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FOOD and nutrition: The good, the bad, and the ugly, including some excellent recipes and commentary about certain types of food/meals, which have proven to be of benefit. Also some harsh warnings about food and food-related products, which are over-sold, over-bought and over-used, many of which raise questions as to their safety and nutritional value.

Important Facts about Grains, Obesity, Diabetes, and Cancer

Grains have been part of our diets for thousands of years. I read where recently, some grain seeds were found in a tomb in Egypt. Some of the seeds, when planted, actually grew!

The original grains that people ate hundreds of years ago have undergone many genetic changes, making the grains now almost entirely different from the original species. Genetic changes mostly have been for the better. However, some of the new genetic changes with GMO grains, for the most part, have been very controversial. Many researchers have questioned these genetic changes, stating that they are not helping people stay healthy. Also, the use of many pesticides has challenged the efficacy and safety of these pesticides used on grains for human consumption. Many lawsuits are now underway, concerning glyphosate, or Roundup – a pesticide sprayed on corn, soy, some grains, and many other crops. Continue reading

Loudon: The Twelve Commandants of Nutrition

According to Rob Hobson, a London-based nutritionist, adding more spring greens, red meat and nuts to your diet could help combat any distressing symptoms

ONE. Every person should consume live electromagnetic food every day, including young people. These may include 8 to 12 raw fresh vegetables fruits, nuts, berries, sprouts, bulbs, stems, leaves, crushed and raw seeds, melons, greens, dates, coconuts, roots, and (not vegetables), fish 2 or 3 times a week. This provides lots of fiber and keeps elimination going. Please flush your intestines out 3 or 4 times a week with psyllium., oat bran, or wheat bran. Continue reading

How does caffeine reduce heart disease risk?

Cardiovascular disease, also known as heart disease, affects the body’s heart and blood vessels. An estimated 18.2 million adults aged 20 years and older have coronary artery disease in the United States.

About 361,000 people in the U.S. died in 2019 from coronary heart disease, with 20% of deaths occurring in adults under 65 years. Coronary heart disease occurs when fatty deposits or plaques consisting of cholesterol, calcium, and fibrin — a substance that causes blood clotting — accumulate in blood vessels. Continue reading

Why YOU Should be Eating Cottage Cheese

Adding the right cottage cheese to your diet may be the ticket to a longer, healthier life.

The history of cottage cheese comes from a very interesting story. It was discovered in a cottage in 1831. When the farmer had leftover milk, he did not have good refrigeration, so he would make butter using the cream and milk.

After the butter was made he had some skim milk left. Cottage cheese was founded when the milk was left setting in a warm spot near the stove in the cottage. This allowed the bacterial cultures to change the skim milk into curds and whey. That is how cottage cheese was first discovered. The curds are the lumps and whey the liquid that remains in the cottage cheese when the mixture is left in the refrigerator for a long time. Continue reading

The Importance of Diet and Lifestyle after Cancer is Cured

People that have been treated for cancer and other diseases are often left with no directions as to what nutrition to eat that will keep cancer and other diseases from reoccurring. A synopsis of great bio-electric foods is needed and the following information is designed for those who have cured their cancer and would like to keep cancer and other diseases from reoccurring. These recommendations will also be very helpful for any person who would like to prevent diseases from occurring in their body. Continue reading

Top 11 Ways to AVOID Cancer

Doctors say cancer cells are smart, and can target vital organs, take them over, and shut down your life. Cancer is a disorder of the cells, where they mutate and multiply uncontrollably. It’s very common in America, but doctors and oncologists are clueless when it comes to beating cancer. They use chemicals, surgery and radiation, usually to no avail, to stave off the inevitable just a few years. Yet, cancer barely even existed in America 100 years ago, so how is this lethal serial killer that attacks one in every three Americans, and kills half of those, able to hone in on vital cleansing organs and take people out like flies? Continue reading

Could Alzheimer’s Disease be Related to Candida Albicans Yeast/Fungus?

