Reintroduction ~ “Heal! Heal!!

bennett_0608After twenty years of building and supporting a web-site, which was authorized and sanctioned by Dr. William Donald Kelley, the time came for me to expand my commitment to the work of this great healer. In 2013 I took over the project of becoming the editor and publisher of Dr. Kelley’s Self Test for the Different Metabolic Types. With the July 2013 release we expanded the original writings of Kelley by including a 30 page pamphlet, ‘Metabolic Typing‘ which had previously only been published as a separate mail-out.

One thing leads to another, and the re-editing of Dr. Kelley’s treatise on dealing with Cancer also had been placed into my hands. When I first met Kelley, the book was entitled, ‘One Answer to Cancer (with Cancer Cure)’ – a title which had been generally in use by Kelley since it’s earliest 30 page printing in 1967.

Dr. William D. Kelley

In 2001 the book went through some updating and was repackaged and retitled, ‘CANCER: Curing the Incurable without Surgery, Chemotherapy or Radiation‘ and was later somewhat modified in a 2005 printing. For a number of reasons, the book had not been (legally) available for several years (other than at inflated prices through Amazon), due to publishing issues – partly due to FDA intervention, several legal considerations and the prohibitive cost of printing and storage. All of this has now been cleared and…

In 2014 I began the arduous task of melding both of the previous versions of Kelley’s protocols together into one definitive presentation. There were things left out of the 2001/2005 edition, which led to confusion by many of its readers – an oversight I am sure. In addition, there is additional information which has been located in Kelley’s files that we felt will be of benefit to those who purchase the latest version. In addition – there were some layout issues, which we addressed – AND a new title.

The BEST was yet to come … as we shipped the first 1,000 copies of Victory Over Cancer… without Surgery, Chemotherapy, or Radiation on November 1, 2015.

It continues to be my honor and privilege to represent Dr. Kelley and his work for these past twenty years and into the future. Through interviews with Dr. Kelley on my daily radio program, to traveling and lecturing with him – and on his behalf – it has been one of the most rewarding experiences in the journey of my life.

For the foreseeable future – I will continue to work closely with the Kelley family, to share with them, the time, which I was blessed to spend with the Doctor, and what our vision for this site was originally intended. I will continue to remain available as a consultant when necessary, as I am committed to TRUTH – and to the teachings and protocols of my friend, Dr. Kelley, with the faith and belief, that one day – SOON – the world will awaken the the genius of William D. Kelley, D.D.S., M.S.. In the words of Jean Simmons (as Sister Sharon Falconer), in the 1960 film, ‘Elmer Gantry‘ – “Heal! Heal!

Through the efforts put into this web-site, both past and future, we hope to challenge you to “heal thyself,” and with the help of the Heavenly Father, we will teach you – and educate you, as to your options – for LIFE!

What I learned from Dr. Kelley, since the time of our meeting in January of 1998, up until his passing just seven short years later, can never be repaid – other than by sharing his truth’s with those who care to learn.

Stay with us, as we grow and blossom, after all, it is your health, and your choice!

As host and commentator for over 28 years, Jeffrey Bennett has been privileged to cover such subjects as YOUR Financial, Physical, and Spiritual well-being, education, news, Federal and local legislative issues, which will affect our future, political satire (with a twist), and editorial commentary on current events through the teaching of history. The tradition continues…

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August 20, 2023

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