Poop,the Whole Poop, and Nothing BUT The Poop

sniff —– snifff —- sniff —

Hmm, what IS that odor?

Young woman holding her nose in disgust.

Because of all the many emails and numerous phone calls I have had since I started posting on the need to do colon cleanses and the PH Balance… phone calls that start with, “I don’t know how to ask this, but… ahhh… well, it’s about POOP.”

No one wants to say the word or talk about it but we ALL do it (If not then you really DO have a problem) and it amazes me how little is known by most about what POOP should or shouldn’t be like…. or what is a “normal” bowel movement.

I have talked to folks who thought once a week was *normal* because no one ever told them it wasn’t. Some thought once a day was “normal””…..

And then there is the type of POOP – Some hard as rocks that make noise like rocks when they hit the bottom of the toilet… Some super watery and splatters all over the bowl… Some little skinny pieces like lead in a pencil…. Some sink – Some float – Some stink – Some don’t.

And then there is the COLOR of the POOP… it runs from chalky white to super black and everything in between.

Since this Ol’ Polish Woman has no fear of treading where most folks dare not go….. I am going to start writing up posts dealing with this. My personal interest in POOP began years ago when I picked up a little book at a health food store in Auburn WA. “The Herb Lady’s Notebook” by Venus Catherine Andrecht, author of The Outrageous Herb Lady.

I don’t think the book is available now – might be found on some used book site if you are lucky.

She wrote of many great cleanses and how once she got folks to break down the barrier of talking about POOP they really got into examining their POOP for worms – tape worms, and other *things* that live in our colons.

Since the root of sickness is what is in our colon we need to get over this bashfulness of talking about POOP. It is time to pay attention to how often you POOP – What the POOP looks like – do you have to exert yourself to POOP or does it come out easily – or TOO easily? All those commercial laxatives are killing the muscles in the colon which results in the need to continue taking laxatives in order to eliminate the waste that food we eat creates.

OOPS – wrong kind of Poop-oop-a-Poop

I have been posting on the PH Balance and other health issues but we need to clear the blocked pathway so that the food we eat can be used by our bodies as it is meant to be used. That means we have to investigate and examine our POOP. We have to stop denying that we all POOP and that we need to know more about POOP if we are going to get healthy and stay that way.

I am trying to figure out a title for this series – “Poop 101” seems to catch my ‘eye’.

Oh – that “beer belly” we all talk about – I think it is really a POOP BELLY.

…and of course these days – we must be sure that we have toilet paper…

OH, and… Here is more – for your Health!

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Jackie Juntti (Granny) is a daily reader and frequent contributor to Kettle Moraine Publications. She can be reached for comment at idzrus@earthlink.net.