April 4, 2019 ~ The Facebook Chronicles

An interesting hour on Facebook tonight. As always there are posts to smile about, cry about, get angry about, but of course – what bothers me is having put efforts into posting information that is submitted to educate and help people. No foul language – no smart-aleck comments – just superb, well researched information – in this case – related to issues which DO affect YOUR health and well-being, but then the new “rules” at Facebook – are against this kind of information.

This evening, I posted seven columns from one of our premier web/blogs, one article dealing specifically with Cancer and Coffee enemas and Nicholas Gonzalez, another dealing with the mysterious death of a number of Medical Doctor’s who had seriously questioned certain aspects of their profession (which in part was associated with the last five links that we posted here this evening) – vaccinations. BANG – all seven columns are still within my FB page – however were removed from the home page within minutes of my having posted them (I have taken snapshot evidence).

It would appear that anything of a serious nature that is posted on Facebook – which is designed to TEACH and challenge the reader – is VERBOTEN (forbidden). I submit to you that Facebook is no longer a social network – but a Socialist Network, which has taken it upon itself to dictate to those of us who enjoy the participation of conversation – what we can and cannot talk about.

Apparently America is no longer a Nation that tolerates Free Speech – other than fer certain people.

Now – let us see how long the THIS post remains on Facebook…