Kelley: Cancer, Your Health and YOU!

NOTE: Once again as in the past, the following was the basis for my broadcast of August 18, 2021. ~ Jeffrey Bennett, Editor and Publisher of the works of Dr. William Donald Kelley, DDS, MS.

William Donald Kelley, DDS, MS

We are all ignorant – on different subjects. We all remain ignorant until we can accept the facts. Most of us choose to remain ignorant – it’s stylish. All of us doctors choose to remain ignorant – it’s most profitable. Over the past several years, being plunged into this cancer zoo, it has come to our consciousness that patients (i.e., Cancer victims) are more intelligent than we doctors.

There is not one doctor in the world today who treats cancer. First of all, it takes common sense. Second, it is against the law – against the Establishment’s wishes. Third, most doctors do not know what cancer is and deliberately, with malice aforethought, choose to remain ignorant on the subject. Fourth, it is impossible for a doctor to treat your cancer – only you can treat your cancer.

What is Cancer?
Without question, cancer is one of the simplest disease processes to properly treat. Cancer’s simplicity is the cloak it hides under – right out in plain sight. You certainly do not need a college degree to figure that out – just a little common sense. We have been deceived by the dishonest medical establishment – con-artistry at its finest! All the white coats with stethoscopes hanging around their necks hide behind surgical masks with MRI scans and laboratory reports in hand that are nothing more than theatrical props. We are the entertainment-crazed generation – paying our all for it and we love it so.

Some of us become disillusioned and bored with the prim and proper orthodox theatre then run as fast as we can and pay the remaining few breaths we own to the vulgar, tell it like it is, alternative theatre.

Some of you (very, very few) may discern what cancer is, and is not, and will live a long and healthy life; at age 95 succumbing to gunshot wounds inflicted by a jealous lover. That is our wish for all of you.

What Cancer is Not
Cancer is not those lumps and bumps that we have been so programmed to fear and freak out over if we find one on our body. Cancer is not a malignant tumor mass, which doctors, in their cancer ignorance, erroneously call cancer. This is one of the reasons we have so much “cancer”. The physician does not know what cancer is. How could he properly treat it? The physicians, both orthodox and alternative, only know how to mistreat malignant tumor masses and blood and lymph abnormalities which is not even cancer.

What Cancer Is
Cancer is a process – not an object. Daily, everyone produces malignant tumor cells and daily, most everyone’s pancreas produces adequate pancreatin to digest the food they eat and the normally-developing malignant tumor cells. It is when one’s pancreas fails to produce the necessary pancreatin to accomplish these tasks that a disease process takes place which we correctly call cancer.

When this disease process occurs, one is not aware of it. It is so subtle it must progress for 2 to 4 years before one, or one’s physician, realizes he or she is in trouble. At first, the things one often complains about to his or her physician during this time are indigestion and weight loss. Then, a few months later, excessive weight gain, eye trouble and often pyorrhea. Eventually a large enough malignant tumor mass forms – which is the object the cancer victim and/or the physician sees and who, in error, calls cancer. The malignant tumor masses are not cancer but malignant tumor masses. The disease process, the failure of one’s pancreas, we correctly call cancer.

The object of Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Cure Program is to supply the body with adequate pancreatin to properly digest food, stop this disease process, and rid the body of any and all malignant tumor cells. This is the proper, normal, physiological method of taking care of the disease process we correctly call cancer.

Cancer and Common Sense
Not even the dumbest pre-schooler is so ignorant to call a banana an apple. Yet we doctors, in our cancer ignorance, in our stupidity, in our gross error, call malignant tumor masses cancer. We get up every morning and look in the mirror and ask, “Just how ignorant can we educated ignoramuses be?” We do not know the difference between cancer and a malignant tumor. We roam the subways in search of transatlantic flights to Paris.

A diabetic going untreated will destroy his liver, kidneys, lungs, develop a gangrenous limb and go blind. The physician who performs a liver, lung and kidney transplant is not treating diabetes. The physician who amputates the gangrenous limb is not treating diabetes. The physician who prescribes a “seeing-eye dog” is not treating diabetes. The physician who describes insulin is not treating diabetes. The diabetic who gives himself insulin and changes his diet is properly treating his own diabetic condition.

The cancer victim going untreated will die a horrible, painful death. The orthodox physician who uses surgery, radiation and chemotherapy is not treating cancer. The alternative “doctor” who prescribes herbs, shark cartilage, black salve, laetrile, vitamins, etc. is not treating cancer. The Chinese doctor who prescribes 6 cockroaches and 3 grasshoppers daily is not treating cancer. These items may help something else in one’s body, but will not properly treat one’s cancer.

Should these quacks even prescribe pancreatin for the cancer victim, they are not treating cancer. The cancer victim must treat himself by taking a safe, effective, and uncontaminated form of pancreatin in adequate dosages and change his diet. The quacks of our society are not permitted to treat cancer, should they choose to or even know how. The quacks of our society are only permitted to treat malignant tumors and one’s purse.

The great charlatans of our civilization like Wm. Rockefeller, Sr. with his snake oil, P.T. Barnum with his circus, Barney Cornfield with his investment and insurance schemes, must look down from heaven or up from hell, green with envy and jealously. They must beg God for a chance to be a modern-day physician.

By the time you and/or your physician discover a malignant tumor mass, you have had cancer for 2 or more years. You have to face the truth that cancer is nothing more than the failure of your pancreas to produce adequate pancreatin and your body to deliver it to the site of an injury or stimulated normal Trophoblact (pre-placenta) cancer cell.

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All persons who have cancer die of starvation unless they are first killed – usually by their physician.

