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Creating ADHD is the goal of education


PHARMACEU’TICAL, adjective [Gr. to practice witchcraft or use medicine; poison or medicine.] Pertaining to the knowledge or art of pharmacy, or to the art of preparing medicines.

A Spoonful of Sugar makes the medicine go down…” focuses on professionally administered and prescribed drugs and pharmaceuticals. Initially on conception this category was developed to deal with the aspect of the abuse of children, ie; Ritalin, Prozac and other legal, “Mood altering” drugs. As time went on – we chose to attack the poisons that we are ALL being fed by our medical ‘professionals.’ The overpriced products of BIG Pharma are slowly – or rapidly killing us.

~ Foreword ~
What you have just read is the introduction to the Category which the following column by Jon Rappoport is being posted at – “A Spoon Full of Sugar“. Stand by for the words of Jon – and thank you Mary Poppins! ~ Editor
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Cancer, the Disease of sugar, carbohydrates, and Oxygen deprivation

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Cancer is a dreaded disease. At the present time, it strikes one out of every man and one out of every three women in their lifetime. Why is cancer so deadly? It is because it is so hard to detect, hard to keep from spreading, and destroy. Most of the time, cancer cells have been in the body and spreading, thirty nine months before it is detected.

Just before World War II Hitler was planning to eradicate as many Jewish people as possible. He also was planning and building a war machine in which he could conquer all of Europe. Hitler had many serious things to plan and worry about. He also had a weird obsession that he would get cancer. His mother had died from cancer and he recently had a polyp removed from his vocal cord.

Although he disliked Jewish people, he knew one Jewish doctor who he thought was a brilliant scientist, and who could find the cure for cancer. His name was Dr. Otto Warburg. He had been working on the origin and cure for cancer for some time. Hitler knew he could not get rid of Dr. Warburg, even if he was a Jewish doctor. Continue reading