Conquering Cancer… according to Joe Biden!

cancer_02Time magazine starts an essay written by Vice President Joe Biden on cancer saying, “Every day, thousands of Americans hear the dreaded “c word” from their doctor. I know the fear and the numbness that sets in with the cancer of a loved one. What happens next can make the difference between life and death. If there’s a treatment that can help, there’s hope. But for some people, hope is a clinical trial that will ultimately determine whether a new therapy can slow or stop their cancer.”

Who we listen to when we begin to address the reality of cancer will make all the difference in the outcome. The intellectual elite would have us think one way, having us risk our lives on clinical trials or surrender ourselves to already existing array of highly toxic and dangerous treatments.

The bottom line to orthodox medical treatments is to use diagnosis and treatments that cause cancer to treat cancer. A perfect example is mammography. Every mammogram a woman gets increases her risk of breast cancer by 5% due to the radiation involved and mammograms frequently lead to over-diagnosis and unnecessary treatment.

Not very promising and their poor treatment results sustain the view that the war on cancer will never be won if modern oncology continues on its present course. Now the vice president would rather you take your chances, for that is what a trial is, an investigation into the possibility, a roll of the dice.

Biden wrote, “After decades of funding research, training scientists and doctors, treating millions of patients, investing in new genomic and information technologies, and after today’s improvements to our clinical trial system, this generation can end cancer as we know it.”

He really must be kidding. Cancer rates are going up not down.

In today’s world we are gaining knowledge and information so fast that we should expect the necessary breakthroughs that will lead to a cure for cancer. In reality there never will be an absolute cure that cures everyone because that is like expecting to find a cure for death. Cancer is just one way we eventually die but that does not have to happen until we are very old. And even then we do not have to die that way.

However, as we see directly below, many of the factors that cause cancer are on the increase with nuclear radiation and widespread mercury pollution (the real problem with coal fired plants is not CO2 but mercury) making it more difficult to avoid cancer during one`s lifetime.

We Need Answers Now

fukushimaSoon 50% of us will come down with cancer and 50% of that group will die within five years no matter how much money a person throws at cancer. That means at least one in four will die of cancer, and cancer rates are going up all the time. Of course the chances of dying of cancer go up the more one uses dangerous radiation for treatments and tests and the more one is exposed to highly toxic chemotherapy. It does not help, of course that Fukushima has now polluted the Pacific Ocean spreading increasing radiation far and wide.

Curing Cancer
There is no such thing as a cure for cancer if you believe the industrial medical establishment. However, they leave the possibility out there like a carrot in front of a hungry rabbit. Someday over the rainbow they will announce a cure that is just around the corner but that corner will never come for them. So take your chances on the next roll of the dice, the next trial, perhaps they will get it right and you will continue to live.

Just recently a British company was talking about a potential cure for cancer. They are developing a new approach to cancer treatment using the body’s own immune system to fight tumor cells. Immunocore is harnessing the power of the immune system’s natural-born killer cells: the T-cells of the blood which nature has designed over millions of years of evolution to seek out and kill invading pathogens, such as viruses and bacteria. Other companies as well have drugs for this but they are extremely expensive.

“Immunotherapy, or immuno-oncology as it is technically called, represents a sea change in terms of cancer treatment. Cancer in the past has been largely treated by slicing (surgery), poisoning (chemotherapy) or burning (radiotherapy). All are burdened with the inherent problem of how to spare healthy tissue from irreparable damage while ensuring that every cancer cell is killed, deactivated or removed.”

The Natural Allopathic protocol stimulates the immune system and with the addition of microcurrent therapy, infrared light and heat, and with PEMF frequencies we can supercharge the immune system. Oncologists have it wrong in their choice of rays for radiation therapy. They chose the heavy killing nuclear type of radiation that causes cancer as opposed to the intense life-generating kinds of radiation that offers healing.

If you add up the potential medical horsepower of each of the Natural Allopathic cancer protocol components you can arrive at the conclusion that we have a secure approach that will give a person a good shot at not having to die of this disease. There are plenty of substances like cannabinoids and selenium that scientists have studied which shrink tumors reducing a person’s chances of dying from cancer.

Winning the War on Cancer
The goal of the White House Cancer Moonshot is to end the war on cancer believing that our present generation can end cancer as we know it. I agree and that will be made easier with the direct application of voltage, oxygen, hydrogen, bicarbonate generated alkalinity and concentrated nutrition, which includes high dosages of magnesium, iodine and selenium.

In an increasingly confusing world what we need is a simple, integrated medical/health system that is easy to understand and practice. It is not only doctors and other healthcare professionals who need an evolved system to take care of their patients, it is all of us who are patients or don`t want to become patients who have to learn to take care of ourselves.

The real and most important question we need to ask. Do we want to learn how to take control of our health and body, in a safe, simple and affordable way? Or do we want to continue to dump all responsibility onto doctors and let them take care of us and even kill us with their pharmaceutical drugs? Intensive care doctors use many of the medicines above and we can too with a minimum effort to learn.

Modern medicine is failing and we can see that clearly with the Affordable Care Act. As predicted, Obamacare is failing, and it is absolutely devastating the middle class in the process. The Obama administration promised that health insurance premiums would go down. Instead, they have absolutely skyrocketed as deductibles have gone through the roof.

It is a challenge to maintain one`s health in today`s world and an even bigger challenge to regain one`s health once one has lost it. That means we need the best tools and approaches to health and medicine. Allopathic medicine will enjoy a great transformation as it shifts from dangerous pharmaceutical and radiation medicine to natural scientifically backed approaches that are safer and more effective.

Written by Dr. Sircus for ~ October 13, 2016.

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