Up in Smoke‘ ~ the Series

“If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls of those who live under tyranny.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

~ Foreword ~
I have a younger brother (age 63) that was diagnosed with lung cancer. Immediately, he was scared into surgery. Not only did the doctor cut out part of his lung, the doctor said he saw a cancer cell in my brother’s lymph nodes so he remove the lymph nodes under my brother’s right arm. Of course, the doctor lied and he also removed part of the system designed to fight cancerous cells, and to manufacture the lymphocytes necessary to fight infections.

The doctor said he “got it all”. And, yet, then started my brother on chemotherapy – third round coming up. Thus, as near as I can determine, the doctor’s intent is to assure he and the pharmaceuticals/hospitals get all the money they can from my brother’s condition.

Never are cancer patients fully informed, nor are they made aware of over 200 natural cures, and are prohibited if they do know, but may only prescribe cutting, poisoning, and burning, all of which increase cancer type cells and/or the spread. Symptoms are treated, while the real cause is ignored, and the ease of curing cancer (many natural cures known for the past six or more decades).

After hundreds of hours of research into this matter so that I could write a series of articles on pharma and its control, and the cancer industry as a whole, coupled with the fraud and deceit agency (the F.D.A.) and the fact that domestic terrorism is used to enforce the scam of the F.D.A., it is time that any doctor that does not fully disclose the facts about cancer and employs methods that harm rather than cure, should be tried and convicted, along with all people involved in the scam.

In 1992, congress – cads and felons they are – passed the “Prescription Drug User Fee Act“, through which drug companies pay the F.D.A. to approve drugs in essence. Besides billions in campaign contributions in the past few decades, drug companies now pay about half of the F.D.A.’s budget of $400 million a year.

While approving toxic substances, it also denies the people the full knowledge of natural substances and outlaws natural cures, such as Indica hemp buds and flowers (100 percent cure rate and preventative). Thus, the part of the real reason Marijuana is forcibly taken from the people. It is one of the oldest medicines known that cures every condition it seems, and has been used medicinally for 5,000 years. Up until the late 30’s, it comprised 50 percent of the medicine in America. Why was it made illegal? The drug companies that used it in making their medicines could not patent it, as natural plant substances cannot be patented.

Thus, they simply bought Congress and made it so highly taxed that farmers had to quit growing Sativa hemp, which competes in all categories against the petroleum industry, including fuel and plastics, fabrics (including fine linens and against lesser quality clothing made of cotton), and some 25,000 other products, including wood replacement and paper.

Of the latter, one acre of hemp replaces 12 acres of trees used for paper, while one acre of hemp also replaces 3 to 4 acres of trees used to make boards.

Every cancer patient produces on the average a $1.5 million dollar PROFIT for the medical and pharma industries.

Every chronic condition known can be cured virtually freely and without effects that are damaged by natural cures. Doctors and pharma would be out of business, except in trauma cases – IF the truth were known.

Ed Lewis
March 6, 2012

God’s gift to We the People includes natural substances to sustain our life. This begs the question of what is “natural”? For purposes of this treatise, it is easier to state what it is not, which is NOT man-made.

Natural also means man does not treat the plant or it fruits and vegetables with man-made substances or subject the natural plant to genetic modifications. Without any doubt whatsoever, organically grown plants are the healthiest for consumption.

We also consider meat and other animal produced products as natural. However, if processors put additives (e.g. color, preservatives), toxic wastes (e.g. fluoride in water used in processing), taste enhancers (toxic MSG), or other chemicals into the meat product, the product is NOT natural. This lets out eating any packaged “processed” meat, such as luncheon meats. (This does not include added natural spices by local processors.)

Lastly, we treat several non-living, but natural, substances as natural. Among these are oxygen, water (in its natural, non-poisoned state) and any other naturally occurring chemicals used by the human body to maintain life and good health. These substances aid organic substances in providing for growth, energy, maintaining the immune system and providing part of the materials for repairing damage to the body.

