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A wide range of lessons and commentary about many health related issues. Many are point-blank op-ed pieces based upon personal experiences by the writers (as patients or witnesses IE, spouses, children…) – or even by some doctor’s and other medical practitioners, who actually have a conscience – in addition to some spiritual issues addressing our well-being..

Letter to the Editor: Cancer Treatment Should Be Better Prioritized

What follows below was published on May 10, 2023 in our local-weekly, community newspaper, the West Valley View. As regular readers to Dr. Kelley’s site, and to our Wednesday evening broadcast – many of you will agree with what the author has to say – but there are certain aspects that we will disagree with – one of which deals with her guidance and expectation for CON-gress to commit to what she is suggesting – and hoping for. BIG Pharma buys these elected officials off – hence – her wishes shall not come to pass. It is among our greatest concerns. ~ Ed.

As an oncology nurse, I see patients every day who are dealing with various forms of cancer.

We should be doing everything we can to support medical research and drug development so that no family has to face heartbreaking decisions.

Recently, more price-setting policies have been included in President Biden’s health care priorities package. I worry that these additional measures could deprive patients of access to future cancer medicines and hope for a healthier, more comfortable future. Instead, I hope Congress focuses their efforts on one of the biggest headaches for many patients dealing with health issues – pharmacy benefit managers (PBM’s). Prescription drugs play a large role in oncology because many forms of cancer are treated with a combination of medications and care. Continue reading

Medical Schools Look for Activists ~ Not Healers

What qualities should medical schools look for in future doctors? Probably academic excellence, experience in the medical sector, loyalty to medical ethics, and good interpersonal skills.

These are all characteristics that future doctors should have, but they’re not what medical schools now emphasize. Medical schools are looking for social justice zealots to advance the diversity, equity, and inclusion dogma.

Look no further than medical school applications… Continue reading

Leibowitz: Valley Firefighter a Miracle on 2 Feet

Gilbert Aguirre (West Valley View File Photo)

If the measure of a human is how they bear up when life turns ugly, then Gilbert Aguirre is stronger than all of us, a testament to what can be survived and the power of faith.

His body has been attacked, his spirit shattered, his finances destroyed, his family visited by death. Yet whenever we meet, he hugs me and offers up his small, shy smile.

Husband, father, firefighter, son of God, cancer survivor, plaintiff. Aguirre is all those things. He is also surely the strongest man walking. Continue reading

Frequencies, Part 1: Was Einstein Right About the Future of Medicine?

The first in a two-part series on frequencies explains the intimate relationship between electromagnetism and life and suggests we should question the ever-greater reliance humans have on wireless information and communication systems and the electrosmog they create.

Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.” ~ Albert Einstein

Have you noticed the upsurge of interest in frequency and energy medicine? Have you even been hooked up to a frequency medicine machine of late — or do you know friends or family who have been? Have you wondered which ones have a decent scientific evidence base behind them — and which ones don’t appear to?

The reality is that frequency medicine is experiencing a renaissance in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and there is an increasing diversity of technologies being used.

Some of it is being foisted on the public, including sectors of those that have been injured by COVID-19 vaccines, in an aggressive way, sometimes by way of multi-level marketing enthusiasts with no training or background in the healthcare professions.

Others are touted as miracle cures for absolutely any condition. Continue reading

East Palestine Soil Contains Dioxin Levels Hundreds of Times Over Cancer Risk Threshold

I certainly wouldn’t be comfortable living there,” said one organic chemist.

Ohio EPA and EPA contractors collect soil and air samples from the Norfolk Southern train derailment site on March 9, 2023 in East Palestine, Ohio. (Photo: Michael Swensen/Getty Images)

East Palestine, Ohio residents’ concerns about the enduring impact of last month’s fiery train derailment are likely to intensify following the release of data showing that levels of dioxin in the soil near the wreck site are far higher than the cancer risk threshold recommended by federal scientists.