The following discussion about Alzheimer’s disease and Candida Albicans has been formulated from numerous publications and articles in my disease files. If there is no connection between Alzheimer’s disease and Candida Albicans, there is enough evidence to show that both diseases are diet-related and it takes twenty to thirty years for both diseases to show their debilitating effects. The toxins from Candida are a factor, even they may be only related along with other disease factors. Continue reading

Welcome to the Farmacy

Only you are in charge of your heath. People need to eat correctly, Exercise and take all natural non GMO, non synthetic vitamins. Most think there is a magic pill for everything WRONG ! You and you only are responsible for your health. You are what you eat. I grow heirloom non GMO organic, I never use poison sprays and only use organic fertilizer. ~ Edwin Caudill

Loudon: The Evidence-Based Science Behind Bioelectric Nutrition

It is well known now that most body cells are controlled by electromagnetic waves (EMWs). Scientists say that both sound and visible light are deciphered with different parts of the body’s electromagnetic system. Different cell types and organs also have different electromagnetic frequencies. This means that the electrical nature of the body runs on electromagnetic waves. The brain has even been proven to transmit information by frequency modulation (FM).

The way that the brain neurons and axons process information is by bioelectric signals called (action potentials). Waves from light and sound carry information that has also different conduction properties of the electromagnetic system. The amazing body has electromagnetic frequencies even in the interstitial muscle fibers and enzymes that carry these bioelectric signals. Continue reading

No more ‘good’ vs. ‘bad’ foods

10 healthy eating ‘patterns’ to prevent heart disease and death

This new look at nutrition takes cultural differences and societal challenges into account

The new guidelines for a heart-healthy diet take eating takeout into account. GETTY IMAGES

Looks like we’ve been talking about healthy eating all wrong.

The American Heart Association released a new scientific statement on Tuesday that encourages everyone to focus on their overall dietary “patterns” to take care of their tickers, rather than zeroing in on foods, ingredients and drinks that are “good” or “bad” for their hearts. Continue reading

Louden: How a Nutrition Value System may add Years to Your Life

What is a Nutrition food value system? It is a system that may add increased energy, a great immune system, increased vitality, and may add many healthy years to your life.

For many years I have been working to develop a nutrition food value rating system. I recognized that a person’s energy, health, and longevity are related to their bioelectric body cell system, health, energy, immune system, and longevity. A nutrition value rating system is a valuable tool that uses nutritional, electromagnetic, ionic/cationic, and 80/20 gut bacteria to analyze what foods a person can eat to balance the 80/20 gut bacteria ratio in your small intestine. Continue reading

After Cancer is cured, Your Diet and Lifestyle as Related to Prevention

As better and better ways of curing cancer are being used, more and more information needs to be printed to safeguard the wonderful life after a person has been cured of cancer. Machines such as the CellSonic VIPP pressure pulse machine and other newer methods of successful treatment bring to our attention that a follow-up cancer cure program is very important.

There are SEVEN very important factors that are related to maintaining your health after successful cancer treatments. These seven factors have been mentioned in the preventive sections of my books, “Preventing Cancer,’ and “Critical Non-Invasive Treatment to help cure Grade III and IV Cancer.” People that have had their cancer cured need to be aware of some very important steps to ensure that they do not fall into the same cancer or disease body cell condition that started the whole episode. They need to stay healthy, wealthy, and (energy) wise. Hopefully to spend a great many years of a wonderful, healthy, disease-free life. Continue reading

Are These Cancer-Causing Foods in Your Diet?

Cancer is a systemic disease with various causes, some of which include a poor diet, toxin exposure, nutrient deficiencies and to some extent genetics. One extremely important way to prevent and/or treat cancer is nutritionally, through eating a nutrient-dense diet and avoiding things that are known to increase cancer risk. Continue reading

19 Cancer Causing Foods You Have To Stop Eating

Photo: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

You might already know that eating junk food is a major risk factor for cancer. But there are a lot of health foods and diet products which also have carcinogens hiding in them.

What if you don’t eat junk and don’t follow diet fads? Do you know that almost all packaged foods contain certain ingredients which may be cancer causing agents? It’s time to be an informed consumer and vote with your money so that food companies are forced to put good quality, safe products on shelves. Continue reading

Dairy products can increase the risk of cancer, but these plant-based diets can REDUCE it

A study published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association shows that dairy products may increase the risk of prostate cancer but plant-based diets may decrease that risk. Mayo Clinic researchers based their findings on previous studies that examined the link between certain diets and prostate cancer risk. Continue reading