This series centers on plants, as the jury is still out on eating animal flesh and animal products. Of the many choices of plants available that cure or aid in curing chronic illnesses, I selected Cannabis and hemp plants in general. Hemp illustrates why we should not allow government and its many bureaucracies to determine what foods and naturally occurring substances we may use. Besides the fact that Cannabis is one of the ingredients in “The Holy Anointing Oil” (Exodus 30:22-30) of the Christian Bible, it cures or aids in curing an extensive list of ailments. In fact, it may have positive effects on every adverse health condition.

As an example, one cannot overstate the importance of preventing and curing cancer. The reason is that nearly 50 percent of men and 40 percent of women in America develop cancer.

Not commonly known (at least in America), THC containing hemp cures the cancerous condition. It does NOT just treat the condition’s symptoms (tumors). Thus, its value to we human beings is immeasurable, especially if one considers the total uses of the miraculous hemp plants.

Added to this is the fact that if one properly maintains his immune system, he cannot develop life-threatening cancer, as the immune system will destroy it in the early stages.

(NOTE: There will be verifiable additional information on Cannabis and the brief information stated above throughout this series. ~ E.L.)

First, we need to understand the foundation of the authority of the people, including over our own bodies, and over government.

We must also consider the fact that government has used all forms of communication to teach nothing but false and/or misleading information.

One might even state with the highest degree of accuracy that government – actually those that control it – uses force to take over the lives and properties of our people using domestic terrorism, fraud, and a plethora (lots of) of other crimes against the American people. This includes carrying out the genocide of our culture and society, and, yes, our people.

Without doubt, therefore, the American federal, state, and local chartered bodies politic are de facto governments. They use coercion and fear to enforce de facto “laws” on us and other innocent people around the world.

Thus, we must become clear in regard to the “by right” or de jure governing authority. Our youth must become aware of the truth and the truth must there-after prevail.

FREEDOM ~ The Role of Government: The Separation of Powers
To begin with, “freedom” means, “not under government control”, just as does “liberty”, including the free expression of human rights described by the Bill of Rights. To cover all conceivable behaviors, see the 9th Amendment. The only rule of law we are under is that we may not interfere with the inherent, unalienable rights of others. In other words, our individual rights end where another’s begin.

First and foremost, we each must understand that God or our (Nature’s) Creator – if you prefer, created us equal to each other, but superior to government. We are the sovereignty and, because we are the supreme authority in the real America that bask in equal authority, we cannot give to government authority we do not ourselves have.

We cannot, for example, give government authority to regulate our food because we have no authority to tell or order our neighbors what to do, including eating and drinking. Look at it this way. Would you like your neighbor coming in and telling you, “Hey, you can’t grow or buy and eat that raw vegetable; you have to eat this processed food containing many harmful chemicals.”

Additionally, consider this question. How in the name of all that is righteous can a fiction created by human minds tell those same human beings what to do or not do? After all, the created can never be greater than the Creator.

As for the federal government, key on the term, “federal.” It’s authority is only within its jurisdiction, as described in Article I, Section 8, Clauses 17 and 18, and for territories in Article IV, of the Constitution for the united States of America.

You will NOT find the states (which are the people of the many states that form the concept, “state”) listed in either of the above Articles of the Constitution because the federal government is just that – “federal” – and not of the many states. It is as foreign to the states as any foreign corporation. It is NOT the “government of the united States of America”.

Understand this… The Congress of the United States is the only “law” making authority but only within federal jurisdiction. It is the legislative body of the areas listed in the Constitution. To reiterate, Congress has NO authority over the people of the many states.

Members of Congress also have the duty of assuring that the rights of even one American Citizen, via his citizenship of one of the many states, are NOT violated by the federal, state, and quasi local governments.

The president is the President of the United States of America, not the President of the United States (Source: the Constitution). His job is largely to assure Congress does NOT enforce any of its legislation upon the people of the states.

He and his departments – or whatever – must assure Congress applies its dictates within the federal jurisdictional area; that no state or local government interferes with the rights of even one American Citizen. He must also assure that no part of the executive branch violates the rights of even one American man, woman, or child.

