Sachs: Make Medicine GREAT Again

After decades of working as a medical doctor I have come to understand how, in general, there is a powerful myth of how intelligent and wise we are. In the great play Fiddler on the Roof there is a line about why Tevye the lead character longs to be rich. He says, “when you’re rich, they think you really know.” It’s the same with doctors, when you’re handed that M.D. degree, the doctor himself, the public, our patients, typically think he really knows. But honestly, and sadly, most don’t know much, and many lack what is even more important, wisdom. This is especially true for our young doctors, indoctrinated into cultrual Marxism for years, rather than experiencing a truly liberal American, western, and Judeo-Christian education.

I opened the latest edition of RadioGraphics today. It’s one of the premier journals for doctors like myself who specialize in diagnostic radiology. . .

I began reading an article on endometriosis, a common medical problem in women. The first sentence says,

“Endometriosis is a common condition that mostly affects people assigned as female at birth.”

Assigned as female at birth, really? Does such a statement have any relationship to reality, to an understanding of basic biology, to any basically intelligent American adult, let alone the writer and editor who have likely passed through 27 years of “education” (14 years of pre-collegiate schooling, four years of college, four years of medical school, and five years of residency)? Of course it doesn’t. I wouldn’t expect my five-year-old granddaughter to spout such nonsense. But the physician authors of this paper and the physician editors of the journal are downright proud of this idiotic notion they have communicated to the world. They think they really know.

Yet, in reality, the majority of our new generation of doctors have not acquired much wisdom in all those years. Almost none of them have any acquaintance with the great ideas of western civilization from the writers of the Bible, to Shakespeare, to our great modern scholar Thomas Sowell. What they have absorbed in bulk is the poisonous ideology of modern or rather postmodern American academia. They have absorbed anti-American, anti-western Marxism, a cultural destruction machine bashing truth, beauty, and goodness.

Hence, large numbers of doctors today are the fools asking patients to embrace the poison of socialized medicine. They don’t consider the consequences, citizens and fellow physicians losing vast swaths of their liberties under the iron fist of the State; people paying huge taxes and sitting in lines for months awaiting one of tens of thousands of nameless and faceless government bureaucrats to grant them permission to see a specialist or take a particular medicine they need. These are the legions of unwise and cruel doctors now lopping off the breasts of healthy girls or penises of healthy boys to “affirm their gender.”

These are the caretakers voting for the Democrat Marxists who celebrate killing unborn boys and girls up to the moment of birth. These are the mindless sheep supporting government and social media tyrants blocking speech and debate about potential low cost and effective remedies for COVID, demanding we mask up and close our shops and schools for no scientific reason. These are the fools telling children to be vaccinated with an experimental and potentially harmful mRNA chemical with virtually no risk of being harmed from the virus it is employed to attack. These are the vast numbers of ignorant and unwise physicians embracing this Marxist claptrap, destroying standards in medicine and replacing them with the racist ideology of DEI, where the privilege of entering medical school is now predicated on melanin concentration in one’s skin or what one likes to do with his genitalia.

Dennis Prager, of whom most doctors have never heard, says, “Leftism (Marxism) destroys everything it touches.” He is spot on. We can see his truth everywhere we look today in America. Love of truth, going or gone. Love of beauty, going or gone. Love of goodness, going or gone. Love of country, God, family, and western norms going or gone. Instead, we have things like the lie, ugliness, and immorality of the notion of boys or girls “assigned” their sex at birth.

Make Medicine Great Again fellow doctors. Crack open a basic biology book, read some Bible, Madison, Locke, Adam Smith, Milton Friedman, Prager or Sowell instead parroting the fools at the New York Times, NPR, Ibram X Kendi, the Democrat party, or “The View.”

Written by H. Sachs, M.D. for American Thinker ~ January 24, 2024

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