FACTS of Chemotherapy

I will never forget the first time I saw those words. I was entering a cancer ward for children. Written on a large easel at the entrance to this ward was the following inscription…

I Am Not Afraid Of Tomorrow,
For I Have Seen Yesterday,
And I Love Today.

I walked past crib after crib. The cribs were like cages. Babes were in these cribs; pitiful small children – starry eyed, listless – some whimpering. They didn’t even notice anyone walking past them. Needless to say, my heart softened – went out to them – and I cried.

My eyes were not dry as I went to see the doctor in charge of these little ones. The doctor was unemotional and candid. He wasted no time in coming to the point, “Your drug killed two of my children last night.”.

This hit home! It was like saying that I, a drug salesman, was pushing a cancer cure that was made from cyanide – that I was the next best thing to a mass murderer – a murderer of those beautiful. Cuddly children!!!

But the fact is that I was a drug salesman! I was working for a pharmaceutical company – one of the many that supply anti-cancer drugs. The drug the doctor was referring to, as causing death, was one that was a recognized and approved for the treatment of cancer. It was expensive if you look at it in terms of dollars and cents. But I believed that a few months or years of extra life, was beyond price. I believed that extending the life of someone was worth almost any price. The side effects and sufferings which drugs cause are considered to be worth it.

I have spent many years working in the cancer industry. I have seen and spoken, at first hand, to the doctors and nurses who treat this disease. I have observed patients in surgery, and I have seen the results. I have listened to the comments passed by doctors and the patient’s families. I have been considered an expert in my field.

I am still involved in the business of promoting and selling these drugs. For financial reasons I must stay here. You will understand then, why these pages are unsigned – why I must take every opportunity to remain unknown.

I honestly believe that many doctors really and truly believe that they are doing the best that can be done to treat cancer. They have been conditioned and taught to believe that surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy are really the only scientific and possible ways to treat cancer – (even if the proofs are only those of drug company research – the case with most medical research).

They honestly, sincerely believe that the methods they use are beneficial. They believe in the treatments they use, even when the benefits of these treatments may be uncertain or minimal – or have serious side effects that produce pain and distress. They believe that cancer is a disease that has but one ending – DEATH! Cancer is final! It is incurable!

The medical profession is blinkered towards a way of doing things that does not rock the boat. Accepted medical procedures are their standards. They require that treatments to be used be “proven’, documented and repeatable. Being fellows in the “medical club” is an important aspect of being a professional.

Anything that may reduce the size of a tumor and hopefully make it disappear, justifies the use of whatever treatment helps make this possible, even if the benefits are only temporary.

This justifies treating you – the patient – with combinations of drugs and/or surgery that will make you extremely ill, and probably leave you with lifetime problems that you have never dreamed possible. This is considered scientific and right. Those treatments do not have to painless, free of side effects, or even provide benefits to the patients.

It is unfortunate, but true, that doctors treating cancer have become accustomed to seeing their treatments cause awful side effects with their patients. This experience becomes routine! People become numbers rather than living, breathing human beings. It becomes commonplace for patients to die from the treatments as much as from the disease.

You hear medics discussing something called “Quality of Life”. To the medical profession this “quality of life” is a broad term that includes whatever condition results from – and what shape you are in – after receiving their treatments. What can you expect when you are trying to keep the patient alive “at all costs” (Usually the patient’s pocketbook. ~ Editor). Surely, it is normal to expect that a dread disease will require extreme measures to fight it. Patients have to expect this!

It is well documented that most anti-cancer drugs cause cancer in animals. If you have ever been to a cancer clinic, you will notice how well the nursing staff protects themselves from exposure to the drugs that they are about to inject into you.

After my experience with these children – after years of coming face to face with the distressing side effects in thousands of patients – I have had second thought. I no longer believe that the effects – considered as beneficial – are justified.

My job is my paycheck – my passport to a normal life. Like everyone, I have to make a living. I have obligations s wife and family to support. I also have a heart. I have feelings. I am very conscious of the sufferings of others – including those which, result from medical treatments. I am a sincere, honest man, a man with a conscience. I have had second thoughts about my professional duties.

