the public. Over the next few weeks, we will continue to post the subsequent segments of Dr. Gonzalez’s story. The following transcript in addition to additional commentary was BROADCAST on June 29, 2022 on To Health With You! HERE is the LINK to listen! –  Dr. Kelley’s Story ~ How It ALL Began ~ Editor

Dr. Kelley Gets Cancer

Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D.

I’ve been asked to talk slowly. Now, its genetically, physiologically and morally impossible for me to do that but I’ll try. But probably fail. I’m going to talk about cancer today, particularly about William Donald Kelley. Now for Dr. Kelley, cancer began with eye problems. He was riding down the road in his antique Cadillac he called “Twinkles,” and he noticed he was having trouble seeing street signs. He was 35 years old and had perfect vision up to that point. He didn’t pay much attention to it.

But over the ensuing months, his vision got progressively worse. He went to his ophthalmologist, who said, “Look, you’re 35 years old, you’re nearsighted, you need glasses.” Well, that wasn’t too big a deal, but about three months later, he noticed as he was working on his patients (now, he was an orthodontist, he did a lot of close work in patients’ mouths), and he noticed that he had trouble seeing the teeth clearly in his patients and doing the intricate work with pliers. So he went back to his ophthalmologist, who said, “This is kind of interesting, you need bifocals.” Now, this didn’t sit too kindly on Kelley’s soul, he thought 35 years old was too young for bifocals, but he wore them. And they seemed to work well for about three months, and then he noticed, well, with bifocals he could see the far distance well and he could read, and he could do his intricate work in his patients’ mouths okay, but the intermediate distances were getting kind of fuzzy. Continue reading

Surviving A Healthy Childhood

“Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened.” – Winston Churchill

William D. Kelley, D.D.S.” That’s what I put in the space marked “Father” on the hundreds of forms I have had to fill out in my time. In the space marked “Father’s Occupation,” I put “Health Researcher.” That’s about all the information I volunteer without a darn good reason, though. To my frequent embarrassment, my father has managed to attain a certain degree of fame.

Euphemistically, he can be said to be controversial. Those less kindly disposed toward him might use the term “infamous.” In any case, I have always found it easier simply to avoid him as a topic of casual conversation.

When we lived in tiny Grapevine, Texas, everyone in town knew of my dad. He was the dentist in the little yellow office on Worth Street who didn’t appear to be practicing dentistry. His patients didn’t come from across town; they flew in from across the country. And the people coming to see him were all so desperately ill; many of them were cancer patients, obviously on their “last legs.” Just what was going on in the small office? Continue reading

Kelley: Cleansing The Kidneys

YOUR Health – YOUR Choice. Lessons from Dr. Wm. D. Kelley.

Kidneys and Cancer

The kidneys are vital organs of detoxification. They filter approximately 4,000 quarts of blood daily. The metabolic wastes, largely urea, are eliminated and the acid/alkaline balance maintained. Many drugs are eliminated through the kidneys, especially the common pain-killing drugs that can be extremely damaging to these organs. Such drugs include aspirin, phenacetin and acetominophen. People often don’t experience any symptoms from loss of kidney function until 90% of the function is gone, and then the damage is irreversible. Continue reading

This book will show you how to overcome cancer

“In our time there will never be a cure for heart disease or for cancer because there’s just too much money in it for the elite. Between the AMA, the hospitals, pharmaceutical and drug manufacturers, the money wheel never stops turning – and those who suffer needlessly are bankrupted.”Dr. William D. Kelley

I have been reading Dr. Kelly’s books for years…

Dr. Kelly was a pioneer, a leader, and a genius. Dr. William Kelly had pancreas cancer in the 1960’s and overcame his cancer through the use of this program. There is nothing like it. If you know anything about pancreas cancer, it is one of the worst. You basically have no chance of recovery and he overcame it by using this program.

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He also helped thousands to overcome their cancer over the following decades. The only reason he lost his dental license is because the FDA and big pharma came after him with a vengeance, as he had a true cure for cancer that is cheap, safe, and effective. The cancer racket/industry would lose billions if this program was approved by the FDA and implemented across the country. The basic program includes radically changing your diet to include tons of organic fruits/veggies, lean meats (more or less..even vegetarian for some based on your metabolic type), exercise, nutritional supplements and especially taking high dose pancreatic enzymes. His research found that the pancreatic enzymes are heavily involved in preventing cancer in the body. Basically, the enzymes that your pancreas produces will destroy the cancer cells. So, high doses (upwards of 20/40 caps per day and more) in between meal so as not to be used to digest the food, but to get them into your blood stream to destroy the cancer cells.

This program works on numerous types of cancer, not just pancreatic cancer.

Also, read the book “The Trophoblast and the Origins of Cancer: One solution to the medical enigma of our times” by Dr. Gonzalez M.D. for a more detailed and scientific look into Dr. John Beards investigation of why this works.

Trace D. Farley
January 25, 2017

Kelley: Cancer, Your Health and YOU!

