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As time allows, we continue to review many previously posted columns and articles from the first generation of several of the family of Kettle Moraine Publications, drawing from in excess of 90,000 published articles – yet many could have been written today. Others were a forewarning of (as H.G. Wells once wrote) “Things to Come.” So today we return to the days of yesteryear, or is it, Back to the Future? C’mon Marty – tell me which it is – or will we even have a future?

Seese: The People VS. Vaccines

                          Dr. Lorraine Day

May 5, 2002 ~ Government-mandated vaccinations are coming front and center again as parents around the nation notice that after supposed “immunization” their kids develop other illnesses, if not the very ones they were vaccinated to prevent. At this point, I owe a big “thank you, granny” to my grandmother, my mom’s mother, for her orders to my mom never to have me vaccinated as a child. What granny knew in the early 1940’s, a few honest medical doctors are speaking out about now – the dangers of vaccination and worse, their ineffectiveness in so many cases.

This afternoon I heard Dr. Lorraine Day speaking on radio KFYI in Phoenix about some of the horrors of vaccination and many of the aftereffects. Dr. Day is not the first speaker I have heard on this subject, but it is just time to remind the people outside our listening area that a well-credentialed medical doctor has come forward to make her views and knowledge about vaccinations available to the public, which most doctors will not do. Continue reading

Agent Orange Linked To Bladder Cancer, Hypothyroidism, Parkinson’s

More veterans may be included in compensation

agent-orange-report-735Originally published on this site on November 8, 2016. ~ Monsanto and Dow were 2 of the 9 wartime contractors hired by the US government to create Agent Orange, a combination of the toxic chemicals 2,4-D, and 2,4,5-T, just over 40 years ago. The damage these chemicals have perpetrated on our health and environment did not end with the Vietnam War though.

Aside from the long-term poisoning of soil and crops, a new review of Agent Orange research has found evidence that bladder cancer and hypothyroidism are more strongly linked to exposure to Agent Orange than was previously assumed. Continue reading

Post-Op Observations: Abscess make the farts go ‘Honda’

It is interesting how things come back around to haunt you once again. Note the date – and this is when I had hernia surgery back in the day. Five months later I moved into my sons’ house to begin an 11 month renovation and restoration to prepare to sell the home for his family. The following was a letter which I sent to my Physician while I was going though my recovery. He laughed his rear-end off and asked if he could frame the letter and hang it in his office.

During that 11 months – I brought myself to the best health I had ever been in in my life. It is now eight-plus years later and once again – I am feeling rather poopy. ~ Jeff
Continue reading

The Cancer Treatment So Successful – Traditional Doctors SHUT it Down

Alternative cancer treatments are a kind of “forbidden area” in medicine, but Dr. Gonzalez chose to go that route anyway, and has some remarkable success stories to show for his pioneering work.

He didn’t set out to treat cancer at first however, let alone treat patients. His original plan was to be a basic science researcher at Sloan-Kettering, a teaching hospital for Cornell Medical College. He had a chance meeting with William Kelley, a controversial dentist who was one of the founders of nutritional typing. Dr. Kelley had been practicing alternative- and nutritional approaches for over two decades at the time, led him to begin a student project investigation of Kelley’s work, in the summer of 1981.

“I started going through his records and even though I was just a second year medical student, I could see right away there were cases that were extraordinary,” he says. “Patients with appropriately diagnosed pancreatic cancer, metastatic breast cancer in the bone, metastatic colorectal cancer… who were alive 5, 10, 15 years later under Kelley’s care with a nutritional approach.”

This preliminary review led to a formal research study, which Dr. Gonzalez completed while doing his fellowship in cancer, immunology and bone marrow transplantation. Continue reading

1249 ~ U.S. Offers Anthrax Vaccine to Thousands

Preparation Used by Military Is Unlicensed, Controversial.

October 27, 2001 – Published as the 1,249th post on the first generation Federal Observer, in the category, To Health With You!, approximately three months from the sites first publication … and so the games continue! ~ Editor

The federal government will begin offering anthrax vaccine as an experimental treatment to thousands of people potentially exposed to the deadly bacteria during a series of attacks this fall, administration officials announced yesterday.

For those wary of taking the controversial, unlicensed vaccine, health officials laid out two alternatives: take an additional 40 days of antibiotics or take no new medicines and wait to see if symptoms arise.

The decision to make the vaccine available as early as today reflects growing unease that antibiotics may not be sufficient protection against a disease that scientists know very little about. Bacteria may survive longer in people”s lungs than 60 days and continue to pose a health threat. The vaccine may enable the immune system to fight off any lingering spores. Continue reading

787 ~ OHS Plans For Forced Vaccination/Quarantines

Published on the first generation Federal Observer, in the category, To Health With You!, November 6, 2001 This was the 787th column posted within just over three months of the site’s existence. We were WARNED – nearly 20 years ago! … and so the games continue! ~ Editor

Patients could be forced to take medicines or receive vaccines for contagious diseases that pose a public health threat, such as smallpox, under the model law. Patients wouldn’t be allowed to appeal a state’s decision, though the state would likely quarantine anyone who refused to comply, triggering an appeals process…

If the Bush administration’s seeming incompetence in handling the anthrax issue and tendency to issue conflicting statements generating confusion and panic in the public has you puzzled, perhaps this may shed a bit of light on what they are actually up to. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has drafted a model law which will require forced vaccinations of all Americans, imprisonment and quarantine of those who refuse to submit to vaccination, seizure of property and other drastic measures. Continue reading

1581 ~ Who Controls Anthrax Vaccine Bottler?