If the facts in these pages become known and universally accepted, the manufacturers of these drugs stand to lose billions of dollars.

Drug companies are powerhouses that will not tolerate losses of money – even at the cost of our lives! The drug company dictators would not hesitate to destroy the life of anyone who stands in their way of making money – including my own. (Ditto me! Editor)

Even when doctors have explained to you, the nature and possible consequences of a treatment, (and you have probably agreed that you understand what is going to be done to you), you are still pressured into signing a legal document that gives your doctor a completely free hand to treat you in any way he or she thinks fit. The document is an admission that you are to undergo a treatment potentially hazardous to your health.

The chances are that you still have no idea of what they are going to do to you. Even if they explained the nature of the treatment they intend to use, it is too often wrapped up in medical terminology that only another doctor could understand. Yet, you have exonerated him or her from any responsibility for whatever consequences that may occur because of, during, or after the treatments.

There are many facts about treatments that doctors may not consider as worth mentioning, or wish to share with you. They may even sincerely believe that they are being kind to you by withholding information about cancer and the ways they will treat it. Such things are of real importance to you – the patient.

Your doctor usually occupies a special place in your mind. You hold him/her in special respect. When faced with what is possible death, he/she has to be the right person for you. All that you want to hear is that there is a cure – there is an answer for your cancer. You want to hear that you’re not going to die, and that he/she is going to bring this about for you.

Almost every cancer patient believes, or wants to believe, that their condition is not hopeless. You have done nothing to deserve to die. Surely you are not really going to die. Your doctor has assured you that he is going to help you. By now you believe he/she is the only person that can. Your doctor has powers over life and death.

The details of how you are to be treated do not matter as much as the treatment itself. Why would you, or anyone, suspect anything about the treatment you are to receive? The treatment hopefully cures. Whatever your doctor says is reliable and right. Surely he/she knows what he/she is doing. Surely what he/she offers is scientific and beneficial. He/she wouldn’t offer it otherwise. Right?

Let me help to enlighten you by this example. I would like to use this story to inform you – as a potential cancer patient – about facts of the full impact, effects and side effects of chemotherapy – in order to help you avoid becoming another statistic.

I was in Houston, Texas, where I overheard a doctor tell a woman – with a newly discovered cancer – that she had a serious (stage IV) metastasizing cancer of the breast and unless treated promptly, she had little chance of surviving. The standard treatment could only offer a chance of surviving over a period of months.

The standard was available, however a new treatment also existed. Although the new treatment was only in the investigation stage, it offered much promise of possibly years of survival. Like all drugs, there would be side effects but they were not yet known. Side effects were not discussed at all with the patient.

The lady was asked to make a decision as to which treatment she would prefer. Since it was important to start treatment immediately, she was given a half-hour to make her decision. (I like that – a half-hour to make a decision, which could alter her life forever – and she wasn’t really aware of the consequences! ~ Editor) There was no real doubt as to which treatment she would take. After the half-hour she chose the new treatment – the one she believed offered the most hope. She signed the consent form, which stated that side effects of the treatment had been discussed and agreed to. Her signature verified that she was aware of what the side effects could be, and that she knew that they were normal for this treatment. This form authorized the doctors to do anything they wanted to. It freed them from any possible lawsuits from side effects. (It seems to me that the Marx Brothers covered this type of scam back in the 1930’s. ~ Editor) The fact was – she knew nothing! She didn’t really care. She just wanted to live. She wanted reassurance that she was getting a treatment that was really going to help. The reassurance was one that the doctors could not honestly give her. They could not give her the facts or figures, or any information about side effects. She was being used as a test case – a guinea pig if you will – to help find out what the possible benefits of this new treatment could be. They played on her emotions to influence her to sign up as another ‘number’ for a paper to be published the following year.

As I listened, I knew what was going to be done to her. I knew that she was going to become a statistic – a very sick statistic!