Additionally, the executive branch has NO legislative powers, either within federal jurisdiction of Congress, or within the many states. Executive orders are not valid, period, except when ordering about executive branch creations (bureaus, agencies, commissions, etc). Think. Why would people seeking freedom want to give one official the power to make laws over all? Would that not be establishing a “monarchy” form of tyrannical madness?

Note the difference in the titles, as this is extremely important in determining separation of powers. It is the Congress of the United States, but “…a President of the United States of America. The two are not, in fact, mixed as a unit but are totally separate.

NOTE: The Constitution does NOT grant a president any additional power during war or any other time. Such is a gigantic fraud committed against the American people and the people a president might order attacked. There is no such thing as war powers in regard to the American people, especially when directed to violations of constitutional limitations. ~ E.L.

The Article III created “one supreme Court” is not of either the United States or of the “united States of America”. It has no constitutional title other than the “one supreme Court”. It is, therefore, a separate entity, neutral from either the United States (the District of Columbia) and these united States of America.

Furthermore, the one supreme court has NO legislative power and its decisions are actually only opinions, as only the people can determine law in fact and substance. Thus, the importance of the people’s impartial Grand Jury and a neutral court (process) and jury and, hence, the importance of juries of the people determining law in fact and substance and jury nullification.

Never Forget: The PEOPLE are Sovereign (Supreme) to ALL Three

With that statement in mind, every official, whether state or local, within the many states must obey the limitations placed on government by the “Constitution FOR the united States of America” (NOTE: not OF the United States – see the Preamble). You see, every official MUST affirm or subscribe to an Oath of Office. If the official fails to affirm or subscribe to the Oath, the elected or appointed one must vacate the office.

Inherent, unalienable rights, whether enumerated or not, cannot be interfered with in any fashion by the people elected to, or appointed or hired by, the state government or its creations. “Its creations” are chartered city and county so-called “governments” and those granted lawful privileges (such as using “our” roads for commercial gain).

Just as with the federal government, state and local governments act as corporations. All corporations are artificial entities known as “persons” in statutes and other so-called “laws”.

The people never gave any corporation the authority to rule the people. Even with a bona fide contract with any American, the contract does not give a governing political body the authority to “rule”. It may only assure the terms of the contract are met both by the government and the contracted party.

~ “OUR” Bodies v. Government ~
One must clearly understand the meaning of “our bodies” referred to earlier, and the importance of putting the right stuff in them.

To begin with, our bodies, our thinking, and all that we are, are based in part on the fact that we are an electro biochemical system with known combinations of the chemicals required to form and maintain our billions and billions of cells.

Combining chemicals and electro systems, however, is not enough, not by a long shot. We have a spark, for want of a more definitive term, that we call “life” or “living”. In fact, all plants and animals, whether one-celled or trillions of cells, have the spark. Not only that, but part of the result can be photographed, as all living matter emits an “aura, which may persist long after death.

Not surprisingly, men cannot duplicate the spark; no matter how hard they try. Government, or at least the rather psycho controllers of government, try and try to no avail. We simply cannot create life where none existed before.

Thus, no government, nor no other man or group of men, created us. Our Creator gave us that spark, with our living condition determined solely by the materials provided us in natural form plus the spark He provided. “Life” and good health are maintained with the right chemicals and electromagnetic radiation put in or on the surfaces of our bodies (sunlight).

Our immune system relies on the right chemicals. Without them, it is destroyed or so seriously weakened that we suffer illnesses, which are usually chronic in nature. Only the right stuff cures the conditions.

The “right stuff” does not include manmade chemicals that are foreign to our bodies. While we suffer no side effects from the right stuff in the right quantities, the same is not true of manmade chemicals. At best, manmade chemicals mask symptoms, while at the worst, cause side effects from mild to extremely dangerous, even to the degree of causing death.

Since we own our bodies, it is solely up to each of us as individuals to determine what we put in our bodies. Government, nor its controllers behind the scenes, has any authority to dictate the plants we grow as food and medicine, or the plants we grow and sell for the use of others. The Constitution does NOT grant Government the authority. Thus, the authority does NOT exist.

