Loudon: Dental Facts that do not Always get Wide Attention

There are four critical disease factors involved in the development and treatment of diseases. Surprisingly, Oral and dental health is one of those severe disease factors. The other three factors are cationic, non-electromagnetic foods that you eat, inflammatory toxins, and oxidative body cell overload (oxidation). Oxidative body cell overload is caused by eating too many cationic, non-electromagnetic foods like sugar, omega-six oils, excessive red meat, and to many carbohydrates.

In the United States, every year, between 600,000 and 700,000 people die of heart disease. If it were not for the excellent heart, blood vessel, and heart surgery, many more people would have severe or fatal heart problems. If a person wants to avoid major diseases, including heart disease, they must understand oxidation and oxidative stress.

When any food, molecule, vitamin, carbohydrate, meat, other proteins, or oil is consumed, it needs to be reduced (REDUCTION) before it can produce energy, health, and longevity in the body cells and organs. Fresh raw vegetables, fruits, berries, bulbs, and leaves, are reduced with vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and peptides. Reduced molecules get oxygen to create energy in the form of ATP. The molecules are then transferred into the blood via the small intestine, where they go to the body cells and organs to provide this energy, vitality, health, and longevity.

But there is a thorn in the roses. Many foods, though, like sugar, omega six fats, carbohydrates, and excess red meats, cannot be reduced. They create toxins that pass through the small intestine via a leaky gut, creating an oxidative state in the body cells and organs. This nemesis (OXIDATION), starts at the atomic level when a molecule loses an electron. When oxidation takes place, the molecules lose electrons but do not get them back. Increased oxidative stress is the underlying biochemical cause of disease.

The medical establishment does not look at the source of toxins, diet, reduction, or oxidative stress, yet this process causes the diseases they treat. Their medical treatment usually includes treating symptoms with patented medicines.

When dentists treat patients, many of the patients have asymptomatic infected teeth and gums. Most of these silent oral tooth and gum infections are found in the vast majority of people’s mouths. Toxins and disease cause them from OXIDATIVE stress. The disease bacteria in infected teeth are associated or are strongly related to hundreds of diseases. The disease bacteria from many asymptomatic silent infected teeth and gums, show up in other parts of the body. There, they create many severe conditions. This is called “body-wide inflammation” or body-wide oxidative stress. If a person wants to curtail diseases including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, they have to stop the cascade of oral toxins and pathogens from going into the blood every hour of the day, three hundred, sixty-five days a year. For most people, this means that you have to keep excellent oral hygiene, brush, and floss daily and have regular six-month checkups with the dentist. Many people do not realize that flossing is the only way a person can clean between the teeth. If a person DOES NOT FLOSS every day, they are doing the same as NOT CLEANING their teeth. Even worse, the space between the teeth, when neglected, contains over 800 different species of bacteria, molds, and candida fungus. These culprits can get into a person’s blood, causing numerous diseases, including heart disease.

Oral neglect causes tooth decay, gum infections, abscesses, and bone loss between the teeth. These nasty disease bacteria leave the area and cause havoc in other parts of the body. The other areas include blood vessels, heart, body cells, organs, and even the brain.

Root canals are also very suspect for carrying disease pathogens. Every finished root canal needs to be checked PERIODiCALLY with cone beam imaging for any sign of continuing infection or abscesses. It has been shown that many root canals, if not properly filed, cleaned, and sterilized, are not sterile due to the thousands of open dentinal tubules that contact the bone. It takes specialized training and meticulous use of canal files to complete a sterile root canal.

Another source of infection starts when a person has bleeding gums or infected tonsils. Bleeding gums are a sign of the start, or progressing gum disease. These disease bacteria get into the blood and travel to many other parts of the body, creating havoc. But another severe problem begins to occur. With gum infections, people have a serious loss of vitamin C in the tissues. Vitamin C is vital for fighting viruses and bacteria. Vitamin C’s most important function in the blood is that vitamin C produces hydrogen peroxide that goes to the tissues. Instead of fighting the infection, there is a loss of vitamin C. That is an excellent reason for a person to be taking about 2000 mg of time-release vitamin C every day.

Periodontal disease has been documented to be associated with high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, arterial diseases, strokes, heart attacks, blood clots, arthritis, autoimmune disease, and even cancer.

To help prevent all dental infections, remember that all proper ionic electromagnetic nutrients and supplements have antioxidant capacity. They counteract OXIDATION by donating electrons needed to neutralize the OXIDATION molecules. Vitamin C is especially valuable. It fights disease, bacteria, and viruses in the blood. That is why I recommend 1,000 to 2,000 milligrams of vitamin C each day. Some other good antioxidants are turmeric, Vitamin D, CoQ10, Folate, B6, B12, and folic acid.

Every person should realize the value of their teeth. They are needed for masticating food, but they also maintain the vertical alignment, horizontal alignment, vertebral alignment, and symmetry of your face. They help you look and feel better. They also help give everyone self-esteem. Don’t forget to FLOSS. That is ONE of the TWO most important functions of cleaning your teeth.

Be good to your teeth, and they will be good for you.

June 27, 2020

~ the Author ~
Merle E. Loudon, B.S., D.D.S. graduated from the University Of Washington School Of Dentistry in 1957. After two years of service in the Air Force, he started a private practice in East Wenatchee, Washington. For the past 45 years his practice has included Orthodontics and TM Dysfunction treatment specializing in temporomandibular pain treatment, headache, head and neck pain control, functional jaw orthopedics, and straight wire orthodontics. Associated with mercury elimination, oral surgery, crowns and bridges is TMJ treatment, diet control, parasite elimination, intestinal cleansing and healing (wellness).

Merle E. Loudon, B.S., D.D.S. has taught advanced courses for dentists on TM Dysfunction treatment, orthodontics and related pain control for more than 30 years. In 1972 he was the first dentist in Washington to use straight wire orthodontics and the first dentist to correct vertical deficiencies in children by placing vertical dimension-primary molar buildups and/or vertical (erupting) appliances. Merle E. Loudon, B.S., D.D.S. was involved with the first group of dentists to recognize lateral tongue splinting in young infants and integrate functional and fixed techniques to correct vertical dimension deficiencies and condylar placement. He is the originator of vertical dimension-primary molar build ups, which help to correct deep bites and Otitus media in children. He invented the Loudon-Chateau Anterior Repositioning Appliance, the functional muscle malocclusion concept, the twelve commandments of occlusion and the vertical overbite domino rule. Merle E. Loudon, B.S., D.D.S. has written numerous articles in several American and foreign dental journals and has lectured in over 50 cities and 7 foreign countries on functional jaw orthopedics, fixed wire orthodontics, Otitus media treatment and TM Dysfunction treatment. He has been instrumental in setting up criteria for teaching in the International Association For Orthodontics, including the certified instructor program.

Dr. Loudon is a member of The American Dental Association, Diplomat and Senior Instructor in the International Association for Orthodontics, and is a Diplomat of the American Academy of Pain Management. He also is a member of the American Orthodontic Society.