Seese: The People VS. Vaccines

                          Dr. Lorraine Day

May 5, 2002 ~ Government-mandated vaccinations are coming front and center again as parents around the nation notice that after supposed “immunization” their kids develop other illnesses, if not the very ones they were vaccinated to prevent. At this point, I owe a big “thank you, granny” to my grandmother, my mom’s mother, for her orders to my mom never to have me vaccinated as a child. What granny knew in the early 1940’s, a few honest medical doctors are speaking out about now – the dangers of vaccination and worse, their ineffectiveness in so many cases.

This afternoon I heard Dr. Lorraine Day speaking on radio KFYI in Phoenix about some of the horrors of vaccination and many of the aftereffects. Dr. Day is not the first speaker I have heard on this subject, but it is just time to remind the people outside our listening area that a well-credentialed medical doctor has come forward to make her views and knowledge about vaccinations available to the public, which most doctors will not do.

The Salk polio vaccine came out after I graduated from high school. I never took it. However, to enter UCLA, I was required to be vaccinated for smallpox, and the unpleasant reaction from that single vaccination alone was enough to convince me that granny had been right. It also convinced me that vaccinations are more hazardous than people are told by their physicians, and that also is now coming to light. More and more parents are wising up to the fact that their kids are not only susceptible to other ailments after vaccination, but that all too often they come down with the diseases against which they were supposedly immunized. The doctors always blame “another strain” of the virus or bacillus. Since most of us aren’t microbiologists or medical people, who can prove what?

Obviously, both of my parents survived the 1919-20 Spanish flu epidemic as youths or I would not be here today. There was no vaccine then. Neither of them contracted Spanish Flu. Until my mom had to go to a nursing home (now euphemistically called a “care center”) she never had a flu shot. I have never taken a flu shot and do not intend to as long as I am a free American citizen. As a child I was never vaccinated for anything and the only diagnosed disease I contracted was red measles. At age 31 I contracted German measles from one of the people in my department whose child had it, gave it to her mother, and subsequently to me, and then I gave it to my mother! Everyone survived quite nicely with no permanent damage. However, permanent damage has been and is being reported as a result of vaccinations, notably the anthrax vaccine.

In spite of the growing evidence of the harmful side effects and ineffectiveness of some vaccines, there are states where vaccination is mandatory and parents are subject to fines or worse if they refuse to have their children vaccinated!

What Are We Doing to Our People, and Why?
Dr. Day stated that six out of every ten doctors in the United States has some financial interest in pharmaceuticals, directly or indirectly. This looks very much like the same old story … “follow the money trail.”

Lorraine Jeanette Day was an American author, orthopedic trauma surgeon and Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital and promoter of alternative cancer treatments. Day first became controversial when she began advocating that patients be tested for AIDS prior to surgery. She passed away on November 10, 2023.

Parents who are concerned about being forced to have their kids injected with “stuff” that can have dire aftereffects should make a point to learn the truth about what’s in vaccines, how they are made, what poisons are in the serums, and case studies of aftereffects. Of course our government doesn’t want you to know about this, but with Uncle Sam’s needle-in-hand mandatory vaccination laws about to be shoved into our systems, it’s time we realized that we have a very personal stake in the laws our Congress passes. It can well be a matter of life and death. I, for one, after having had to suffer through two smallpox vaccinations in my lifetime, don’t intend to take another vaccination for anything! What I endured in my late teens and again in my early 30’s might well be fatal this time. There are better ways to die.

The idea that the government can control our lifestyle right down to forcing us under the injection needle is a total abridgment of our constitutional freedoms. They don’t care so we have to be concerned. And we have to act. There are a number of sites on the effects of vaccinations that can be accessed via the internet. Ladies and gentlemen, start your search engines.

I often wonder, when are the citizens going to wake up and smell the poison? It’s time to tell our government we just don’t want any more of their nonsense. And now is the time to do it, before the next bioterrorism “attack” because that is most likely what it will be, since we had the anthrax test run in October, 2001. Yes, there could be some nukes around, but it would seem that once a bioterrorism experiment has been weighed, that bio would be the attack of choice. Nukes can get out of hand, but then, so can epidemics. It seems that the “sustainable earth” program is being put into effect quietly, like most programs against which citizens would rebel if the truth were known.

Even if you are a firm believer in vaccinations, find out what you believe in so you can weigh your opinions and beliefs. Find out the other side of the story. It is available, and you will at least have seen both sides of the issue. Your decision will be an informed choice, not a matter of sheeple compliance.

Those who still want vaccinations should be able to obtain them. Those who do not should not be forced to have the injections.

Lethal injections are for criminals. We need to keep it that way.

~ The Author ~
Dorothy Anne Seese was a child actress in Hollywood, most well known for her role as ‘Phronsie Pepper‘ in the Five Little Peppers series of films. Later in life, she became a freelance political writer for Patch Work papers and a regular contributor for the first generation Federal Observer. At the time of the above post, Miss Seese had been retired after 25 years as a legal secretary/assistant and, prior to that, over 15 years as a business systems and procedures analyst. Her hobby was freelance writing. A native of Southern California, Dorothy A. Seese resided in Sun City, Arizona until her death in December of 2015 of cancer.

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