Different Diets for Different Types

Nicholas J. Gonzalez MD explains how many nutritional experts propose a single “ideal” diet for everyone, though each of these experts may recommend a diet at odds with the others. Some believe all humans should follow a high meat, high animal fat diet; others, one emphasizing plant foods; still others, a more balanced “Mediterranean” type diet. These conflicting opinions can lead to confusion among those trying to improve their health, and many can end up on a diet that just isn’t right for them. In this lecture, recorded at the annual ALLDocs conference, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez discusses the physiology and biochemistry of dietary individuality.

He reviews the work of such pioneers as Dr. Weston Price, who showed that traditional peoples thrived on many different diets; Dr. Francis Pottenger, who documented the effect of nutrients such as calcium and magnesium on the autonomic nervous system; and Dr. William Donald Kelley, who developed a complex treatment model involving individualized diet and supplement protocols. Dr. Gonzalez concludes with case histories of patients who did well following very different nutritional regimens. This recording is informational only and is not meant to be a guide for self-treatment, a medical manual, or a substitute for professional medical care or attention by a qualified practitioner. THIS IS NOT A HOW-TO GUIDE.

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