A Bad Bet: “Big Pharma Rolls The Dice With Your Life… SNAKE EYES?”

The vaccine makers, also known as Big Pharma, cannot be sued when their vaccines cause death or disabling side effects.

Back in the mid 80s, Big Pharma faced a great many lawsuits for damages caused by their vaccines. They lost a great many of those lawsuits. Instead of making safer vaccines, Big Pharma instead unleashed their lobbyists to pressure the government into protecting them with advantageous legislation.

Under the normal course of capitalism, those vaccine makers would and should have gone under. Instead, thanks to their ally Big Government, Big Pharma now enjoys privatized profits while any losses that should have come from vaccine lawsuits became socialized. That’s right, the taxpayer is forced to pay for vaccine damages in a special ‘vaccine court’ officially known as The Office of Special Masters of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. Surprisingly, this unfair and anti-capitalist arrangement began under the Reagan administration.

Essentially the vaccine makers were granted a monopoly by government. Some might say that they are still regulated by the FDC, AMA, CDC, and government oversight, but guess what? Those institutions are either populated with pro-vaccine people from Big Pharma, or heavily influenced by the monopoly mens’ legion of lobbyists. You won’t see investigative journalism from corporate media because they rely on Big Pharma advertising. Instead, they have all become part of the Big Pharma machine. The alphabet institutions promote vaccines at every turn. Those who question vaccine abuse are pejoratively labeled as ‘anti vaxxers’ by the propaganda media.

Without fear of lawsuits, the Big Pharma monopoly men became free to manufacture endless vaccines. The chances of contracting any of the diseases they claim to prevent have become vanishingly small, thanks to modern sanitation. The vaccines cause more damage than the diseases, but the brainwashed are continually conditioned to take them regardless. Subsequent death or disability due to those vaccines leave the victims with only one venue. They are forced to go to the vaccine court and endure a complex, costly, and time-consuming process in hopes of taxpayer compensation.

The vaccine monopoly men run corporations. Their main goal is profit. They have raked in mega billions of dollars thanks to their rushed-out, faulty, dangerous, and ineffective Covid vaccines. When it comes to testing their products for human safety, the trials are abused. Corners are cut. Real science is ignored or censored. Negative results are covered up.

We can’t trust the Big Pharma monopoly men. Without the threat of punishment, they have grown unaccountable and irresponsible. They have blood on their hands.

— Ben Garrison