Low Body Cell Voltage and What it Means in Body Cells

The body’s natural process that removes dead and dying cells actually fuels the spread of cancer to bones and other organs due to a pro-inflammatory protein that is released

Most people do not know what body cell oxidation or electron theft is. However, it is one of the most important atom/molecular cell reactions that occur in the human body. It relates to the voltage of the body and brain molecules in cells.

With all the literature these days about health, most articles and publications do not mention one of the most important causes of poor health. Physicians and health authorities should be talking about cell oxidation and electron theft plus how to stop it instead of using drugs to treat the low voltage body cell and brain cell diseases. Low body cell voltage is the cause of over 90 percent of all diseases in a person’s body. Yet not many physicians ask you, how is your cell voltage.? By the way, do you know how to measure your cell voltage? You will need a Hertz meter and/or hydrion litmus paper. Hydrion litmus paper measures the acid/alkaline balance in your saliva and urine. This measurement will tell you about your diet, blood, and body cell health.

One of the most informative and knowledgeable men who know body cell voltage is professor Andrew Hague, inventor of the CellSonic VIPP therapy machine. It treats and cures cancer cells by pushing up the voltage in diseased cancer cells to normal healthy cells. The machine is used to cure cancer all over the world but the FDA has not permitted it for use in the United States.

Professor Hague has said that homosapiens maintain healing and health primarily by restoring body cell voltage in diseased cells and making new cells. He explains that body cell voltage relates to acid/alkaline balance and is measured by millivoltage (micro voltage) in Hertz and/or pH measurements. Most diseases start in an acid body when the cell voltage declines and gets below normal healthy cell levels. How does the body cell voltage decline? It is by eating excess acidic foods or foods that have very little or no vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and fiber. Professor Hague also says that a person’s mind can also lower micro voltage in both the body and brain cells. That is why it is so important to be happy, not worry, or be depressed. This is so important in the health of the brain and body cells.

Professor Hague’s remarkable discovery that the CellSonic VIPP therapy machine would raise diseased cells and cancer cell voltage is remarkable. This means that the process begins in the microscopic world of atoms (nucleus and electrons) and body cell molecules. Treatment of cancer cells was only a start. Professor Hague found that the CellSonic VIPP therapy machine would raise diseased cell voltage in cancer plus many other diseases.

Once diseased cell voltage is raised to normal, healthy diets, mind, and life steps need to be taken to maintain the health of the brain and body cells. A good example of this is shown in the Budwig cancer clinic. Professor Hagues’ words were. “Once the CellSonic treatment is done, the acid/alkaline balance (pH) should stay optimum, converting disease cells back to normal voltage and normal cells.“ After cancer and other disease patients are cured, they need to adhere to strict high voltage (electromagnetic ) foods while staying away from acidic producing foods like sugar, sugar derivatives, excess carbohydrates, deep frying fats, Omega – 6 oils, red meat, processed and refined foods.

Most oncologists pay no attention to the diet and voltage of body cells. They rely on their drugs and prescriptions. Many oncologists do not mention other treatment modalities other than their chemotherapy and radiation.

The mechanism for changing body and brain cell voltage starts in the atoms (nucleus and electrons) and body cell molecules. Think of electrons as little tiny moons circling the earth (cell nucleus). These voltages are related to the electrons in the body cell molecules as being acidic or alkaline. The changes are related to your diet. An ACIDIC ATOM can LOSE AN ELECTRON WHICH lowers the cell voltage. This is called “ELECTRON STEALING, or “OXIDATION.” It also is called a “FREE RADICAL.” The diet entry is called an “OXIDANT.”

An oxidant (usually acidic from acidic foods) will cause an atom in body cell molecules to lose an electron. This lowers the cell voltage. Chronic diseases always have a lower cell voltage. They also have missing electrons (in their atoms) which causes the cell voltage to be lower.

MOST HEALTHY CELLS GAIN BACK or keep AN ELECTRON, getting it from alkaline (higher voltage food), or if diseased, from the Cellsonic VIPP therapy machine. The diet gain of electrons can be compared to the Gerson cancer clinic giving many glasses of pure raw, cold alkaline vegetable juice every day to cancer patients. These alkaline atoms (added electrons) are called CELL DONORS. These donor cells can raise the voltage on acidic cells, making them healthier. The diet entry is called an “ANTIOXIDANT.”

The other mechanism of healthy cells or repairing damaged cells involves gaining electrons in diseased cell molecules with a machine. It can be done mechanically by zapping the nucleus AND ELECTRONS of cells and raising the voltage with a machine called the CellSonic VIPP (very intense pressure pulses ) machine. It can also cause diseased cells including cancer to gain electrons. This mechanism is the same as the diet when it raises the alkalinity with alkaline foods, but much more effective. When healing takes place, the added electron (electron donor) converts the disease cells to healthy cells. Both the ALKALINE diet and the CellSonic machine then are ELECTRON DONORS.

When a disease like cancer has progressed for a long time and is cured, a great bioelectric diet has a hard time keeping the ideal alkalinity of previously entrenched diseased cells. Many other modalities of treatment are needed.

As the diet becomes more and more acidic from refined and processed foods, sugar, omega-6 oils, red meat, etc., the body and brain cells can lose more electrons in their molecules. This will lower the voltage in these cells. Many researchers say that as the person has a chronic acidic diet, the more chance of getting some minor diseases and/or some very serious diseases. The minor diseases can be chronic like colitis, leaky bowel syndrome, fatigue, Candida yeast/fungus manifestation, psoriasis, allergies, eczema, arthritis, etc. This chronic minor disease state increases the chance of getting serious diseases and reduces longevity. Also, many body cells get sick and cannot perform their duties. Another thing that happens is that these sick cells cannot make new cells. This takes a toll on longevity also.

Professor Hague also mentioned that when a person gets sick, tired, worried, or depressed, the body and brain cell voltage will get lower. This is very important in cancer treatment because patients cannot afford lower cancer cell voltages. Cancer practitioners and health professionals need to help these patients stay comfortable with assurances of cure, health, happiness, comfort, and contentment plus knowing that God will help them heal.

To summarize, chronic diseases always have lower cell voltages starting with the electron theft of electrons in the molecules of diseased body cells. If a person wants to cure the chronic disease state, they have to raise the voltage with their diet, electron donors (antioxidants), or with a machine that is capable of raising the cell voltage. Cured disease patients cannot maintain their cured disease cells without maintaining a raw, live, electromagnetic diet to maintain their cells and make new healthy cells.

The disease starts in the small intestine with a bad diet that needs to be changed after a disease treatment to maintain healthy cells. Candida yeast/fungus, acidic foods, parasites, bad bacteria, other bad molds, and yeasts, refined and processed foods need to be minimized to prevent toxins, inflammation, and leaky gut. “LEAKY GUT IS THE DOORWAY TO DISEASE.”

If you haven’t done so, get yourself and your family some oral hydrion litmus paper from a health or nutrition store. I have been getting my hydrion litmus paper from Daily Manufacturing Company for over 35 years. The owner is a biochemist, and their products are the best around. Their phone number is 800 868 0700

If you would like to get more information on the subject of cell voltage and ionization of body cells, look up Dr. Carey Reams and/or Dr. A. F. Beddoe on the internet. The importance of monitoring your saliva and urine to check the pH of your blood and body cells is a great service to your health. It is as important as monitoring your blood pressure.

Otto Warburg, the man who discovered cancer said. “the main cause of cancer is the acidity of the human body. A poor diet and lower cell voltage always involve a lower-body cell pH.”

January 29, 2022

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