Bombshell: Actor Steve McQueen’s Doctor Claims He Was Murdered – Didn’t Die Of Cancer

On Thursday’s The Sons of Liberty, John Richardson of joined me and previously we had recounted the story of comedian Red Buttons and actor Steve McQueen’s fight against cancer.

In this interview, Richardson dropped a bombshell: McQueen was murdered. His own doctor had made the claim while the Mockingbird media at the time put out the story that he died from cancer to cast shade on a very important nutrient called laetrile.

In the book by Dr. William D. Kelley, Victory Over Cancer: Without Surgery, Chemotherapy or Radiation. You’ll find the relevant information on page 125.


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Editor’s NOTE: During the last 7 years of Dr. Kelley’s life, I was privileged to visit his office on numerous occasions. When McQueen died, Kelley acquired the dead tumor mass – and it was bottled and remained on Kelley’s desk, where I saw it many times.

After Kelley’s death, the tumor was stolen by his son-in-law – for the purpose of selling it – for MONEY!

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