Nor does the Constitution grant government the authority to dictate the animal flesh we eat, as that is, and must be, the sole determination by each of us as individuals. Such a determination is between each of us as individuals and our Creator.

Government cannot tell us what foods or anything else we may use medicinally. This includes any part of plants, those known as herbs, and even chemicals government deems “drugs”. It may not dictate the use of any treatment for conditions we might suffer. It simply is against all that is righteous (lawful), a fact that it seems must be forced upon the so-called “leaders” that have violated the trust of their fellow men. Only our ignorance and/or fear that allows them to treat we people as non-human beings to use and abuse, or discard, or poison and control at their will.

So, here is where we are… We the People are free to do as we want within or between states without – that is, WITHOUT – government interference. Like it or not, there is no authority whatsoever to allow government to regulate any Citizen or group of Citizens so long as the group or individual does not intentionally damage another or his property.

Here are the primary rules of the “rule of Law”.

* We people own our bodies. No one man or group of men has the authority to tell us what we may put into our bodies, or to regulate substances created by Nature’s God.

* We people may only regulate ourselves in equality with our fellow Americans. Our Creator created we people. Government is not our creator, and therefore has no authority to regulate us. We instead tell it what to do.

* Any American government may only regulate itself and its creations. It has no authority over we people and is limited from interfering with our free expression of our inherent, inalienable rights, whether within or between the many states. You see, “among” did not originally mean “between” but meant within a number of others.

We are, and must be, free men and women with freedom of choice. Otherwise, all that is good about Mankind may not survive. Self-actualization of Mankind will cease, leaving only the hate-filled elite evil scum that currently plagues the world with wars, genocide of societies and groups of people, and mass poisoning through our food, water, and air. They will, unless stopped immediately, eventually wipe out most, if not all, of Mankind.

It is to that, that we must focus our attention and effort.

December 17, 2011

“Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere.” – George Washington

Indian Hemp (Apocynum cannibinum)

QUESTION: The more one dwells in the world of deceit surrounding us, including that by the complete medical system, one focuses increasingly on answering the question, JUST WHO ARE THE CRIMINALS???

January 29, 2012 ~ It was difficult to decide exactly how to start this section, but it seemed that answering the above question or beginning to provide a valid base for the eventual answer, seemed as good as any I could think of.

This became especially true after reading comments on many sites that had articles on hemp and legalizing it. It seems many – maybe disinformationists – believe that people want hemp legalized so that marijuana would be legal. This is pure garbage, but does point out a real problem.

The problem is that far too many people do not have a clue of, or do not fully grasp, the facts concerning hemp and marijuana and its relation to the overall picture of government control on natural substances. This includes those that out of ignorance or intention that aid and abet government’s lies.

The fact is that the majority seems to equate hemp with marijuana, and that those against hemp and marijuana, believe every myth ever uttered about marijuana, or willingly aid in traitorous acts against the American people.

Thus, and in part to my own confusion over which species or subspecies have medicinal qualities and/or industrial uses, I spent a great deal of time watching videos, taking notes from videos and various sites, and listening to interviews. It was well worth the effort, even though quite often frustrating.

Misinformation, conflicting information, and confusion over the biological names of Cannabis species and subspecies largely led to the frustration. In fact, there does not seem to be any complete agreement except that the genus of all the cannabinoid containing plants is Cannabis.

On the majority of the sites I visited and in the videos I downloaded, the opinion of most of the taxonomists and so-called ‘experts’ stated the only species of Cannabis is sativa. (Note that scientific names for genus, species, and subspecies are italicized.)

These folks stated that Cannabis sativa has two subspecies. One is sativa while the other is indica. But, use of the name, ‘sativa’ can be confusing when differentiating between marijuana and hemp.

Generally, the sites that I visited that have the most information (excepting one that I discounted because the author contradicted himself), the measure of whether the plant is considered marijuana is the amount of the psychoactive ingredient known as delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) contained in the plant.