The cancer victim does not have to be a party to his own plunder and murder. He must properly treat his own cancer as he is the only one who can. He must embark on a Do-It-Yourself program. The cancer victim wants someone else to do it for him. However, that is impossible for only the cancer victim himself can properly treat his own cancer.

For the time being, it is not illegal to treat one’s own self. How long will the medical establishment permit it? Only God knows.

Obtaining a supply of pancreatin should be considered by those who are wise enough to realize wealth is not determined in silver, gold or diamonds. Health is also an important asset.

In 1904, only 1 out of 24 Americans had cancer in his lifetime. In the 54 years since Dr. Kelley cured himself of terminal pancreatic cancer and guided some 33,000 cancer victims to health, the cancer rate has increased from 1 out of 5 to now, as you read this, when the cancer rate is 1 out of 2 in men and 2 out of 3 in women – it has been so planned. And the cancer industry calls this progress against cancer – a lie, a big lie. The medical establishment industry using their establishment media takes their living off of cancer. They thrive on cancer. More of these plundering, murdering, deceiving creatures live off of cancer than those cancer victims who die. Cancer is one of the medical establishment’s many techniques of deceiving, plundering and murdering. The war on cancer is the plundering, murdering war declared upon our peoples, not a war on cancer. In the spring of each and every year, the media bombards us with “We almost have the cure for cancer. In just a year or so, this new drug will be available.” “We need more research money for the National Cancer Institute.” “Give, give to the American Cancer Society.” This is only one of the establishment’s big plundering lies. And we naive, ignorant, innocent deceived Americans fall for it.

Cancer Recovery
In attempting to find help and in helping others, one must comprehend the four basic parameters one confronts:

  • First, the stricken cancer victim and their family members have been so deceived by the establishment that they are completely brainwashed and placed in overwhelming fear.
  • Second, another parameter we often forget is, once a cancer victim or family member has awakened from this imprisoned condition – they trust no one. All too often, the mind set of the cancer victim is to demand an immediate, noticeable, positive, and measurable response. When this is not forthcoming, they usually flip and flounder around, in and out of all forms of therapies that they are claimed by their promoters as the cure. Usually, most of the individuals who finally find Dr. Kelley’s Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Victory Program are those disappointed and disillusioned persons without hope and adequate funding for recovery. Such persons must have at least 6 months of life and follow the Metabolic Program most carefully. Then, if they survive that long, there is a chance of recovery. This recovery period is a long and tedious one, usually lasting at least 2 years. After that, they must take a form of metabolic support for the remainder of their lives.
  • Third, most of these individuals expect and demand immediate results or they go on to other therapies. This, however, is not the way one recovers from cancer and malignant tumor masses. It is not the way they develop cancer and malignant tumor masses. It requires the failure of the pancreas from 2 to 4 years to develop a malignant tumor mass which the ignorant medical community in total error calls cancer. It requires at least the same length of time to clean up a ravaged body. Then the process of rebuilding the body can take place, which usually takes an additional two to four years of hard work and living right. Then, for the balance of one’s life, one must keep constant vigil to remain free of malignant tumor masses.
  • Fourth, one must realize that physicians are forbidden to treat cancer. The enemy-controlled medical establishment has several methods and techniques to prohibit a physician from treating cancer. Physicians are only allowed to treat malignant tumor masses and one’s purse. We have experienced most of these diabolical acts of injustice, not only as cancer victims, but also as physicians.

The Do-It-Yourself Process
Only you, yourself, can properly treat cancer. As stated, it is a fact that cancer is a process. In addressing the process of cancer, what happens? Pancreatin digest the malignant tumor masses and cells into liquid debris. This debris is then gobbled up by your white blood cells and removed from your body by way of bile from the liver. This goes into the colon and out, and urine from the kidneys travels through the bladder and out. A small amount of this debris leaves the body by way of skin perspiration as well as hair and nail growth.

Getting Well
Upon starting Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Victory Program, two measurable things occur:

  • White blood cells increase in number, which is considered by everyone to be a good sign.
  • Cancer markers become temporarily elevated, which often scares both the cancer victim and his or her doctor. We consider elevated cancer markers to be a good sign for the following reason:

The malignant tumor mass debris consists, in part, of cancer marker components. Until now, most of this cancer marker material has been held in the tissue surrounding the malignant tumor mass and usually increases when malignant tumor masses continue to develop. Upon starting Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Cure Program, the cancer markers are released into the bloodstream as the masses are digested. This causes a high volume of cancer marker material to appear in the bloodstream temporarily and is the most misinterpreted part of the Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Victory Program. The second most interpreted part is that often the malignant tumor masses continue to grow temporarily before one’s normal metabolic function can take over.

Feeling Bad During Recovery
When the organs of detoxification become overloaded with debris, one feels lousy – like you were run over by a freight train. This lousy feeling is how you will know that our Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Victory Program is working. If you do not feel lousy, one of two things is happening:

  • You are not taking enough pancreatin of the correct quality or quantity.
  • You have a very small amount of malignant tumor cells and/or masses.

We expect all cancer victims taking pancreatin to feel toxic (sore, headachy, no energy, nauseous, irritable, elevated temperature, flu-like symptoms, etc.). When this occurs it indicates one’s metabolic functions are working well. At this time, we recommend that you stop taking the metabolic nutrients for 5 days to allow your organs of detoxification time to remove this debris from your body.

Many cancer victims have only a small malignant tumor mass and experience only mild discomfort while other cancer victims have very large malignant tumor masses. If your physician surgically removes most of such masses, one’s recovery time speeds up.

Let’s make Cancer Victors out of all Cancer Victims!

The above is an excerpt from Dr. Kelley’s book, Dr. Kelley’s VICTORY Over Cancer without Surgery, Chemotherapy or Radiation, which may be ordered thorough this website by clicking on the book title.