Dioxin is a toxic and carcinogenic byproduct of burning vinyl chloride, a hazardous chemical that at least five Norfolk Southern train cars were carrying when they derailed in early February, sparking a full-blown environmental and public health disaster. Continue reading

Leibowitz: Giving the Gift Of Life Made Her ‘Feel So Good

At 2:30 a.m. Feb. 15, Maureen Salloom arrived at Mayo Clinic in North Scottsdale perfectly healthy. The 42-year-old came by choice, of sound mind and body, on a mission: for a surgeon to make small incisions in her lower abdomen and left side to extract one healthy kidney.

The organ was rushed to a jet bound for Wisconsin. There, another surgeon implanted the kidney into someone Salloom will never, ever know. Not even his or her name.

Which is precisely what makes this story of epic generosity so worth telling. Continue reading

Florida Issues Health Alert: mRNA COVID Vaccines Caused ‘Substantial Increase’ in Reports of Adverse Events

Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo, M.D., Ph.D., issued a health alert on Wednesday warning that the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines caused a “substantial increase” in reports of adverse events in Florida.

The alert was based on a letter he sent earlier this week to the heads of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) pointing out the excess risk of adverse events associated with the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. Continue reading

Long COVID Now Looks like a Neurological Disease, Helping Doctors to Focus Treatments

The causes of long COVID, which disables millions, may come together in the brain and nervous system

Tara Ghormley has always been an overachiever. She finished at the top of her class in high school, graduated summa cum laude from college and earned top honors in veterinary school. She went on to complete a rigorous training program and build a successful career as a veterinary internal medicine specialist. But in March 2020 she got infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus – just the 24th case in the small, coastal central California town she lived in at the time, near the site of an early outbreak in the COVID pandemic. “I could have done without being first at this,” she says. Continue reading

Why the American Medical System Is Broken

Anyone who’s recently visited a hospital in America knows the system is broken. Prices are outrageous, answers are slim, and insurance companies are insufferable. Each time I think about how the medical system in America is terrible, one of the only small comforts is that Canada’s healthcare situation is worse.

Still, we didn’t arrive here without a string of bad decisions leading to an overpriced, unhelpful, and increasingly woke medical system. So how did we get here?

Big Pharma, Carnegie, and Rockefeller
One gripe many have with the modern medical system is the rejection of diet, exercise, and natural medicine in favor of big pharma and a palmful of pills. But it wasn’t always this way. Continue reading

Health Care — A Monopoly of Monsters

As noted by The Hill’s anchor Briahna Joy Gray in the video above, Americans pay twice as much for their health care yet get the worst care of any developed Western nation. And, while other countries guarantee treatment regardless of income, treatment in the U.S. depends on whether you can afford costly health insurance, or have a job that provides it. Continue reading

Hippocrates and Modern Medicine’s Abandonment of the Hippocratic Oath

The old medical tradition goes back to 400 B.C. to the young Greek medic Hippocrates who established his practice in Cos. At that time sanatoriums existed which were dedicated to Aesculapius, the god of healing, and medical procedures involved praying to gods and various superstitions.

Hippocrates learned his trade from his father and expanded his knowledge by traveling to Egypt to learn their medical practices of the time which included novelties such as having a clinical observation chart/sheet of the patient, using white and clean linen for babies and patients, watching closely the nutrition of newborns and toddlers, exercise and play in fresh air.

Hippocrates would probably be shocked about most doctors today who ignored their Hippocratic oath and chose the path of least resistance

Continue reading

HEADLINES: Your Health – YOUR Choice

America’s most expensive medicines revealed
Newly-approved $3.5m-a-dose bleeding disorder drug tops the list, while gene therapy for motor neuron disease is second at $2.5m – so are insurers actually paying up?

The United States is behind some of the world’s most vital and innovative medications, but it also sells them for the highest prices.

