Kelley: Cancer Wisdom

~ Forewords ~
As I continue to pour over the archives of the papers of Dr. William Donald Kelley, I keep finding these little gems of wisdom – from HIStory. Enjoy and become enlightened. (J.B.)

kelley_clr_webAs I sit here today writing this message to you, looking back forty-one years ago where this part of the story began, I must admit having terminal pancreatic cancer has been a blessing to me and thousands who have crossed my path on their way to vibrant health.

Today I received a letter in the mail from Dr. Ray Lindquest dated January 3, 2003 which said in part. .. Continue reading

The Toxic Herbicide Industry — Guilty of Causing Cancer — Is Seeking LEGAL IMMUNITY Across the United States

The toxic herbicide industry, which continues to blast out carcinogens like glyphosate and atrazine, is seeking legal immunity across the United States. In a last-ditch effort to ward off multi-billion-dollar legal challenges, companies like Bayer and Syngenta are approaching legislators across the country and pushing them to pass legislation that would give their companies legal immunity against the lawsuits. In other words, these multinational corporations seek to harm people with impunity and operate above the law. If these bills pass, these corporations will NOT> be held accountable for the damages imposed by their products. Continue reading

Stress Creates a 4-Fold Increase in Spread of Cancer

New research reveals stress hormones trigger white blood cells to create pathways for cancer metastasis.

A breakthrough discovery links stress hormones with a fourfold surge in the spread of cancer, shedding light on why patients under severe stress often have lower survival rates.

“There’s probably very few situations that are as stressful as being diagnosed with cancer and undergoing cancer treatment,” Mikala Egeblad, cancer researcher and senior author of the study, told The Epoch Times.

Understanding the stress–cancer link may open up new ways to protect patients from the adverse effects of stress as part of cancer care. Continue reading

Chemo Overdose‘ – Silent Crisis Killing Hundreds of Americans Each Year and Hospitalizes Up to One in 50

                    …while the rest could KILL You!

Experts have sounded the alarm about hundreds of cancer patients dying preventable deaths due to a lethal side effect of chemotherapy treatment.

The complication, which affects one in 50 patients, destroys healthy cells in the body, eventually leading to multiple organ failure and, in the worst cases, death.

It effects those given some of the most common types of chemotherapy who lack specific enzymes required to metabolize the drug. Continue reading

Scientists Uncover Mechanism Viruses Use to Cause Cancer

Findings from a new study have wide ranging implications as viruses are responsible for between 10 to 20 percent of cancers globally

Illustration of a cancer cell. (Science Photo Library/Canva Pro)

Viral infections are thought to be a central cause of between 10 to 20 percent of cancers worldwide, representing a significant portion of the global cancer burden.

A recent discovery may further our understanding of how viruses cause cancer. Continue reading

Doctor Intentionally Diagnosed Healthy People With Cancer to Make Money

Lessons to be learned – BEWARE!

Everyone knows someone who has experienced the terrible disease that is cancer. It’s an unfortunate reality, but it’s one wherein we must live. What can make cancer so much worse is the aggressive, life-altering treatments that often follow, like radiation and chemotherapy.

While some cancer treatments are becoming more advanced, less aggressive, and not as invasive, we put an immense amount of faith in doctors to guide us in the right direction. So, what happens when individuals considered top, world-renowned doctors break that trust and weaken that faith?

That is exactly what happens to hundreds of patients when one doctor’s lies came unhinged and uncovered for the world to see in 2013.

An oncologist in Michigan by the name of Dr. Farid Fata operated numerous upscale clinics in Detroit-area suburbs. In 2013, however, he was accused of and arrested for giving cancer treatment drugs to patients who did not need them, some of whom did not even have cancer. Continue reading

After Decades of Fighting Big Pharma Drug Cartels ~ Dr. Burzynski Begins to Reform Cancer Treatments in the U.S.

The United States government has a history of targeting any American doctor, researcher or product developer who professes that there are cures for cancer. Some of the most brilliant researchers and doctors have been forced to flee the United States in order to treat cancer patients using an individualized, holistic approach. Others have stood their ground and fought back against the Big Pharma drug cartels.

For several decades, Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski has been persecuted for advancing cancer treatments. He has stared down the Big Pharma drug cartels and fought for more advanced cancer treatment methods for his patients. His medical research has been kept from the public view for decades; however, cured patients, court cases and independent journalists have brought more public awareness to his treatment protocols. Continue reading

What’s Causing Colon Cancer Epidemic in Young People?s Scientists Launch $25m Global Probe to Find the Answer

Scientists are launching an urgent probe into the surging rates of colon cancer among young people.