If it is from roughly 3 percent (possibly as low as 2 percent) to 20 percent (seems to be the most agreed upon upper limit), it can produce the ‘high’ of euphoria. This plant also contains less of the antipsychoactive cannabinoid, CBD, the second most abundant and important cannabinoid contained in plants of the genus, Cannabis. These plants are considered indica.

If the plant contains less THC (0.5 percent to 1 percent) but more of the anti-euphoric ingredient, CBD, then it is NOT marijuana. It is virtually impossible to produce a high from this amount or less. As one site put it,

“To receive a standard psychoactive dose would require a person to power-smoke 10-12 hemp cigarettes over an extremely short period of time. The large volume and high temperature of vapor, gas and smoke would be almost impossible for a person to withstand.”

As Dr. West puts it in his report concerning myths and realities about the form of Cannabis known as hemp:

Myth: “Smoking industrial hemp gets a person high.”

Reality: The THC levels in industrial hemp are so low that no one could get high from smoking it. Moreover, hemp contains a relatively high percentage of another cannabinoid, CBD, that actually blocks the marijuana high. Hemp, it turns out, is not only not marijuana; it could be called “antimarijuana.” Hemp and Marijuana: Myths & Realities, by David P. West, Ph.D. (My emphasis) The complete report may be read at: http://www.naihc.org/hemp_information/content/hemp.mj.html

Therefore, for this and other reasons discussed later, this variety of Cannabis is industrial hemp. Sativa (as the species) actually has some 400 subspecies that for the most part have been eliminated by ignorant so-called ‘law makers’ and their law enforcers, for example, and because seed banks of the various subspecies were not maintained.

There is nothing better than being high – on LIFE!

Here is where the confusion came from. According to some sites, Cannabis sativa indica is the subspecies that contains high enough levels of THC to cause a high and to treat many medical conditions, while Cannabis sativa sativa does NOT cause a high but still has medicinal value due to the huge number of cannabinoid compounds contained in the plants.

Other sites treat sativa and indica as distinct species, as in Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. These sites also introduce a third species, Cannabis ruteralis. I presumed that ruteralis in this classification scheme includes all or most of the other 400 varieties of Cannabis plants that do not cause a high and are not used as industrial hemp. However, these plants must have health benefits due to their content of cannabinoids.

Due to my own confusion caused by the many different classification treatments of non-euphoria and euphoria producing plants, I think it is important that this is simplified as much as possible so that I do not add to the confusion. In scientific jargon, I am operationally defining my terms.

1. Cannabis – When I use the term, Cannabis, I refer to the entire group of cannabinoid containing plants, which includes, amongst others, both Sativa (hemp) and Indica (marijuana).

2. Sativa or hemp – When I use the terms, Sativa or hemp, I refer to industrial hemp only. I am also treating Sativa as a common name (no italics). This plant’s ingredients do not produce a high but do have medicinal/health value due to its high content of CBD along with many other cannabinoids. It grows much taller, is very fibrous (soft fibers), spindlier, and has longer, narrower leaves (many pictures of it are on the web).

3. Indica or Marijuana – When I use the terms, Indica (also as a common name) or marijuana (also spelled ‘marihuana’), I refer only to the form of Cannabis that produces a high. This plant is much shorter, thicker, less fibrous, with leaves that are distinctly different from Sativa. Additionally, Indica has far greater medicinal values for some conditions due to its high concentration of THC and its low concentration of CBD.

Both Sativa and Indica have tremendous health and medicinal benefits without any side effects whatsoever. This brought to mind a question that every American should want answered, especially when one adds in the many non-health/industrial benefits of the plants. Consider –

Why in America, the alleged land of the free, do governments treat what is quite possibly God’s greatest plant gift to Mankind treated like the plague? Surely, by all that is righteous, the governments are corrupt beyond belief.

Note: ‘Governments’ include the leader of the pack, the federal government, and then both the state governments the state governments’ creations, chartered local governments. All have, once elected (or appointed), either lost or ignore government is, by, for, and of the people.

In answering this question, it seems that far too many of our people remain indoctrinated to the false belief that government officials tell the truth. Either that, or they are simply ignorant of the effects of government actions. This makes it even more difficult for the ‘brainwashed’ to believe the fact that marijuana (or marihuana) and its effects are NOT as government and its propaganda tools taught them.