Earlier this month, the federal government approved a blood clot therapy that costs $3.5million per dose — making it the most expensive drug in the world.

But a bevvy of prescription medications have sky-high prices attached to them – mostly because they are on the cutting edge of science and target some of the rarest and hardest-to-treat conditions… (Continue to full article)

Masks make a comeback
Hundreds of thousands of students across the US will be forced to wear face coverings when classes go back this week as schools bring back controversial mandates.

Hundreds of thousands of students across the US will be forced to wear face masks in class when schools go back this week as controversial mandates make a return.

Despite Covid infection rates plateauing for months, elementary and high schools in New Jersey, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania have made face coverings a condition of entry for students returning from the holidays.

Education officials claim the policy is to prevent a boom in respiratory illnesses after increased mixing during the first normal Christmas and New Year in years… (Continue to full article)

DEA warns that ADHD over prescription could be as bad as OPIOID CRISIS
In stinging letter to pharmaceutical giants it accuses of ‘aggressive marketing’ – as users rise 10% in a year to 41 million

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has expressed concern that ‘aggressive marketing practices’ by telehealth companies may be contributing to excessive prescriptions for medications used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), according to a letter from the agency.

While the letter does not mention specific companies, it is believed to refer to telehealth companies such as Cerebral Inc. and Done Global Inc., whose prescribing practices have reportedly been under investigation by the DEA after blitzing social media with online adverts including Instagram and Facebook.

This decision follows a more than doubling in Adderall prescriptions of more than 10% per year in 2021 through to October 2022, after a roughly 5% annual increase in the three years prior, according to data from research firm IQVIA… (Continue to full article)

Big pharma’s golden ticket: Sales of new weight-loss shot made by Eli Lilly forecast to hit $50BILLION this year – which would make it the best-selling drug of all time
A new weight-loss drug made by Eli Lilly is set to become the best-selling medicine of all time, analysts predict.

Tirzepatide — sold under the brand name Mounjaro — is expected to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for weight loss within months.

Analysts expect the drug — which is believed to be better than similar rival medications — to make anywhere from $25 to $48billion in the US in its first year… (Continue to full article)

Floating poo, hearing voices and excessive sweating: Six of the strangest cancer symptoms REVEALED
Unusual lumps, a persistent cough and headaches are the cancer warning signs doctors tell you to watch out for.

But floating poo, excessive sweating and hearing voices are some of the stranger signs tumours give off.

Many of these symptoms are exceptionally common and can be caused by a lot of different conditions… (Continue to full article)

Ultraprocessed foods linked to cancer and early death
Eating a lot of ultraprocessed foods significantly increases men’s risk of colorectal cancer and can lead to heart disease and early death in both men and women, according to two new, large-scale studies of people in the United States and Italy published Wednesday in British medical journal The BMJ.

Hot dogs qualify as an ultra-processed food, since they’re packed with preservatives. zz/Dennis Van Tine/STAR MAX/IPx 2018 via AP Images

Ultraprocessed foods include prepackaged soups, sauces, frozen pizza, ready-to-eat meals and pleasure foods such as hot dogs, sausages, french fries, sodas, store-bought cookies, cakes, candies, doughnuts, ice cream and many more.

“Literally hundreds of studies link ultra-processed foods to obesity, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and overall mortality… (Continue to full article)

Loudon: The Origin of Diseases and the Effects on the Brain

Some of the time many physicians treat the symptoms of disease rather than the cause. With cancer, many times the cause of the disease is missing from their mode of treatment. Many times, cancer patients are dying when the cause and a cure are now available. In Europe, Asia, India, Japan, England, and many other countries, a very high-pressure non-invasive cancer machine called the Cellsonic VIPP therapy machine has been curing cancer for many years. Recently, the company got a license from the FDA to use the machine in the United States. This is very great because cancer patients will be non-invasively cured when many oncologists are now mostly treating the symptoms of the disease with chemotherapy and radiation.  Continue reading