Published in the category, Conspiracy Chronicles on the first generation Federal Observer, January 28 2002.

NOTE: It is nearly nineteen years since the publication of the following article and we are entering a similar phase with the Covid-19 Vaccine. In addition – how many of the firms mentioned below have been merged into others, or simply disappeared? Does anything ever REALLY change? ~ Ed., October 11, 2020

“Follow the Yellow Brick road, follow the yellow brick road – because, because, because, because, because – you’ll find the Wizard if ever there was – a Wonderful Wizard of Oz!

It appears that Bioport, the sole manufacturer of anthrax vaccine in the U.S., has cleared the first of three hurdles toward resuming shipments of its vaccine. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced approval of Bioport’s revamped production facilities. Continue reading

1064 ~ AMA Declines to Call for Nationwide Smallpox Vaccinations

Published on the first generation Federal Observer, in the category, To Health With You!, December 5, 2001. …and all these years later – you really thought that things would change???

The American Medical Association on Tuesday refused to endorse smallpox vaccinations for all Americans, rejecting calls from doctors who say the disease could be used as a biological weapon.

Instead, the 538 delegates attending the AMA’s annual winter meeting in San Francisco voted overwhelmingly to continue studying the possible repercussions of such a mass inoculation. Continue reading


Artwork by Talia Goldenberg

After enduring years of painful headaches and injuries, Talia Goldenberg — a lively, uninhibited artist — was ready for surgery to help stabilize her flexible spine.

3:46 p.m. Feb. 10, 2014
Talia Goldenberg emerged from the fog of anesthesia. The 23-year-old wiggled her toes. She wagged her feet. Good signs for a patient coming out of spinal surgery. Continue reading

Keep the Faith

“Rejoice in the Lord, always. I will say it again: rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, give your concerns to God. And the peace of the Lord, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds. in Christ Jesus.” ~ Phil 4:4-7

I do believe that the queen and I are in the endgame now. She requires constant watching and care, and I rarely leave her side. I have been dealing with the short term emergencies and gathering the facts and resources together for next steps, as the situation calls out in its own good time. As anyone who has been involved in this sort of thing knows, it can drag on for much longer than one might expect — in the manner of the Fed’s serial asset bubbles achieved through top down stimulus.

There is a kind of a peacefulness amidst all this turmoil that at times seems almost beautiful. And, even when things get very bad, there are God’s tender mercies, if we can but keep our hearts and eyes open for them. Continue reading

Just gone to a better place…

There are many trials in this life that we must all face. With the passing of Joey Feek on March 4, 2015, the world lost a true angel. Rory and their daughter have had someone with them, who was truly a rare individual – an Angel here on Earth.

Behind the scenes of “When I’m Gone” recording. Rory wasn’t allowed to sing on this taping. He did NOT like that! It broke his heart, even then, at the thought of losing Joey. . . Little did they know, at the time of the recording, this would be a message from Joey that Rory would need over and over and over again.

It’s truly amazing to see how God works in everyone’s life, especially in Joey and Rory’s life. The fact that God presented this song for Joey and Rory to do, before she was diagnosed with cancer is unreal. It is heart wrenching to think that Joey is gone, and that we won’t get to hear her beautiful voice anymore, but God makes everything work for the better. Joey got her wish to see Christ. She is using her beautiful talents for the Lord in Heaven! I’m praying for Rory as this new transition will go smoothly and go accordingly to how God planned it. Both Joey and Rory are great examples to how we all should be living as children of God (individually), as spouses, and as parents.

Rebekah Whitcomb Continue reading

Pharma Exec for Maker of $150,000 Cancer Drug Tells Investors Its Pricing Is “Very Responsible”

Johnson_&_JohnsonA top official at pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson dismissed questions on a recent earnings call about the drug price reform debate in Washington, saying that the company is “responsible” in its pricing.

As part of the question and answer period during the company’s third quarter earnings call in October, one questioner asked Johnson & Johnson Chief Financial Officer Dominic Caruso where he sees the drug pricing reform debate in Washington going and if the company was planning a pledge, similar to one made by many firms in the 1990s, to not raise drug prices beyond the cost of inflation. Continue reading

Somers: ‘I never let cancer beat me’

somersShe has had some battles in her 68 years. And Suzanne Somers is not afraid to talk about them.

On Tuesday – the day after she delivered an impressive performance on Dancing With The Stars – the Three’s Company actress wrote an emotional post for People.

‘I never let cancer beat me,’ the survivor wrote in her weekly column. ‘Instead I used it to work for me as incentive to do all that I have had to do to achieve peak health again. So putting all those thoughts together got to me [on the show].’

She added, ‘The information I have passed on to millions of women in my books comes from a profound passion to bring the most cutting-edge alternative protocols to the forefront showing women and men that there is a new way to age. Continue reading