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Bayer AG Directed to Pay $1.25 Million in Roundup Cancer Lawsuit

In a verdict from St. Louis, Missouri, Bayer AG has been instructed to compensate John Durnell with $1.25 million. Durnell had initiated a lawsuit against Bayer, asserting that his non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer diagnosis was a direct consequence of prolonged exposure to the company’s Roundup herbicide.

W. Wylie Blair, representing Durnell, highlighted that this verdict disrupts Bayer’s previous record of consecutive victories in 9 Roundup-related trials. Blair emphasized that this was the inaugural trial where the jury was presented with evidence suggesting that components in Roundup, other than its primary ingredient glyphosate, might be carcinogenic.

In response, Bayer announced its intention to challenge the verdict, reiterating its confidence in the safety of Roundup.

Bayer’s attempts to contest plaintiffs’ rights to sue under state law at the U.S. Supreme Court have yet to yield success… (Continue to full article)

Bayer Faces $175 Million Verdict in Another Roundup Cancer Lawsuit

In a recent development, a jury in Philadelphia held Bayer AG accountable for a lawsuit initiated by a retired restaurateur. The plaintiff alleged that his cancer diagnosis was a direct result of prolonged exposure to Bayer’s Roundup herbicide. Following the trial, Bayer has been directed to compensate the plaintiff with a sum of $175 million.

I wonder how many of the 40,000 lawsuits we’ll get to cover in 2024.

The awarded damages comprise $25 million as compensatory damages and an additional $150 million designated as punitive damages.

As with every other similar lawsuit the company is involved in, a Bayer representative reacted to the verdict, expressing disagreement, stating:

“We are confident we can get this unfounded verdict overturned and the excessive damage awards reduced through our appeal”… (Continue to full article)

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