Dr. Wm. D. Kelley: HiStory

~ The REAL Cancer Outlaw: In his own words ~

I can truthfully say that I have cured or healed myself of cancer (malignancy) and I can cure myself again if it ever becomes necessary. Better still, I have learned God’s Law of Health concerning malignancy (cancer) and I will ever invoke this Law so that I am not likely to have the disease again.

In the old adage “Physician, heal thyself!” two things stand out to me. One is, if a physician can’t heal himself, how can he heal others? The other involves the true meaning of cure – cure for anything. It is so often said. “I went to Dr. Jones and he cured me.” Nothing could be further from the truth. No matter how many years a doctor has gone to school, no matter how many college degrees he may have, a doctor can cure only one person – HIMSELF. It is important that a person understand that only he can cure himself of anything!

It is the individual and his body chemistry that cure him of disease. In doing this, he must take note that he is physical, structural, mental, and spiritual, and that each facet plays a part in his cure. His physician or clinician can only bring to his attention some of the basic Laws of God concerning health. Unfortunately, many clinicians are not sufficiently aware of these Laws, even though they are honest and sincere, and try their hardest.

Although I am a clinician, I have no intention of treating anyone for cancer or any other disease. I am even more than a clinician – I am a teacher. My purpose in sharing my story is therefore educational: I hope it will instruct you in God’s Laws of natural good health – and particularly in those concerning malignancy (cancer) so that you can have a body free of this dreaded affliction. I call unto Yahweh – “I am that I am” – to bless this information and send it forth to those who have the wisdom and need to use it.

~ Dr. Kelley – Cancer Victim! ~
I had cancer for more than three years before the true nature of the problem ever dawned on me. At the height of the cancer, I supposedly had about two months to live. If I had not discovered God’s Laws concerning cancer and applied them very diligently, I would not be here to share this information.

With few exceptions, by the time one discovers he has cancer he has had it for a very long time. This was my situation. Now that I really know all the true early signs of cancer, I also know that I was being warned many months before my case became clinical.

From time to time, I would notice belching just a little gas, but I didn’t give it much thought – just supposed I had eaten a little too much. Eventually, I began to pass gas from the bowel, a little at first and finally so much that it was embarrassing to me and also my family.

~ My First Warning ~
My hobby was antique automobiles. On one trip the family made to Colorado in our 1923 Cadillac, I noticed that at dusk I found it difficult to read the road signs. I had to be right up to them before they became legible. I still didn’t have the good sense even to suspect I had cancer, and didn’t give the matter much more thought until two months later when I was showing some slides to the Antique Automobile Club. I couldn’t seem to get the pictures in focus. I thought I had damaged my camera, but the club members said the pictures were very clear and that I’d better have my eyes checked. Finally, I gave in and made an appointment with the ophthalmologist for an eye examination. To my horror, he prescribed trifocals. My protests were for naught, and I could see my pictures and road signs much better.

~ My Second Warning ~
Things went on about the same for several months, until I began to notice that if I sat in one position for more than twenty minutes I would have muscle aches, particularly in the back. My physician finally gave me a muscle relaxant, after I’d visited him several times with the same complaint. I was still too naive to suspect cancer. The medication didn’t help much, and in another month or so I began to have pains in my chest. This of course upset me considerably, and I rushed to the physician once more.

Over the next few months, several electrocardiograms were made and nothing out of the ordinary showed, it couldn’t, because the pain was from the chest muscles – a frequent sign of cancer – but as usual, I was oblivious to the true early warning signs.

~ My Third Warning Went Unheeded ~
A long, long horrible period of mental depression followed – another true warning sign that cancer was rearing its ugly head. I went to the physician again and practically begged for help, asking for an antidepressant drug or anything that would help alleviate this chronic, severe depression. By this time, he was fed up with me and my complaints and he sat me down and carefully explained that there was nothing wrong with me. My heart was better than his, and it was high time that I stop worrying about it; after all, it was only in my mind!

As cancer progresses, it gives off a toxin that makes one extremely depressed, and there is a feeling of impending death a good part of the time. Gradually, during the entire three years of early cancer growth in my body, I became weaker and weaker. By this time, I knew something very tragic was taking place, but I didn’t know what, and still didn’t have any suspicion that it might be cancer.

My job, the work I loved so very much, became distasteful. I wanted to give it up and start a new profession – anything to attempt regaining an interest in life. After all the many years of college training for a job I loved to do, I was seriously contemplating junking it all. After eight years of clinical practice and research, I found myself ready to throw in the towel. It was a terrible feeling to be so sick and not be able to understand why or put a name on it. My thinking became fuzzy, unclear and irrational.

~ A Fourth Warning . . . and still not an inkling in my mind what the culprit might be!
During these many months of severe depression, my hair began showing signs of lifelessness, becoming brittle and coarse. I was losing some, and what was left was fast becoming gray.

~ Warning Five . . . also escaped my attention!
Also, at this time, I developed a hernia. This is typical of a person with malignancy, since the malignancy is accompanied by muscle deterioration.

~ My Sixth Warning ~
By this time I was feeling so bad that I reluctantly returned to my physician. He finally admitted that there might be something wrong and sent me off to an internist. After the passing of three month’s time, during which the Beard, Anthrone Cancer test had proved extremely positive and I had undergone many other tests and diagnostic procedures including X-rays, the internist finally suggested biopsies of my pancreas, liver, and intestines. He suspected that these operations would reveal cancer. Although the biopsies were not performed, the physician’s suspicions were correct.

