What Does Turmeric, Cottage Cheese, and Garlic do for Your Body?

Foods from the ‘alkaline’ side include fresh seasonal fruit

A good alkaline live food diet will produce great microorganisms in our small intestines. They secrete all sorts of chemicals needed for a healthy alert mind and body. New studies have found that the gut microbiomes work both with the neural pathways in the brain and body. They enhance the mental acuity of the neurons, axons, and dendrites. This has brought out another way that some scientists refer to intestinal bacteria as “the second brain.” Did you know that serotonin (a hormone that makes people feel good) is produced in the gut microbiome, not in the brain?

On the other hand, a bad diet of excess sugar, sugar derivatives, omega-6 oils bought on the grocery shelves, white flour products, preservatives, and refined and processed foods produce very bad gut toxins and inflammation of the gut walls that cause havoc to your brain and body health.

Thirty-five to forty percent of the people in the U.S, Canada, and England eat such a bad diet that they have “excess or disease damaging” Canada Albicans yeast/fungus. That is an alarming rate for people in those nations that are supposed to know about how to eat a healthy near disease-free diet. Inflammation of the gut from the diet (bad bacteria, Candida Albicans yeast/fungus, other parasites, plus bad gut aliens), produce holes in the small intestine (leaky gut) which enables these bad critters to enter the bloodstream and cause over 140 autoimmune and other diseases.

But there is a lot of good news that has been established from a good live bush, plant, tree, and animal diet. Many great foods lead to an excellent diet “army” that will keep the brain and body healthy plus a healthy strong intestinal wall. At the same time, a strong good intestinal army from a good live food diet will repel the bad disease-producing foods and damaging toxins. The 80/20 ratio of the gut biome is the optimum good diet intestinal bacteria ratio. When that deviates to the lower side with a bad diet, it spells trouble in River City.

Three great foods from emerging research are available almost every day to increase the good gut microbes in your intestine, plus are a great boost to your overall brain and body health. They are turmeric, cottage cheese, and garlic.

TURMERIC: If you are not consuming turmeric (curcumin) every day or taking a turmeric blend of Turmeric (500 mg.) with ginger, root, black pepper, plus fermented Kimchi every day, you are missing one of the greatest herbal supplements available for your brain and body health. Turmeric (curcumin, curry) has been shown recently to treat over 600 diseases and is a great boost for preventing Alzheimer’s disease, helping treat cancer, plus many other diseases.

Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant and is shown as effective as NSAIDs in reducing inflammation and pain, which leads to the procession of drugs that treat heart disease, other heart risks, and many minor ailments. Some physicians are prescribing opioids such as hydrocodone and oxycodone. Both may lead to addiction.
One of the great ways that turmeric differs from other anti-inflammatories is that it does not produce side effects. It reduces the risk of inflammation from the inside out. There are over 6,000 studies on its great benefits.

Turmeric will stop certain cancer chemicals from activating and increasing the tumors. Not only is it effective as a helper in cancer treatment but as an anti-cancer preventive drug on its own. It also makes chemotherapy more effective. Studies from the MD Anderson Cancer Clinic have shown that turmeric’s ability to help cure diseases is phenomenal. The studies from the Anderson Cancer Clinic show that Curcumin’s daily consumption has been known to help cure 619 diseases, including over 100 types of cancer.

Countries that use turmeric as a daily habit have a much lower incidence of many diseases, including cancer and heart disease.

Turmeric is also a good source of many micronutrients including iron, magnesium, Vitamin B6, and potassium. Since it has so many great uses, it has been used in the far east for hundreds of years. It has no risk of addiction, is a great anti-inflammatory, does wonders in the gut BIOME, helps in the blood, and helps keep inflammation down in the body cells.

Curcumin helps raise the HDL cholesterol; while helping to lower the HDL. Another great benefit is that it stops the breakdown of acetylcholine, and strengthens the chemical exchange of neuron connections in the brain. Time limits me to more but Curcumin is nothing but a superman of foods.

COTTAGE CHEESE: I have enough information that I could include a book on why you should eat cottage cheese almost every day. Number one, cottage cheese provides calcium and protein, and older people especially need calcium for strengthening their bones. Cottage cheese is also a great source of vitamin B12, It increases bone mineral density, especially in older people and those who perform extensive exercises. Cottage cheese has many anti-aging benefits, including that it detoxifies a body of toxins and increases energy. It stabilizes blood glucose levels.

Americans consume about 600 million pounds of cottage cheese each year. It takes about 100 pounds of milk to produce fifteen pounds of cheese. It is quite different from many kinds of cheeses; because it has a much lower fat content and a different nutrient profile so it shouldn’t be classified as actual cheese.

The benefits of cottage cheese are many. It is an anti-aging food and an amazing source of Vitamin B12. Many people are deficient in B12, especially vegetarians who do not eat a lot of red meat. Vitamin B12 is very vital because it helps support the brain and nervous system with proper nerve function. It also helps reduce homocysteine, a blood clotting factor in the blood.

One great benefit is that cottage cheese increases bone density and fights against osteoporosis. Older people need to be aware that eating cottage cheese three or four times a week is a great help in increasing bone density.

Cottage cheese detoxifies your body’s toxins and will help to increase your energy. Toxins are the direct cause of inflammation of the intestines. Cottage cheese is a great food to help detoxify your body. It helps control blood sugar levels. A person should be very aware of sugar consumption anyway, but cottage cheese is a great food to help stabilize glucose.

A person with high blood pressure needs to be aware of the high sodium content. When cottage cheese is consumed more than three to five times a week, it may increase sodium levels. Also if a person is lactose intolerant, they are wise to eat cottage cheese sparingly.

GARLIC: Would you like to consume food that would help you live longer, improve your health, treat osteoporosis, help treat cancer, have anti-viral immune-boosting properties, improve gut health, and improve brain function and mental acuity? The answer to that question is GARLIC.

Garlic is a superfood. It contains many great benefits. The active ingredient in garlic is ALLISON. The allicin contains many health benefits, but the Allison needs to be released by crushing, chopping, or chewing thoroughly. You may ask, how can I chew garlic without the bitter taste? Well, That is no longer a mystery .
Because of the many benefits of garlic, I believe that people should eat 2 to 4 cloves of Garlic each day. I have been doing that for many years. For years, I have been experimenting with how a person can eat garlic without the bitter taste. I have found a very simple way to be able to eat garlic by the clove

I love fermented foods, I daily eat Kimchi, saur-kraut, yogurt, kefir, pickled beets, and in the summer, pickled cucumbers, kohlrabi, and carrots from my garden. I believe that fermented foods are a great way to add many great strains of bacteria to the gut BIOME. I also believe that since they are in vegetable form, they are also live foods that contribute to your health. I have experimented with many cabbage (Saur-kraut) forms. In the process, some very interesting fermented foods have been tested.

I have found that finely shredded cabbage, mixed with rice vinegar and salt, will produce a mixture close to the same as BUBBLES Saur-kraut, the best saur-kraut sold in the health food store and many grocery outlets including Fred Meyer. I first put “small” cloves of garlic in BUBBLES Saur-kraut and left them for three to four weeks. After three to four weeks, I tried eating them and to my surprise, there was no bitter taste. So I started putting 20 small cloves of garlic in the Saur-kraut. I called my mixture “Garlic-kraut.” I have been eating 3 to 4 cloves of garlic every day since then.

So there you have it. Using BUBBLES Saur-kraut and putting the cloves of garlic in the bottle will get you pickled garlic, or Garlic-Kraut. It is a great way to eat garlic without the bitter taste.

October 5, 2022

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