NOTE: At this point in “the drug pushers” story, I really felt like throwing up. Here is a man who claims to have compassion for his fellow man, who expresses deep concern for the wrongdoing which, he has personally witnessed within the very community that provides food for his table – yet he stands by – silently – watching as one fellow human being is about to be tortured and maimed. This “professional” is no better than the illegal drug pusher on the street is! This is what is wrong in this nation today – speak not – or you may suffer personal loss! ~ Editor

When doctors try to influence you to undergo chemotherapy, you have to know the right questions to ask. You have to keep asking and asking – until the doctors tell you what is going to be done to you. What is the complete nature of the treatments they intend to use – what effects and what side-effects will the treatments have on you and your condition? Ask about drugs! Ask what are they and what they do! What are their side effects? What are the long-term side effects? What are the hazards? How many patients subjected to that treatment, have been successfully restored to their normal health?

Ask your doctor:Would you take this same treatment – and not reluctantly – if you had my type of cancer?” “Would you give it to your loved ones or to your wife?

What do they mean by successful? Does it mean merely that tumors were reduced in size, or taken out – gone? Does it mean that patients were restored to vibrant, vigorous health and persisted in good health up to ten years (not just the standard five) later?

Don’t be put off by medical terms – or by comments such as: “You wouldn’t understand these medical things.” – “Why do you want to know that anyway?” – “You have to trust me!” – “Don’t you trust me?” – “Would I suggest this treatment if I didn’t know it to be good for you?” – “These treatments are all scientifically tested; they are safe!

Refuse to accept treatment until your doctor informs you completely, and in writing, about every aspect of the treatment he/she proposes. Sign no consent until you know what you are consenting to.

Then, and possibly only then, will you be provided with the facts you need to know in order to make the choice whether you want such a treatment or not. It is your right to be completely informed about every aspect of treatment your doctor will prescribe or perform. Your doctor is bound to provide you with this information. Complete knowledge is essential in order to make a decision – a decision that may affect your health and happiness for the rest of your life.

Note: Take no arrogance from these professional “caregivers”. As has been often stated by Dr. William D. Kelley, it is imperative that you find a doctor who will work with you – not on you!” ~ Editor

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Remember that there is no such thing as a harmless drug – a drug that does no have some detrimental effects on health and healing. Every drug and the effects of every drug, remain in your body for years. Always remember that you are the one to suffer when detrimental effects of treatments exist. (See our series, Is Your Doctor a Serial Killer? on this web-site for additional information and commentary on this vital subject.Editor)

Remember also, that nobody has rights over your body. No doctor owns you. You are not his patient. No doctor has a right to force his ideas – or any treatment – on to you, or to influence you by the use of threats – by inducing fears. Do not be frightened that your doctor will refuse to treat you if you upset him. Do not be reluctant to change doctors. If your doctor is not happy with your attitude – there are other doctors around. They have all been trained along the same lines.

Doctors are all aware that you have recourse to lawsuits and publicity – if he is remiss in his/her responsibilities to you. He/she has taken an oath that binds him/her to help you as much as he or she can.

~ DRUGS: Their Use & Their Side Effects ~
The purpose of this article is to talk about some of the drugs used in the treatment of cancer – and their side effects. My conscience turns toward a responsibility to reveal to as many cancer patients I can possibly reach, to make clear to them facts that they have a right to know! Facts that they are not allowed to know – about the experiences they will go through when they will be persuaded, by force and by fear, to undergo chemotherapy.

The principle behind tumor destruction is to use drugs, which are lethal enough to kill cancer cells, yet hopefully not lethal enough to kill normal cells. The doses used need to be big enough to attack the cancer cells, yet small enough to do as little damage as possible to normal cells. Cancer cells divide more rapidly than normal cells. The offspring cells of each division are like tender infants. They are more sensitive to poisons. They are not strong, mature, self-protecting or drug resisting, like cells, which are fully-grown and developed. They are more easily killed with chemicals that would only stun and temporarily impair the growth of healthy adult cells.

All chemotherapy drugs are potent. Their side effects are numerous. All drugs, poisons, radiation and trauma (such as surgery) inevitably damage and debilitate too many normal cells and organs. They undermine and destroy our immunity and our abilities to resist disease, our health and natural healing abilities.

