Root Canals Revisited: New Studies, New Evidence, Same Dangers

According to traditional dentistry, a root canal is a procedure that a dentist “first accesses the pulp chambers inside the tooth, then cleans it out and finally fills it.” Sounds pretty innocent, right?

In reality, what happens is this: a “dead organ”, your tooth, is left in the mouth and then filled with synthetic material. This creates an area that is ripe for pathogenic bacterial overgrowth that can possibly lead to dis-ease, including Breast Cancer.

Root Canals: The Core Problem
The foundational problem with root canals is that the procedure ensures that the entire canal system is enclosed. This creates a cascade of issues for long-term health since the biotoxins that will inevitably grow in the area are slowly dripped into the lymphatic and blood system thought the miles of tubules that surround the root.

In this environment, there is no way for the root canal area to ever be sterilized. As time goes on, infection seeps in to porous bone around the tooth and in the jaw. The end result is a dangerous scenario that affects the whole body, including the brain, heart, and breasts.

In fact, no one who has had a root canal is immune to its infectious effects. Dr. Boyd Haley at the University of Kentucky is one of the premier experts on biological toxins. For years he ran the lab, Affinity Labeling Technologies, where he and his partners performed consumer root canal bio-assays, which measured the dental toxins.

After testing over 5,000 root canal samples, he found that 100% of them were toxic. Some of the most common bio-toxins found in root canal samples were aspergillus, streptococcus and botulinum. Aspergillus is a fungus that can produce the highly-toxic mycotoxin aflatoxin.

This video is pretty compelling if you have any doubts about Root Canals.

“Root Cause:” New Research Confirms the Health Risks of Root Canals

New research has verified earlier findings by pioneers such as Dr. Weston Price, who discussed the effects of toxic teeth over a century ago. In the early 2000’s, Dr. Robert Jones at the University of Glasgow studied the health histories of over 300 women with Breast Cancer. He found that roughly 93% had at least one root canal. He and other experts have also made the observation that in most cases, there is a direct correlation between the side of the body where the root canal is and the particular breast where the cancer begins.

Much of the new research about root canals and chronic disease was recently presented in an in-depth and surprisingly entertaining documentary called Root Cause (2019, Gravitas Ventures). In it, a young man makes the journey from chronic disease to health and learns about the “root cause” of his years of misery—a severely infected root canal—from some of the top researchers and doctors in the field today.

One of the experts featured in the movie is Dr. Thomas Levy, MD, JD, a cardiologist who worked with biological dentist and health pioneer Dr. Hal Huggins.

“[T]he basic problem with a root canal is that it is what I call a fatally-flawed procedure…” explains Levy. “[T]he reason a root canal is done is you come to the dentist with pain…The problem is, in taking out the pain, the dentist takes out the nerve and the pulp, the blood supply and the connective tissue. Basically, if you will, the tooth undergoes a process of taxidermy while it is still in your mouth.”

Root Cause can be viewed online for a small fee through Vimeo, I Tunes and YouTube. I highly suggest you check it out!

Why Don’t Dentists Know About the Dangers of Root Canals?
It is safe to say that the root canal is a procedure whose time has come—and gone! According to Dr. Dawn Ewing, Executive Director of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine, root canals were initially created by a patient-driven desire to keep teeth in place for cosmetic reasons; missing teeth was and still is equated to being poor and socially inept.

“98% of women with Breast Cancer have a root canal on the same side of the tumor.”

Most dentists continue to promote root canals today in part because they have become accustomed to doing them and they are reluctant (for whatever reason) to changing their ways. Another reason is because the vast majority of traditional dentists rely on 2D imaging to determine infection. 2D x-rays, however, do not measure depth. 3D Cone Beam imaging, which many holistic dentists are beginning to utilize, do record depth and are able to spot infection at all angles of an oral area.

What Can I Do If I Have a Root Canal?
Discovering the link between your root canal and disease is the first step! Now it is time to connect with a certified biological dentist who can not only extract your root canal tooth, but do so properly.

When a root canal tooth is extracted, specific procedures must be followed in order to contain the highly toxic bacteria that will inevitably be released. In addition, your dentist should give you the option of Cone Beam imaging if needed as well as other holistic options such as vitamin C therapy and ozone therapy.

Finally, he or she should be up on the very latest in tooth-replacement options, such as non-toxic bridges, flippers and dentures. Keep in mind that any type of dental implant that is drilled into the bone often come with their own toxicity issues, especially for those already on a Healing Breast journey.

More than 25 million root canals are performed in the United States each year. Creating awareness of the dangers of root canals will hopefully decrease this number! You can take control of your health by working closely with a biological dentist who has undergone specific training in oral health. Contact the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine today to find a qualified biological dentist near you!

July 15, 2019

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