A team of Government-funded researchers at top universities in the US and UK will receive up to $25million over five years to investigate what’s behind the rise.

Their studies will involve analyzing stool and cells from patients diagnosed with the cancer as well as the link between diets and formation of tumors.

The mystery surge is thought to be linked to obesity, sedentary lifestyles and junk food consumption, but other more novel theories have suggested fungal infections or antibiotics could be to blame.

Colon cancer cases have risen by 50 percent among adults under 50 years old in the US since 1999 — which is considered ‘early-onset’ cancer or when cancer occurs between the ages of 18 and 49 years.

Studies suggest globally cases have risen 80 percent in the age group in three decades, to 3.26million cases a year in 2019 from 1.82million in 1990.

Countries recording the biggest spikes include Ecuador and Korea, where cases in the age group are rising by an estimated five percent every year according to a review.

In the US, the disease is set to become the biggest cancer killer among under 50s by the year 2030 researchers suggest. Continue reading

85-Mile Stretch in Louisiana Known as ‘Cancer Alley‘ Sees Rates of Disease and Birth Defects Up to SEVEN TIMES the National Average in Its 1.5million Population

Along an 85-mile stretch of road in Louisiana, residents have seven times the cancer risk than the national average, have been diagnosed with chronic health conditions and babies are born underweight at three times the national average.

This road between Baton Rouge and New Orleans – on the banks of the Mississippi River – has been dubbed ‘Cancer Alley’ and the people with houses along it blame the high rates of illnesses on the place they live.

The area is home to approximately 200 fossil fuel and petrochemical operations – the largest concentration of these facilities in the western hemisphere. Continue reading

Nearly Half of Healthcare Workers Don’t Trust Their Leaders

Many employees don’t feel supported. Adrienne Boissy of Qualtrics discusses ways organizations can connect with their workers and retain valuable people.

With many clinicians and healthcare workers leaving the industry, leaders need to pay attention, Adrienne Boissy says.

Adrienne Boissy, the chief medical officer of Qualtrics, says many leaders are intensely worried about the number of nurses, doctors and other workers who have left since the beginning of the pandemic or are pondering a career change. Many hospitals and health systems say they continue to deal with staffing shortages. Continue reading

Physician Associates ‘should be banned from diagnosing patients’

A new report from the British Medical Association has outlined the level of responsibility those in the medical associate professions should have.

Staff such as physician associates should be banned from diagnosing patients, leading medics have said, after the death of a woman whose fatal blood clot was missed twice.

The British Medical Association (BMA) has published guidance outlining what it thinks the level of responsibility those in medical associate professions (MAPs), such as physician associates (PAs) and anaesthesia associates (AAs), should have. Continue reading

Glueck and Cihak: School Bells or Jail Cells?

Published on the first generation Federal Observer website sometime in late 2001 or early 2002. Life goes on and nothing really changes. ~ Editor

Will it be school bells or jail cells for back-to-school this year? That all depends on an important decision you’ll be making in the next few weeks and whether some public-health official decides to yank your child from school, stick them in a foster home and charge you with neglect if you make the wrong one. Your crime? You refuse to subject your child to an unnecessary medical treatment. Continue reading

Letter From a Brother: the Scott Stirling Story

Originally published on November 23, 2000 ~ We thought that you might be interested in reading the words of the brother of one of Dr. Kelley’s cancer counselees (circa 1997). The survivor is still with us. The following is from Dr. Kelley’s book.

As the 24 years that we have maintained this web-site for the works of Dr. Kelley – and others – as relates to Cancer – and other health related issues – there are times that we feel that is worthwhile to republish – or should we say – bring back to the forefront – older articles and commentaries. This is the first time that we have chosen to bring this back to the top. Please enjoy it – and LEARN from it!

We hope to soon be sharing the encouraging words of many friends of Dr. Kelley’s. Stay tuned! The life you save could be your own! ~ Editor

That which you are about to read may change your life – forever! Continue reading

The TRUE History of Chemotherapy & the Pharmaceutical Monopoly

April 17, 2018 – In 2016, approximately 1,685,210 new cases of cancer (were) diagnosed in the United States alone, and approximately 600,000 people will die from the disease. The number of new cancer cases is 454.8 per 100,000 men and women per year, based on cases from 2008-2010.

Men have almost a 50 percent chance of contracting the disease at some point within their lifetime, and women have a 1/3 chance. Pretty crazy isn’t it? (Source)

In a time where so much information is coming to light, challenging the belief systems of so many, it’s important to keep an open mind to new information to help us see through what’s really been happening on our planet. It’s no secret that a small group of corporations dominate almost every aspect of our lives, from energy to education, all the way to modern day healthcare. Continue reading