The main havoc surgery creates, is the shock to our nervous system. The anesthetics and post- operative drugs markedly overload and damage the healing and protective processes of the liver – one of the major organs of defense against cancer.

If the chemo that is injected into your veins is not administered correctly and exactly, and even if a few drops gets into the tissues instead of the blod – where it is rapidly diluted – serious injury to the tissues surrounding the blood vessels occurs.

Regardless of these hazards the search for stronger, more lethal and more specific cell destroying drugs goes on – a search for drugs capable of destroying every single cancer cell – those in tumors and those that may be metastasizing throughout the body.

There is no treatment by chemotherapy, radiation, drugs or surgery without side effects. Only too commonly, these side effects are serious, dreadful and debilitating. Most doctors are aware of this side of the story, but prefer not to dwell on it or make it known to patients.

What follows, describes the hazards of individual chemotherapeutic drugs. It offers information that you – the patient – have a right to know – and MUST know! If you do not insist on being told the real facts of chemotherapy, you are putting your life in someone else’s hands. You are giving doctors the right to make you more ill (with death as a possibility) – with little chance of restoring your health to any level of well being – except possibly temporarily.

You must – as a patient – be informed. What treatments you take must be of your choosing – not the choice of a doctor or nurse. It is your life at stake (not the pocketbook of the ‘practitioner’). It is your life that has a right to be respected with a certain reverence – and treated according to its needs.

Note: Keep in mind, that at the time of this pharmaceutical sales representatives writings (1987) these drugs of ‘choice’ for chemotherapy were commonly in use by the Medical Establishment. Each has been replaced with more modern versions of these diabolical “miracle” treatments. ~ Editor

Adriamycin (also called Doxorubicin)
This powerful drug is administered by injection directly into the veins. It must be injected carefully and administered with extreme caution. The inside surfaces of the veins can protect themselves against the very toxic effects of this drug. The tissues surrounding blood vessels cannot. They lack the elements to protect themselves.

If even a little of the drug leaks out onto the tissue, serious injury occurs. The patient is liable to develop a large ulcer, which will not heal. The drug reacts with the tissues – and kills their cells. As the cells die, this drug is released. It contacts neighboring cells and tissue and progressively destroys more and more layers. The ulcers grow large and painful. There are cases where the limb had to be amputated because of too much tissue destruction. Sometimes wide excision of tissues by a surgeon, followed by plastic surgery can bypass the need for more serious treatments. (Watch out for those referrals! ~ Editor)

The following are frequent side effects and symptoms of Adriamycin activity:

* Loss of some or all of hair.

* Extreme nausea and vomiting (= liver toxicity) -sometimes for up to a week after treatments.

* Infections. A lowering of resistance to these is sometimes serious. Even a slight cold can turn into a threat to your life.

* Drastic lowering of body immunity/defenses.

* Miserable failure of sex life and/or desires.

* Disruption of menstrual cycles.

* Loss of appetite.

* Mouth ulcers.

* Damage to the heart. It is permanent; it cannot be reversed. Even if the patient recovers from the treatments, they will have some damage to their heart muscles – enough to force them to curtail and modify their lifestyles. Until now, there has been no successful way discovered of protecting the heart against Adriamycin damage

* There is a maximum lifetime dosage for each patient. Patients stand very realistic chances of dying when that limit is exceeded.

* Since treatments are given only once every three or four weeks, the tortures and side effects go on and on and on. Life becomes dismal – in fact a tragedy.

If administered to animals, whose health and resistance to disease are low, it causes cancer! To the offspring of such animals – it causes birth defects!

Methotextrate (a Lederle product)
The side effects of this powerful drug are quite severe: The greater amount of the drug, the worse these are:

* Ulceration – especially of the mouth and throat; common and painful.

* Sharp reduction in the number of white blood cells. Reduction of white blood cells leave patients with . . .

* Lowered immunity.

* Loss of resistance to, and proneness to infections. These infections can be life threatening.

Note: White blood cells are one of our bodies many and main infection fighting mechanisms.

