YouTube Amps Up “Medical Misinformation” Policy

Now You Can’t Talk About Alternative Cancer Treatments or PREVENTION of ANY Disease

YouTube: Robot-Eye, Evil-Spy

The Google-owned YouTube video platform is changing the rules again to now prohibit the sharing of information about alternative cancer remedies, which the tech giant says constitute “medical misinformation.”

In a “long term vision” notice on its official blog, YouTube’s Dr. Garth Graham, the Director and Global Head of Healthcare and Public Health Partnership, along with Matt Halprin, the Vice President and Global Head of Trust and Safety, explain how “removing cancer misinformation” is now a top priority alongside removing all contrary information about the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

“In the years since we began our efforts to make YouTube a destination for high-quality health content, we’ve learned critical lessons about developing Community Guidelines in line with local and global health authority guidance on topics that pose serious real-world risks, such as misinformation on COVID-19, vaccines, reproductive health, harmful substances, and more,” the blog post reads.

“We’re taking what we’ve learned so far about the most effective ways to tackle medical misinformation to simplify our approach for creators, viewers, and partners.”

(Related: Last fall, Dr. Graham announced the launch of a brand-new “certification” protocol for YouTube videos that contain any type of medical information, period – everything must now directly align with the dictates of the globalist-led World Health Organization [WHO].)

YouTube “is not a platform for distributing information that could harm people,” company says

Now that covid is fast-becoming a thing of the past, much to the chagrin of the globalists, YouTube is moving on to the next major medical point of contention: cancer and cancer treatments.

Thanks to the internet, millions of people are learning that traditional therapies like chemotherapy and radiation are subpar options when there are safe and effective natural remedies, some of them strictly prohibited in the United States, that do the job without causing systemic harm to patients.

Since cancer is a multi-billion-dollar industry, YouTube and the rest of the establishment is scrambling to put a lid on all forms of alternative cancer treatments that its users might try to share via the video streaming platform.

According to YouTube, anything other than official cancer treatments constitute “misinformation” and will no longer be allowed on the platform. Users who violate these new rules by attempting to share helpful information with desperate cancer patients will be punished.

“Moving forward, YouTube will streamline dozens of our existing medical misinformation guidelines to fall under three categories – Prevention, Treatment, and Denial,” Dr. Graham and Halprin write.

“These policies will apply to specific health conditions, treatments, and substances where content contradicts local health authorities or the World Health Organization (WHO).”

The way YouTube will evaluate whether or not a condition, treatment, or substance falls within the scope of its medical misinformation policies is to rely strictly on “publicly available guidance from health authorities around the world,” meaning entities like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and of course the WHO and other such globalist-run bodies.

“We will remove content that contradicts health authority guidance on the prevention and transmission of specific health conditions, and on the safety and efficacy of approved vaccines,” YouTube now says. “We will remove content that contradicts health authority guidance on treatments for specific health conditions, including promoting specific harmful substances or practices.”

“We will remove content that disputes the existence of specific health conditions. This covers content that denies people have died from COVID-19.”

If you are interested in learning about the full scope of YouTube’s sweeping new medical misinformation policies and how they will be applied, check out the blog post for yourself.

Written by Ethan Huff for Cancer.News ~ August 22, 2023

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