Gates Suffers from CO2 and Viral Dementia

For a world crippled by the coronavirus, salvation hinges on a vaccine. True or false? You can divide the world between those who think it is true and those who feel it is false. A Grand Canyon lies between the two sides, but we know which side Gates and Fauci are on.

Officially there is no treatment for COVID-19, and that is why they can get away with saying salvation hinges on a vaccine. If there are treatments that work, which there are, there is no need for a vaccine. What kind of people would deny treatments that would help millions? Only monstrous personalities, terrorists of some kind. However, that is precisely what these health officials do – pretend no treatments exist.

There are more than several treatments being offered by different doctors and medical organizations in the world, but none of them are being accepted by the mainstream narrative. Neither the WHO, FDA, or the CDC are behind treatments for the simple reasons they are not vaccines.

I feel sorry for a civilization that can only be saved by a vaccine. Having everyone go out in the sun to build vitamin D plasma levels would be more effective and safe than any vaccine.

It is sad (pathetic) that people even listen to business people and now politicians playing doctor. A new type of terrorism is attacking the world and it has managed to pull off the greatest terrorist attack in history. Never before has any organization been able to attack the entire planet simultaneously.

There Is No One Like Gates
Gates is a special case for he suffers from CO2 and Viral Dementia at the same time, both easily diagnosed conditions. He is also one of the principle ring leaders of this vast viral terrorist organization.

The sunlight of truth never reaches Bill Gates, who is a master of arrogance and deception. Despite all his money, influence and greater than life self-image he seems to have gotten caught with his pants down lying about his relationship with Jeffery Epstein, denying it in his usual sleazy way.

One of Gates foundation’s primary mission is supposed to be to help young women in underprivileged countries, yet Gates met with Epstein at least six times, a man who was preying on young women. Listen to Gates yourself to see and feel what kind of man he is.

Though Gates will never admit it, he is accused of abusing women and young girls with vaccines. No one knows how many children have died from his lust for vaccines. People do die from vaccines, and others come down will a list of vaccine-related injuries, health challenges, some as severe as autism, which has devastated many families. Gates has no problem annihilating doctors who challenge the safety of vaccines because he is cruel.

Bill Gates Master of Truth or the Most Prominent Bullshit Artist in the World
A video of legitimate doctors received tens of millions of views and amplification from President Donald Trump until Facebook and Twitter removed it from their platforms. Watch this video of Gates, who has the nerve to label the video “outrageous” and full of misinformation when it certainly was not.

George Frey/AFP via Getty Images

Listen to Gates, the self-made public health expert–a medical scientist who knows everything about CO2. He is even a climatologist knowing as he does the ultimate answer to that problem — get rid of all CO2 or all people. Gates thinks he knows more than the Association of Physicians and Surgeons who support the use of Hydroxychloroquine.

His intelligence cannot grasp that he is totally wrong about climate change and CO2 (its getting colder not warmer). He does not know that CO2 is as necessary as O2, but we can forgive him for that since he is a businessman not the medical scientist/health official vaccine expert, which he pretends to be.

Vaccines are the cornerstone upon which governments are relying for their Covid-19 strategy, yet vaccinations for viruses have limited efficacy and plenty of downsides. One might be curious as to what is driving this fixation for mandatory vaccines as the solution, especially considering the normal lengthy time-to-market for such vaccines and the concomitant financial collapse being visited upon the entire planet.

According to a recent poll, nearly half of Americans say they want to get the COVID-19 vaccine; 27% say they will “definitely” refuse, and another 12% say they will “probably” refuse it. 1 in 40 people – not 1 in 1 million – are injured by vaccines, and a clinician who administers vaccines will have an average of 1.3 adverse vaccine events per month. Of course, these 40 percent who are not totally on the vaccine bandwagon, are silly idiots to Gates.

Bill Gates, who is the top vaccine proponent alive today, is also the world’s most notable advocate of rapid population reduction measures to eliminate billions of human beings from planet Earth. You can see that philosophy mirrored in his TED talk about CO2.

Dr. Joseph Mercola published:

“It seems that COVID-19 vaccine mandates are inevitable. According to Reuters,1 the U.S. government is planning to launch an “overwhelming” COVID-19 vaccine campaign come November, and many – especially Bill Gates – have suggested that vaccination of the entire global population will likely be necessary to get COVID-19 under control. Some have even suggested that the vaccine be mandatory.”

“Billions of dollars have been invested in vaccine development, and one would be foolish to imagine these companies and investors are not going to do everything in their power to turn COVID-19 into a profit maker, and that may well include the use of force. It’s still unclear exactly when a vaccine will be available, but it could be as early as October, or as late as January 2021.”

Mr. Gates is the #one funder of the World Health Organization, which withheld information given to them by Taiwan on December 31 about human-to-human transmission of the Wuhan virus, ignored statements from Wuhan doctors to the same effect, and stated on January 22 that the coronavirus did not pose a public health emergency of international concern, thereby justifying continued international travel from Wuhan and China. All the while, the WHO praised China’s response despite their continued obfuscation of the real situation. Then the WHO created an international panic and global depression by overstating the mortality rate of COVID-19.

Bill and Melinda Gates have been targeted by anti-vaxxers for a long time for their work on vaccination. But they laugh at all the silly people who challenge the official narrative that vaccines are the best thing that ever happened to the human race. Vaccines are better even than love, listening, and rational thinking. Vaccines are the cornerstone upon which governments are relying for their Covid-19 strategy, yet vaccinations for viruses have limited efficacy and plenty of downsides.

One might be curious as to what is driving this fixation for mandatory vaccines as the solution, especially considering the lengthy time-to-market for such vaccines and the concomitant financial collapse visited upon the entire planet.

Gates is being accused out in the mainstream of seeking to develop and distribute a coronavirus vaccine so he can plant tracking devices in billions of recipients. Nearly half of Republicans believe that to be true, according to a Yahoo News/YouGov poll conducted in May. Gates sees himself as a vaccine angel, but many see him as the vaccine devil. He will deny any nasty allegations.

Written by Dr. Sircus for his Blog ~ August 28, 2020

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