* Nausea, vomiting (liver toxicity) usually lasting for days. The greater the dosage of the drug, the more there is of the nausea and vomiting.

* Liver damage. Methotextrate directly attacks the liver – our laboratory of living and the greatest defense against disease and cancer. A biopsy (inserting a needle directly into the liver, and aspirating a small amount of liver tissues) is usually required to determine how severe the damage may be.

* Skin rash and itching – common.

* Skin becomes extremely sensitive to ultra-violet radiation and to the suns rays. A very little exposure causes severe sunburn.

* Loss of hair.

* Decrease in ovary function and upsets of menses; diminished flow or irregularity.

* Administered during pregnancy it will kill the baby. If a fetus should survive, the drug will cause major birth deformations.

* Sperm from a Methotextrate treated male will also cause major birth defects – or

* The sperm becomes infertile.

* Kidney damage, cystitus (bladder infection).

* Headaches.

* Drowsiness.

* Blurred vision.

* Sometimes convulsions (brain damage).

* Diarrhea – in nearly every patient.

* Death – if the patient is hypersensitive. (hypersensitivity increases with each new generation in our civilization).


* Very difficult to administer.

* The chemotherapy of doctors choice for patients with advanced breast cancer.

* Used in combination with two other drugs – cyclophosphamide and 5-Fluorouracil.

* Sometimes used, over several hours, in very high doses that are deadly – in hope of a rapid kill of the tumor. Then an antidote (another drug) to the drug is given in order to neutralize the effects, which could possibly kill the patient.

This chemotherapy has been used for many years and for quite a few different types of tumors. Now it is used little because of its high cost, the time losses and difficulties of preparation and administration (not because of any regard for the patient or the side effects they suffered). The side effects suffered were quite severe in most patients. Many patients refused to tolerate them and discontinued their treatment by this method.

Cis-Platin (also known as Platinol), Bristol Laboratories, Canada
Cis-Platin is currently (1987) used quite extensively. It is commonly the drug of choice when used in conjunction with other chemotherapy drugs. Everyone who receives Cis-Platin will succumb to some form of sickness. It is not uncommon for it to be a definite cause of death.

The hazards of Cis-Platin include:

* Kidney damage – sometimes just one dose is enough to create this side effect.

Treatments are based on administering this drug until the kidneys show damage – but hopefully not enough to threaten life (Just cause a lifetime of failed bodily functions! ~ Editor). If the damage is severe and the treatment succeeds in reducing the tumor, you will need to spend time – two or three times a week – in a hospital for the rest of your life, plugged into a kidney machine (dialysis). Large amounts of fluids must be taken to flush out the kidneys in hopes of reducing the damage. The kidney damage does not recede or heal when the drug is stopped. This is the serious hazard that determines the restricting of the use of this drug.

* Deafness; impaired hearing – especially to high frequency sounds. This is a common and normal effect, which you should expect. You may never enjoy listening to a violin again. Understanding normal conversation may also be impaired. Children beware!

* Ringing in the ears.

* Extreme nausea or vomiting (Liver damage).

Note: Nausea and vomiting may also be due to chemo destruction of cells in cells in the stomach and intestines, because these cells also divide very rapidly and are chemo sensitive. ~ Editor

To sell their drugs, pharmaceutical companies hire former cheerleaders and ex- models to wine and dine doctors, exaggerate the drug’s …

The side effects of this drug are potentially lethal. I know this from first hand experience. I remember being telephoned by a doctor at 4:00 a.m., who wanted information on its side effects. I went to the hospital and gave him all of the information I could. He took all the steps he could to neutralize the effects of the Cis-Platin, which he had given to a youngster. The youngster died shortly thereafter. This is not an uncommon story.

Bristol Laboratories later brought out a slightly different form of the drug called Carboplastin. It has less kidney damaging potential. It is also not as effective. The damage to the kidneys could still be serious if doses administered are increased to produce an equal effectiveness. It is also much more expensive than Cis-Platin.

