America’s Diminishing IQ

Wherever one goes on social media or any other public forum, one of the main thrusts of conversation is the apparent mental deterioration of the American public. Today’s Americans are not only more ignorant than previous generations, but as illustrated by our violent politics and social chaos, we appear to have lost the ability to function as civilized people. Much is explained by our deplorable educational system, but the loss of the ability of many people of all ages to rationally think and act cannot be explained away simply by bad schools or toxic entertainment. Even the most credulous are beginning to believe that there is some underlying reason for the collapse of the American intellect, something that is more basic than bad teachers, schools and curricula—and they’re right.

Many Americans already distrust the medical community when it comes to vaccines as well as our chemical industry when it comes to pesticides, “treated” seeds, food additives etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum. Everywhere we turn, we discover our government and its commercial allies “helping” us through the use of chemical and other agents more fit to be weapons of war than blessings of health and peace. For those who clearly see that as a nation we are becoming more stupid with the passage of time, there is one agent that is altogether ubiquitous in our lives and is a known cause of intellectual devastation. That agent is fluoride.

Two-thirds of our population drinks water to which fluoride has been intentionally added though ever growing research indicates that this heavy metal (to help understand this fact, mercury is also a heavy metal!) is a neurotoxin that can lower IQ and cause other health problems. Most problematic is prenatal exposure, raising concerns about pregnant women and their offspring. Perhaps the precipitous rise in autism can be explained by this generations long exposure to a brain destroying chemical. More than 300 animal and human studies have proposed that fluoride is not safe at any level whatsoever but the establishment studies claim that no one has suffered any harm from its ingestion.

Fluoride displaces iodine from the thyroid and without iodine, the body cannot make the necessary hormones connected with that vital organ thus raising the risk of hypothyroidism, a matter that in turn affects energy and induces weight gain. And we wonder why America is not only less intelligent but overweight! Fluoride is a mitochondrial poison, sabotaging the body’s ability to create cellular energy in the form of ATP, an agent that reacts with all the enzymes in the body.

Dr. Hardy Limeback, a researcher and professor emeritus of the University of Toronto Dental School gave a presentation on the dangers of fluoride that has caused many dentists to rethink the value of the substance to prevent cavities. Meanwhile, infants who aren’t breastfed received hundreds of times more of this poison in their formula feedings. The latest research put out by Dr. William Hirzy, a former “risk assessment” scientist with the EPA shows that to avoid a 5 point IQ loss, an adult should absorb no more than 0.001 milligrams per kilogram per day—about the same amount found in human breast milk. Further research shows an overall 5 point IQ drop in the United States with our current exposure to fluoride and that Americans are getting far too much of this heavy metal with the resulting harm to our brains and other organs.

Possibly our present crop of “snowflakes” may be the result of government tinkering with our well being in the name of helping its citizens.

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Written by Sidney Secular for News With Views ~ October 2, 2018

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