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A wide range of lessons and commentary about many health related issues. Many are point-blank op-ed pieces based upon personal experiences by the writers (as patients or witnesses IE, spouses, children…) – or even by some doctor’s and other medical practitioners, who actually have a conscience – in addition to some spiritual issues addressing our well-being..

Surgeon: Medicine Is Lost in the Wilderness

I once was proud of my profession. I spent over 40 years as a clinician, educator, and researcher and for most of that time thought I was engaged in a noble calling. But all that has changed in the last 3 years. Medicine is LOST in The Wilderness.

There were warning signals, to be sure. For many years I was heavily involved in medical associations on the local, state, and national levels. Gradually I became disillusioned when I saw that many of my colleagues who gravitated to this activity did not share my views. They enjoyed the politics of medicine. In fact, they enjoyed it too much. I lost interest. Perhaps in retrospect that was part of the problem. The policy of medicine gradually became the politics of medicine. And as is often the case, where there is politics there is also corruption. Continue reading

US Surgeons Are Killing Themselves at an Alarming Rate

One decided to speak out…

The grueling profession has long kept silent about mental distress. After losing a friend and quietly grappling with illness, Carrie Cunningham found a new way to save lives

Carrie Cunningham puffed out her cheeks and exhaled. She looked out at the audience filled with 2,000 of her peers, surgeons who were attending the annual meeting of the Association of Academic Surgery, a prestigious gathering of specialists from universities across the United States and Canada.

Cunningham, president of the organization, knew what she was about to reveal could cost her promotions, patients and professional standing. She took a deep breath.

“I was the top junior tennis player in the United States,” she began. “I am an associate professor of surgery at Harvard.

“But I am also human. I am a person with lifelong depression, anxiety, and now a substance use disorder.”

The room fell silent.

Cunningham knew others in the room were struggling, too. Doctors are dying by suicide at higher rates than the general population. Somewhere between 300 to 400 physicians a year in the US take their own lives, the equivalent of one medical school graduating class annually. Continue reading

The Real Reason Drugs Cost So Much — and Do Too Little

We’re still going to be paying too much for the wrong drugs.

Until 2003, Medicare covered most hospital and doctor visits for the elderly, but it did not cover the ever-growing costs of prescription medications. Former President George W. Bush changed that when he signed a law adding prescription drug coverage to Medicare.

But there was a catch… (Continue to full column…)

YouTube Amps Up “Medical Misinformation” Policy

Now You Can’t Talk About Alternative Cancer Treatments or PREVENTION of ANY Disease

YouTube: Robot-Eye, Evil-Spy

The Google-owned YouTube video platform is changing the rules again to now prohibit the sharing of information about alternative cancer remedies, which the tech giant says constitute “medical misinformation.”

In a “long term vision” notice on its official blog, YouTube’s Dr. Garth Graham, the Director and Global Head of Healthcare and Public Health Partnership, along with Matt Halprin, the Vice President and Global Head of Trust and Safety, explain how “removing cancer misinformation” is now a top priority alongside removing all contrary information about the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19). Continue reading

Government Medicine Is Creating More Physician Burnout

According to the American Medical Association, “Physician burnout is a long-term stress reaction which can include the following:”

* Emotional exhaustion

* Depersonalization

* Feeling of decreased personal achievement

Physician burnout is an epidemic in the U.S. health care system, with nearly 63% of physicians reporting signs of burnout such as emotional exhaustion and depersonalization at least once a week.” Continue reading

Eight in 10 hospitals and pharmacists rationing drugs or delaying care because of crippling medicine shortages – including for cancer

Up to eight in 10 hospitals and pharmacists are rationing drugs or delaying appointments as they battle a crippling medicine shortage, a report suggests.

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists surveyed more than 1,000 pharmacists and 99 percent said they were struggling to stock enough of the drugs they needed

A national survey published Thursday showed there were 309 ongoing drug shortages, the highest number in nearly 10 years. And just a few less than the all-time high of 320.

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, a group that tracks US drug availability, surveyed more than 1,000 pharmacists and 99 percent said they were struggling to stock enough of the drugs they needed.

The group attributes the issue to limited investment in manufacturing capacity, subpar manufacturing quality and a breakdown in the supply chain, as well as extreme price competition among generic drug makers. Continue reading

Reintroduction ~ “Heal! Heal!!

bennett_0608After twenty years of building and supporting a web-site, which was authorized and sanctioned by Dr. William Donald Kelley, the time came for me to expand my commitment to the work of this great healer. In 2013 I took over the project of becoming the editor and publisher of Dr. Kelley’s Self Test for the Different Metabolic Types. With the July 2013 release we expanded the original writings of Kelley by including a 30 page pamphlet, ‘Metabolic Typing‘ which had previously only been published as a separate mail-out.