NOTE: Once again as in the past, the following was the basis for my broadcast of August 18, 2021. ~ Jeffrey Bennett, Editor and Publisher of the works of Dr. William Donald Kelley, DDS, MS.

William Donald Kelley, DDS, MS

We are all ignorant – on different subjects. We all remain ignorant until we can accept the facts. Most of us choose to remain ignorant – it’s stylish. All of us doctors choose to remain ignorant – it’s most profitable. Over the past several years, being plunged into this cancer zoo, it has come to our consciousness that patients (i.e., Cancer victims) are more intelligent than we doctors.

There is not one doctor in the world today who treats cancer. First of all, it takes common sense. Second, it is against the law – against the Establishment’s wishes. Third, most doctors do not know what cancer is and deliberately, with malice aforethought, choose to remain ignorant on the subject. Fourth, it is impossible for a doctor to treat your cancer – only you can treat your cancer. Continue reading

VICTORY Over Cancer

The following was originally published on this site on November 11, 2010 – approximately five years before the complete restoration of Dr. Kelley’s seminal endeavor of the 1960’s through the early to mid-2000’s. Originally titled, ‘One Answer to Cancer,’ and later re-titled ‘CANCER: Curing the Incurable‘ – a book which, due to a lack of understanding of the program and protocols – Kelley’s then Editor and Publisher left many short-comings and omissions – which brought us to the current, final and full restoration – AND expansion – ‘Victory Over Cancer: Without Surgery, Chemotherapy or Radiation‘ – It has all been a very long – and for me – a twenty-plus year blessed journey – both during Dr. Kelley’s last seven years on this Earth, but also with a long-standing and continual relation with his family and the Kelley Foundation – and so the Victory remains – if YOU wish it to be so.

The following is comprised and edited from excerpts from Dr. Kelley’s written words and lectures of nearly four decades. ~ Jeffrey Bennett, Editor and Publisher of the works of William D. Kelley, D.D.S., M.S. Continue reading

Tribute to Dr. William Donald Kelley – 1926-2005

Alternative Cancer Researcher: William Donald Kelley, DDS, MS

William Donald Kelley, DDS, MS

William Donald Kelley, DDS, MS, one of the most significant figures in the history of alternative cancer treatments, passed away on January 30, 2005, at the age of 79. The cause of death was congestive heart failure. He had a long history of heart problems, with severe rhythm disturbances, beginning in the 1960s.

Dr. Kelley was born on November 1, 1925 on an 80-acre “dirt farm” in Winfield, Kansas. His father had died young of a heart attack and, during the Great Depression, his mother raised three sons alone. All three sons went to college, then graduate school, and became successful professionals. Continue reading

Victory Over Cancer…

In the fight against cancer, little attention is paid to nutrition. Instead, treatment is restricted to surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Had the work of three pioneering doctors not been overlooked by mainstream medicine, cancer treatment today would look very different and patients’ lives transformed.

Review the medical literature and you won’t find any cases of treating cancer which can match the extraordinary results of Dr. William Donald Kelley and Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, who built upon the pioneering discoveries of Dr. John Beard. Continue reading

A Critique of the Kelley Nutritional-Metabolic Cancer Program

Editor’s NOTE: The time of this writing was 2003. Dr. Kelley passed in January of 2005. In addition, Nicholas Gonzalez has also left us – with a highly questionable demise. What follows was first posted on this site on August 26, 2015. In addition, it was made an integral part of Dr. Kelley’s seminal treatise on cancer, re-titled, Victory Over Cancer: without Surgery, Chemotherapy, or Radiation, expanded and published in 2015. It is time to bring this study of Kelley’s work back to the front page once more. (J.B.)

Dr. Kelley developed the Kelley Nutritional-Metabolic Cancer Program in the 1960s which involves four major components: pancreatic enzymes, nutrition, detoxification and spirituality. The Kelley Program defines cancer according to Dr. Beard’s theory that states that cancer is a normal, necessary part of life… Continue reading

The Kelley Regimen

“It is extremely effective and rather inexpensive. Those who are willing to faithfully and tediously follow it will be successful. Those who follow it in part or haphazardly will be completely unsuccessful”.

Publisher’s NOTE: What follows was probably written soon after Kelley’s death in 2005, however there are hints that portions of the body may in fact have been written in the mid to late 1980’s but there is no certainty – just a couple of hints that I would recognize. If the former, then indications are that the original author may in fact have updated the original writing.

ALSO – although I have searched incessantly – I am unable to find the original source of this post, ie – no author’s name, no on-line links – NOTHING! If the original author should come out of the darkness, or a reader is able to guide us accordingly, we will be more than happy to correct this error. It is never our intent to take credit for something that we have not written. (As of August 18, 2021, after re-reading this post – I begin to have suspicions as to who the author MAY be. ~ Ed).

What you are about to read, allows us to fit more pieces of the Kelley puzzle into position. I was privileged to share this commentary with my audience on my then broadcast of ‘To Health With You‘ on October 25, 2017 and broadcast live once again on August 25, 2021.

Jeffrey Bennett
Editor and Publisher of the works of William D. Kelley, D.D.S., M.S. Continue reading