Widely used for a long time, especially in the treatment of breast, colon, stomach and other cancers. It is considered to be a fairly mild chemo agent. Its side effects are milder than most other forms of chemo. It is usually used in combination with other chemo drugs in view of adding potency to the combination used because it helps enhance potency without adding too many side effects.

The side effects of 5-Fluorouracil are:

* Nausea and vomiting in most patients (liver congestion and/or damage).

* Diarrhea in most patients. (While these symptoms usually last 3 – 4 days, they are controllable with other drugs.)

* Mouth ulcers, which can be quite painful.

* Loss of appetite and desire for food.

* Gastric ulcers and bleeding. This can be serious enough to force the stopping of the treatments.

* Nails of fingers and toes change in their appearance and coloring.

* The majority of patients lose their hair.

* The majority of patients develop dermatitis, causing the skin to darken in color. This is an indication of skin toxicity.

* Ill health (As if we don’t have problems already! Ed.)

* Cerebellar Syndome.

* Headaches of the back of the head.

* Minor visual disturbances.

These brain symptoms are very common and well known. They may go on indefinitely and will not stop after the drug is stopped.

* Weakness.

* Tiredness.

* Loss of sexual desire.

* Decrease in menstrual regularity and flow.

* Possibility of birth defects in the fetus.

* Lowering of the white blood count – comes on about 9 to 14 days after each dose.

NOTE: White blood cells survive in the body only for a period of hours, dividing rapidly. Because of this they also are young, fragile cells, highly susceptible to destruction by chemicals, drugs and toxins. These make white blood cells a prime target for chemotherapy drugs.

White blood cells are extremely essential blood detoxifiers and body protectors. Any time white blood cell counts drop, patients are more prone to serious infections.

Tamoxifen (Tamofen)
This is an estrogen “blocker” commonly used for one of the most common cancers – those of the breast. It is generally combined with and becomes most effective when used with other more powerful cell killers (chemo agents).

The role of Tamoxifen is to inhibit the influence, which estrogens can have on the growth of cells, with the hope of slowing and/or stopping the growth of breast tumors. Hormones, by making certain proteins available and usable by cells, promote their growth. Proteins, together with minerals, make up the skeletal structures of cells.

Tamoxifen has a much greater impact on the growth processes of cells than do the estrogens. Wherever the estrogen seeks to enter into chemical reaction with and support cell multiplication, the more powerful Tamoxifen interposes itself and blocks the estrogen processes.

It prevents the hormones from acting on protein fractions called alanine, aspartame and gamma glutamide. Cell growth is inhibited. By doing so, it does succeed in causing a regression of some breast cancer tumors.

It is more effective in women who are hormone sensitive. Not all women are. However, since it acts directly on cell growth, it has an effect even on cancers of women who are not hormone sensitive.

For the first three to four weeks, it is difficult to determine whether the Tamoxifen is bringing about benefits, or it is being harmful.

The first doses of Tamoxifen build up blood levels of 20 – 30%. Up to 40% of the amounts that penetrate and enter the body are neutralized and detoxified by the liver and biochemical immunity of the body. The activity life of each dose is between 7 – 14 hours. Long term administration and saturation of the body with Tamoxifen prolongs its effectiveness up to 7 days. Up to 70% of this drug is neutralized and eliminated via the intestines.

Whatever benefits Tamoxifen gives to the body, there is a price tag. Like all other chemo agents – the price can be very, very high!

* If the treatment is strong and prolonged, it can cause cancer of the liver and cysts of the liver.

* By blocking the usage of proteins, it undermines the resistance of cells to disease and their self-healing powers.

* It can bring on the formation of blood clots (thrombi). Sometimes these break loose and pass through blood vessels until they enter into vessels, which are too small. They block the circulation in these vessels with what is called an embolus. Organs, which need blood from those vessels, will starve, become damaged or die.

* The weakening of cell structures tends to affect the eyes more than other organs. Some patients develop cataracts, while others suffer damage to their retina or cornea (lens), vision becomes blurry and declines.

* Tumors and cancer of the ovaries and womb.

* Decrease of, and destruction of white blood cells and blood platelets.