. . . and so it began!
My wife was privately told not only that I had tumors in all three organs, but also that in the doctor’s opinion I had no more than 18 months to live. And though I had begun to suspect the worst, another month passed before I myself learned of all the facts. Meanwhile, the chief surgeon in our locale had ruled out full-scale surgery because he thought I was in such bad shape that I wouldn’t make it off the operating table alive. My wife had been told to take me home and get our affairs in order as promptly as possible, for it wouldn’t be long before I’d pass away.

Ironically, though I had been doing cancer research for several years, it had never occurred to me that I could have it myself. I guess I was just like thousands of people who think it can happen to someone else – but not to them. Only the cancer victim can understand the fear and despair that finally overwhelmed me. This hit me harder, probably, than it would have the average person, because I had been studying and researching the details of cancer and had a firsthand insight into that horror of horrors.

Since early childhood, I experienced a deep and abiding interest in all facets of medicine and I had spent much of my life studying anything and everything I could find in the field. I had spent two and one-half-years with the military medics and fourteen years working my way through college in hospitals doing everything from running electrocardiograms to assisting in surgery – viewing firsthand the complete gamut of medical practices and witnessing the tragic decline and ultimate death of hundreds of hopeless cancer victims.

With this great deal of knowledge about the medical community’s various approaches to cancer, I knew that in spite of all the propaganda fed to the general public about success rates with certain treatments, there were actually very few people who survived the medical establishment’s chemicals, surgical procedures, and radiation treatments. I didn’t want to be another one of its statistics.

Dr. Kelley’s Famous Coffee Enema: Dr. W.D. Kelley, DDS, MS; woodcarving cir. 1974

As soon as I realized my true situation, I decided not to take any new patients and prayed that I would be granted time to complete the work with the patients already under my care. It took me about two weeks to overcome the terrific shock and to wrestle with my fate.

After days of intensive thought and prayer, I decided not to accept the fate of an early death. Instead, I accepted life and my duty to seek out God’s Laws concerning cancer and, if possible, apply them to myself and teach them to others.

My doctors had considered performing surgery on me, but they didn’t think I would make it through the operation. I was so near death. God, in his infinite wisdom, had another path for me. Not being able to have surgery turned out to be a great blessing, but of course I didn’t see it that way at the time. The only thing I could do then was regulate my diet. My life hung in such a delicate balance (another blessing), that I could feel very clearly the effect of each food I ingested. If I ate wrong foods, I could very easily tell it by the way I felt.

As time passed, I realized one of the basic laws of cancer: Wrong foods caused the malignancy to grow, while proper foods allowed natural body defenses to work and the malignancy was absorbed a little. This is one reason some people can live so long with cancer, while others succumb very quickly. Through a process too long to describe here, I worked out the relationship of enzymes, minerals, and co-enzymes, as well as proper detoxification procedures.

By the time I started my program, I was in very bad shape. I was extremely depressed, with nothing seeming to work out well. I had a feeling of impending death most of the time, was always tired, and became completely exhausted at the slightest effort.

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The cancer had eaten into the nerve connections to my heart, causing rapid pulse rates and irregular beating. My cancerous pancreas was so damaged and enlarged that I had hypoglycemia and was going into insulin shock several times a day. My liver also was cancerous and enlarged. I could not eat much, as I was so nauseated. My intestines were so laden with cancer that I was in constant pain. I will have scars for a long time to come.

When I finally worked out the total nutritional support program, I thought everything would be wonderful and I would recover without further difficulties. But I had still another lesson to learn. Recovery can be worse than the disease itself. I not only had to destroy the cancer, but I had to rebuild a badly damaged body also.

At first, I was anxious to destroy the cancer as quickly as possible, but I found that the toxic poisons made me extremely ill. I had to learn how to be sure the cancer was dissolving, but not too fast. At the proper rate, one would feel sick, but not violently ill.

As the body absorbs the cancer, it overloads the blood and liver with toxic poisons, making one feel constantly sick. This, for me, lasted about eight months after the cancer growth was stopped. All the while, the mental depression remains and the diet leaves you with cravings. One has been accustomed to all the tasty “junk” and it is very hard to give it up forever.

As one begins to get over the “goopy” sick feeling, he will notice that he has a good day when he feels wonderful, then several bad days when he feels “goopy” sick again. He enjoys the good days so much that the bad ones seem much worse than they really are. Now he can realize how sick he has been.

About the time one is having a few more goods days than bad, he starts having muscle cramps – very bad ones. This condition goes on for a minimum of nine months, and often much longer, while one is rebuilding muscle protein that was taken out of the tissue during the early stages of the cancer. This stage is similar to the severe growing pains one might have experienced as a child or youth.

There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – one’s good health! If all the steps have been faithfully carried out, one’s body is in better condition than ever before in many cases. That wasn’t true in my case, at least it hasn’t been yet. Although my “incurable” cancer is cured, it did a lot of damage and it was five years before I was free of pain and felt really good. Nevertheless, I was given years of precious, productive living. And if you can first find hope and then health through Metabolic Medicine, I will not have lived in vain.

William D. Kelley, D.D.S., M.S., 1998

Ultimate Victory

In Passing: William Donald Kelley, D.D.S. (11/1/1925 – 1/30/2005)
William Donald Kelley, DDS, 79, went home Sunday, Jan. 30, 2005, to be with his parents and other loved ones as his children watched over him. A native of Arkansas City, Dr. Kelley lived the majority of his adult life in Texas, primarily in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He graduated from Baylor University with both his master’s and science and D.D.S. degrees and performed pioneering research relating to nutrition and alternative medicine. Dr. Kelley is survived by his brothers, Warren Richard Kelley and Lachlan Phillip Kelley, as well as his four children, nine grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents, William O. Butler and Velma (Prince) Kelley.