In the case of marijuana and hemp, the well-oiled propaganda machine has been at it for quite some time. It has been a long-term effort of mind control by government and its association with the cartels that control behind the scenes.

You see, the federal government set out in the late 1930s to brainwash the American public about Cannabis. Although the earliest film was about marijuana, I stated Cannabis because hemp was eventually completely associated with marijuana. There is a reason to create the belief that the two are one and the same in most people’s minds.

The film introduced the falsehoods that Cannabis produces a horrible drug that would deprive us of our sanity, destroy our society, and turn people into crazed, extremely violent criminals. (See the ridiculous 1938 movie by the government – Reefer Madness.)

I suspect there are those that will NOT believe that the first law concerning hemp in what was to become America was that the governing body of one of the earliest colonies ordered it grown. The governing body of Jamestown Colony, Virginia, gave the order. I presume the order was because of the medicinal and industrial uses of Cannabis.

Nor will they believe that during World War II, the same government that effectively outlawed all Cannabis fully supported and pushed growing hemp. See the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s 1942 documentary film, Hemp for Victory.

I did not know prior to perhaps a dozen years ago that Cannabis was one of the leading agricultural products of the world and America. In fact, most of the people I have known during my life, including several hundred marijuana users, were also ignorant of this fact.

Nor did we know that Cannabis was one of or the leading medicine producing plant for thousands of years, including being part of “The Holy Anointing Oilof the Bible. This became clear about three or four months ago when I began researching natural cures for the plague of society – cancer. Cannabis (primarily Indica) is just one of the perhaps 200 natural cures or protocols for curing the cancerous condition.

In line with this, did you know that people treated themselves for dozens of conditions with over-the-counter Cannabis-based medicines? In fact, pharmaceutical companies, such as Eli Lily and Merck, based 50 percent of their medicines on Cannabis. This applied especially to Indica, and revealing a practice that continued right up into the 20th Century.

Khalil Bendib is OtherWords’ cartoonist

So, why did pharmaceutical companies stop using Cannabis for medicines? Did Cannabis quit curing abruptly in 1937? Or is the reason far more sinister? Is it possible the elite still use medicinal Cannabis, for example, while withholding it from the American public?

How about this as an interesting fact? Did you know the founders printed the first two copies of the Declaration of Independence on paper made from hemp? Yes, paper – a product made far more efficiently and cheaper from hemp than making paper from wood. Ben Franklin knew and started the first American paper mill using hemp.

Or that 5,000 textiles, including fine linens, are made from hemp?

Or that one of its 25,000 products is biodegradable plastic? Just think of the landfills without petroleum based plastics that never degrade, and the health benefits without plastics’ poisons that seep into food and drink.

Or that another product is fuel? In fact, most of the early man-made lighting oil came from industrial hemp, not the nasty, evil smelling petroleum.

As an introduction to the medical benefits of Marijuana, look at the portion of Dr. Tod’s list below. The list shows a few of the conditions that are treatable and/or curable with the Sativa and/or Indica Cannabis plants. (Dr. Tod’s complete list to the date of this writing may be reviewed at: http://www.letfreedomgrow.com/cmu/DrTodHMikuriya_list.htm)

International Classification of Diseases 9 – CM 1996
Chronic Conditions Treated With Cannabis
Encountered Between 1990-2004
© 2004 Tod H. Mikuriya, M.D.