* Blood calcium levels go up, meaning that those amounts of calcium are no longer being used, or they are unusable by the body tissues, thereby the body refuses to absorb them from the blood.

* Organs, which need calcium the most become depleted and weakened, in addition to causing weak bones, teeth and nerves. By lowering the resistance of the bones, there is nothing to stop the chemicals that cause the cancer to damage bone cells. These turn into cancer – what are called metastases.

* Both blockage of circulation through the liver and lowered levels of protein (which cause the blood to become too thin), cause fluids in the blood to seep out into surrounding tissues. This is called edema.

* Other debilities or illnesses already existing anywhere in the body become aggravated.

* A lot of the Tamoxifen is discharged through the uterus, damaging the tissues in passing. This will breed uterine cancers, vaginal bleeding and discharge excesses in up to 25% of women.

* Skin rashes. The skin is an organ of elimination of toxic minerals. When these are not handled and eliminated normally by liver, kidneys and the lungs, the overload stagnates in the skin pores. This causes serious irritations.

Besides these evidences of damage to organs, some Tamoxifen patients experience a number of symptoms:

* Nausea and vomiting.

* Bruising of the skin.

* Reddening of the skin (erythema).

* Bone pain.

* Loss of taste for foods and appetite.

* Itching of external genitals.

* Depression.

* Dizziness and lightheadedness.

* Headaches.

* Hot flashes.

I have discussed but a few of the chemo agents used. They and their side effects are typical and their use is based on and supported by medical theory.

Once cancer has been detected in the body, doctors believe that leaving just one single cancer cell intact and alive is enough to trigger cancer cell growth and restart the formation of further tumors. Because of this, doctors claim that it is essential to resort to the use of chemotherapy and/or radiation after tumor eradication – even when no cancer cells can be detected. Their existence is always suspected. The whole body and its trillions of cells is subjected to potent, drastic poisons in order to assure non-recurrence of tumor growths.

Most of us during our lifetime, give growth to – and harbor in our bodies – many cancer cells and the body is able to control and eradicate these with considerable ease – as long as the general immunity, resistance and health of the body are strong. Only with that health the defenses of a healthy body can destroy cancer cells.

There are several sources readily available to you for information on drugs. Amongst the most valuable to you is a book known as the “PDR” – the Physicians Desk Reference, which is available at major book stores around the nation. Its cost is about $85.00, but well worth it.

NOTE: Every pharmacy has at least one copy of this or similar book. Most public libraries also have a copy. Much of the information in this article was taken from this sort of encyclopedia of poisons. ~ Editor

Unless you have a medical education, you may have difficulties understanding the words. Most of the terms used will not mean very much to you – unless you use a good medical dictionary. If you are a person that is to be treated by chemo – be prepared! Arm yourself with knowledge so that you can make a good decision as to whether you wish to be subjected to treatments, which could be harmful to your health.

Do not even rely on your doctor, who, regardless of his good intentions, may not have your long-term well being at heart. He may be acting out of desperation, not knowing what else to do. He may be giving you the kinds of treatments he has been taught to use. He may not know that there are other ways, as effective as, and often much more effective than drugs.

I would like to conclude by resharing the quote at the beginning of this column:

I Am Not Afraid Of Tomorrow,
For I Have Seen Yesterday,
And I Love Today.

Hospitals put many hundreds of millions of dollars each year into the pockets of drug companies. These companies do not intend to lose their profits – regardless of the lives that may be destroyed. One of those lives may be your own!

WARNING! Your doctor may be hazardous to your health! Treatments offered as potential cures may be hazardous to your health! ~ Editor

Mr. “X”, Author 1986
the Drug Pusher

(A Pharmaceutical Sales Representative)

NOTE the date of these writings… and if you think that there has been any dramatic change just because there have been new drugs introduced – you have another thing coming. NO CANCER HAS EVER BEEN CURED OR WIPED OUT BY THE USE OF THESE DRUGS!

With glass lifted on high I say, “To Health With You!Editor

Originally published on DrKelley.net, December 11, 2002 ~ (Updated: September 29, 2023)

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