This book will show you how to overcome cancer

“In our time there will never be a cure for heart disease or for cancer because there’s just too much money in it for the elite. Between the AMA, the hospitals, pharmaceutical and drug manufacturers, the money wheel never stops turning – and those who suffer needlessly are bankrupted.”Dr. William D. Kelley

I have been reading Dr. Kelly’s books for years…

Dr. Kelly was a pioneer, a leader, and a genius. Dr. William Kelly had pancreas cancer in the 1960’s and overcame his cancer through the use of this program. There is nothing like it. If you know anything about pancreas cancer, it is one of the worst. You basically have no chance of recovery and he overcame it by using this program.

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He also helped thousands to overcome their cancer over the following decades. The only reason he lost his dental license is because the FDA and big pharma came after him with a vengeance, as he had a true cure for cancer that is cheap, safe, and effective. The cancer racket/industry would lose billions if this program was approved by the FDA and implemented across the country. The basic program includes radically changing your diet to include tons of organic fruits/veggies, lean meats (more or less..even vegetarian for some based on your metabolic type), exercise, nutritional supplements and especially taking high dose pancreatic enzymes. His research found that the pancreatic enzymes are heavily involved in preventing cancer in the body. Basically, the enzymes that your pancreas produces will destroy the cancer cells. So, high doses (upwards of 20/40 caps per day and more) in between meal so as not to be used to digest the food, but to get them into your blood stream to destroy the cancer cells.

This program works on numerous types of cancer, not just pancreatic cancer.

Also, read the book “The Trophoblast and the Origins of Cancer: One solution to the medical enigma of our times” by Dr. Gonzalez M.D. for a more detailed and scientific look into Dr. John Beards investigation of why this works.

Trace D. Farley
January 25, 2017