DEEP DIVE into covid with Sally Fallon and Mike Adams

5G, spike protein, SPIONs and Germ Theory

I can tell you that magnetized vaxxed person is a real phenomena. The maintenance man was in my apartment last week. He proudly showed me his vaccination card. I took out a magnet and when I put it near the vaccination site on his arm, the magnet was literally pulled out from between my fingers when I got within a quarter inch of his arm. He jumped up and down, and swing his arm in a circle and the magnet stayed right there. In his unbelief and fear he questioned if it was just his sweat making it stick. So I wiped his arm down and put baby powder on his arm….the magnet still stuck. The whole day he was working in my bathroom he was anxious and quiet.

Sadly, there is no advice you can even offer to someone who has taken the jab, except “make Jesus your Lord, cause you don’t have much time.”

The blood clots can’t be avoided. ~ Tess W.

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