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PHARMACEU’TIC, PHARMACEU’TICAL, adjective [Gr. to practice witchcraft or use medicine; poison or medicine.] Pertaining to the knowledge or art of pharmacy, or to the art of preparing medicines.

‘Granny’ is an old friend and contributing columnist to the family of web-sites of Kettle Moraine Publications. Is she a pharmacist or pharmacologist? Absolutely not – but she is now in her 80’s and has learned from a personal standpoint about the good and bad of that which is manipulated by the likes of BIG Pharma and those who they line the pockets of – our elected Congress official-DUMB and those in the Medical field who continue to buy into all of the nonsense of the sales pitch.

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Will Granny be a frequent columnist and continuing contributor – maybe – maybe not – but our purpose here today – is quite simple to understand. Remember after all – It’s YOUR Health – YOUR Choice! ~ Editor

Lessons from Granny

I spent the first half of my life (40+ years) trusting the medical and Big PHARMA organizations with my health – my life. This half I am living in now is due to discovering to be a lot more skeptical about their *expertise*. I doubt I would still be here if I hadn’t learned the NATURAL/ALTERNATIVE ways to regain my health and maintain it without the high priced money makers advice.

In the 80’s I became allergic to several different kinds of anti-biotics. I was in a health food store and telling the clerk about it and he asked me if I had tried Colloidal Silver, Had no clue as to what it was and told him so. He described it and since they didn’t sell it he gave me the way to contact a private party that made it and sold it. I called the people and bought my first jar of Colloidal Silver and that has been my only anti-biotic since. No side effects and I now make my own so the cost is greatly reduced. It can be used internally and externally – on humans and animals.

My next discovery was in early 2004 as the yeast infections I got like clockwork were really bad. In doing some research I learned that Oil of Oregano would clear it up. I bought some and took it by mouth (tastes AWFUL). Within a week or so the yeast infection was gone and had never returned. I learned that all those years of big PHARMA anti-biotics was to blame for the regular infections.

I recently (this year) discovered another GREAT use for Oil of Oregano.

In dealing with high blood pressure for the past 16 years I also have dealt with edema which resulted in having to take not only the BP pills but water pills to deal with the edema. What I learned in trying to figure out how to get off the water pills was that Oil of Oregano would work so I tried it but this time I decided to by-pass the mouth and massage the oil into the arch of each foot. Within a couple days the edema was GONE! I started this Feb 25th and since I take my BP every day and note other things that I add or subtract dealing with my BP issues I noticed the absence of the water pills with no edema and also that my BP readings were getting lower!!!!! A great book to expand on the many great things that Oil of Oregano provides is called, The Cure Is In the Cupboard. Or just go on line and read about the many wonderful NATURAL things that Oil of Oregano does.

Another GREAT discovery was following a woman who was dealing with some life threatening issues. She was refusing to go the AMA way of Chemo and did her research of NATURAL ways to deal with the problem. She came up with the pH Balance – ALKALINE DIET and it prolonged her life way beyond what the AMA gave her.

Since my life had been filled with catching any virus or bacterial illness if it got within a block of me I thought I would try it and see if I would have success with changing the food and drink I put in my body. It took me about two weeks to get my pH levels leveled out. [buy pH tests strips at the drug store to check your pH level]. Check on line for a food and drink list of Alkaline/Acidic foods. I was HIGHLY acidic when I began so I dropped the highly aacidic foods and drinks from my intake. Testing daily to read my pH level and see how fast things changed. As I said, it took about two weeks to level it out to the 6.5/7.0 level and that is where it has remained to this day. No more soda pop and I limit my coffee intake – preferring to drink plain WATER.

Granny (Jackie Juntti)

Just a bit of *history* about how Gramma’s of long ago knew *NATURAL* things. When I was a very young child I lived at my Gramma’s and I would complain about how I would burn when I would urinate. Gramma would stir a spoonful of baking soda into a glass of water and have me drink it. VOILA! The burning would stop. PH level was the secret. I am sure Gramma didn’t know about such but she knew that baking soda in water would remove the burning.

Another thing Gramma instinctively knew was as a baby I would cry in pain until she would grab me by my ankles and hold me upside down and then jerk my body and I would stop crying. It took the medical experts 44 years to discover my low back was broken – a most likely birth defect.

NOTE: The image above was of  ‘Granny’ as a child receiving “the jab”. ~ Ed.

Another great thing to learn to do is *muscle testing* to find out if your body needs a certain thing. Here is a web site to explain it: Holistic-Mindbody

It is amazing how you can find out if your body needs a certain things or not. You do need to understand your body to figure out which things to use to test this way.

Other herbal helpmates for me have been Bromelain (pain) – Stinging Nettle (allergies) – and many others. Do a search on line for whatever your problem is then check out by muscle testing if it is something you might use to deal with the problem.

We have been told to *trust the science* but most who are saying that are not trustworthy and the *science* they tell us to trust is of their own making (which makes MONEY for them). BigPHARMA is a MONEY MAKING MACHINE and many in the AMA are beneficiaries of that machine. If you doubt my words then check the list of where politicians get their donations from.

Hope this will help you begin your trip to better health. I will be happy to help anyone if you have questions…

Jackie Juntti

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Jackie Juntti (Granny) is a daily reader and frequent contributor to Kettle Moraine Publications. She can be reached for comment at