One thing leads to another, and the re-editing of Dr. Kelley’s treatise on dealing with Cancer also had been placed into my hands. When I first met Kelley, the book was entitled, ‘One Answer to Cancer (with Cancer Cure)’ – a title which had been generally in use by Kelley since it’s earliest 30 page printing in 1967.

Dr. William D. Kelley

In 2001 the book went through some updating and was repackaged and retitled, ‘CANCER: Curing the Incurable without Surgery, Chemotherapy or Radiation‘ and was later somewhat modified in a 2005 printing. For a number of reasons, the book had not been (legally) available for several years (other than at inflated prices through Amazon), due to publishing issues – partly due to FDA intervention, several legal considerations and the prohibitive cost of printing and storage. All of this has now been cleared and… Continue reading

Loudon: Farewell…

For almost five years now I have been writing a weekly and then a Biweekly Preventing Cancer and Nutrition BULLETIN. Recently I had to admit my wife into the Rest home and find it almost too hard to continue writing my BULLETIN. I have enjoyed the wonderful three hundred and fifty friends and family throughout the world that I have had the privilege of knowing and receiving emails over these years. Thank you for your overwhelming response.

Since my wife is in the rest home, I have only one more book to finish. I do not have the time to do all of the wonderful things that I have done in the past and want to thank you for being a very active, wonderful, and participating part of my life.

The Suicide of the United States of America

In THIS last BULLETIN, I am sorry that I am leaving you a nation in turmoil. We have slowly sunk into the mud of a failing government, failing economy, and very weak military establishment, while corruption is weaving its way in and out of our government. China is just outside the gate, waiting for the gate to be open, so their mighty military can come marching in. Continue reading

Turmeric Has Many Purported Health Benefits. Does Science Back Any of Them Up?

At the end of 2019, it was reported that turmeric, a spice that was once only known to Southeast Asia, had racked up $328 million in annual U.S. sales as a dietary supplement. It’s only increased in popularity in the years since as many supplement companies have heavily marketing its health benefits. Some of those benefits are exaggerated or unproven, but others are backed by science.

“Turmeric’s main active component, curcumin, makes it a potential treatment for numerous health conditions,” says Denise Millstine, MD, women’s health and integrative medicine specialist at Mayo Clinic in Arizona. Continue reading

How YOUR Home is Crawling with ‘Forever Chemicals

Graphic reveals how no room is safe from toxic PFAS — which have been linked to cancer, infertility and birth defects

Concerns are mounting that America may have sleepwalked into a ‘forever chemical’ public health crisis.

The tiny manmade compounds – which got their name because they don’t break down in the body – were a dream for manufacturers when they were invented almost 100 years ago because of their durability.

Their ability to repel water, stains, grease and oil, as well as make cardboard and plastic packaging stronger made meant they were used to make a wide range of everyday products, from nonstick cookware to clothes, carpets, cosmetic products, children’s toys, food and bottled drinks.

Only in recent decades have the health effects of these toxic chemicals – known as PFAS – started to be understood, with research linking them to a variety of cancers, blood disorders, fertility problems and birth defects. Continue reading

600K Medicare beneficiaries’ data accessed in breach

The following column was originally posted by The Hill, and yet when we searched the link (several of them) the original column would not open up – it was frozen. ~ Editor

The personal information of 612,000 Medicare beneficiaries were accessed in a sweeping data breach that affected what could be hundreds of organizations, including the government contractor, Maximus Federal Services.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced in a press release Friday that it is notifying people affected by the data breach, which could have affected information including beneficiaries, names, Social Security numbers, medical histories, diagnoses and other personal details.

No CMS or Health and Human Services systems have been affected, according to the CMS. Continue reading

Kroger and Mark Cuban join forces to spread the availability of low cost prescription drugs

The partnership could be bad news for pharmacy benefit managers

Little by little, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) are getting their comeuppance and American consumers are getting their due when it comes to the cost of prescription drugs.

Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Drugs has cut a deal with Kroger that will give consumers in 35 states the power to find the lowest price for a prescription drug.

Anyone who’s watched ‘Shark Tank’ knows that Cuban is a take-no-prisoners kind of guy and he apparently sees an opportunity when it comes to high-priced drugs.

The Cost Plus business model is simple. It marks up each drug by 15% and adds a $3 pharmacy fee where applicable. The company makes a profit and customers can finally get their prescriptions filled without taking out a loan. Continue reading

Medical Schools Look for Activists, Not Healers

What qualities should medical schools look for in future doctors? Probably academic excellence, experience in the medical sector, loyalty to medical ethics, and good interpersonal skills.

These are all characteristics that future doctors should have, but they’re not what medical schools now emphasize. Medical schools are looking for social justice zealots to advance the diversity, equity, and inclusion dogma.

Look no further than medical school applications… Continue reading