Genital Herpes 054.10
AIDS Related Illness 042
Malignant Melanoma 172.9
Other Skin Cancer 173
Prostate Cancer 186
Testicular Cancer 186.9
Adrenal Cortical Cancer 194.0
Brain malignant tumor 191
Glioblastoma Multiforme 191.9
Cancer, site unspecified 199
Lympho & reticular ca 200
Myeloid leukemia 205
Uterine cancer 236.0
Lymphoma 238.7
Diabetes Adult Onset 250.0
Diabetes Insulin Depend. 250.1
Diabetes Adult Onset Uncontrolled 250.2
Diabetic Renal Disease 250.4
Diabetic Ophthalmic Disease 250.5
Diabetic Neuropathy 250.6
Diabetic Peripheral Vascular Disease 250.7
Hypoglycemia(s) 251
Autoimmune disease 279.4
Hemophilia A 286.0
Senile Dementia+ 290.0
ADD w/o hyperactivity 314.00
ADD w hyperactivity 314.01
ADD other 314.8
Migraine, Classical+ 346.0
Cluster Headaches 346.2
Macular Degeneration** 362.5
Glaucoma 365.23
Hypertension+ 401.1
Asthma, unspecific 493.9
Endometriosis** 617.9
Arthritis, Degenerative 715.0
Insomnia+ 780.52
Sleep Apnea 780.57
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 780.7

+ Represents citations from pre-1937 medical literature
**From Dale Gieringer, PhD CA NORML Hotline
12-30-96 Press Conference

(Note: Non-essential code explanations were removed)

The above list does not include lung cancer but a Harvard report does. The only problem with the report is that no medical school or other pharmaceutical controlled researcher completes a thorough study of Cannabis curing cancer.

To sell their drugs, pharmaceutical companies hire former cheerleaders and ex- models to wine and dine doctors, exaggerate the drug’s …

Even if the medical researchers did valid research, the pharmaceutical companies would prevent the information from reaching the public, just as they have with the extreme and life-threatening dangers of the orthodox treatments. Contrary to what people believe, pharmaceutical companies have that much control over the F.D.A., the balance of government, and the media.

But, at least the Harvard report does state the truth as far as it goes, that Cannabis reduced lung cancer tumors in size and weight (about 50 percent) and reduced lesions by about 60 percent.

Clearly, Cannabis does not cause metastasis (spreading) of cancerous tumors but instead inhibits the spread and, according to many reports on or from patients (thousands upon thousands world wide), it destroys the tumors and corrects the condition. It does not kill or aid in killing as cutting (surgery), poisoning (chemotherapy), and burning (radiation) do.

For more information on cancer and curing with Cannabis, there are many sources with reliable and valid results as to halting, treating, and curing the cancerous condition. Of course, the most valuable benefit is that people cured themselves at home, free of any cost and interference by the medical/pharmaceutical industries.

In regard to the orthodox means by the F.D.A. that are also demanded by the medical, the pharmaceutical industry, and several states’ statutes, the chemicals used in therapy and the radiation cause cancer. Surgery, although in some cases necessary, can cause the spread of tumors (See Dr. Lorraine Days’ reporting).

I might add that the statutes are dangerous symptoms of governments that are completely out of control, as are the ignored dangers of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments.

Hmm, if state legislatures make a law prohibiting a medical treatment, is this not ‘practicing medicine without a license’ and contributing to any maiming, other long-term effects, and death that occurs due to not allowing the proper treatment?

But, do not necessarily blame the doctors. Doctors do what the schools teach them.

The problem is the schools do not teach that nutrition is the foundation of getting the proper chemicals that maintain our bodies and enhance our immune systems. They also do not teach that the immune system cures our bodies, not medications.

Additionally, medical training ignores the many poisons put in our food, water, and air. It also seems that medical schools do not teach doctors the extreme dangers of pharmaceuticals and the poisons in vaccines. Or that pharmaceuticals treat or hide symptoms but never cure chronic illnesses or diseases.

Are they knowledgeable about Indica and the importance of cannabinoids? One must doubt this, as doctors do not know, nor will most accept, that throughout history, Cannabis has no bad side effects at all during the thousands of years of medical usage.

It would seem that with all of the information and links being provided by the author, that the above posted image might be a bit full of it?

Most doctors do not seem to know that marijuana does not cause one to seek stronger drugs or physiological addiction. Or that marijuana does not normally increase aggression that causes people to act ‘crazy’.

Do doctors know that there is NOT a case in human history for the last 5,000 years of medicinal (and recreational) use that Cannabis caused a death?

Do they know that approved man-made chemicals cause hundreds of thousands of deaths annually, both through overdoses and horrific side effects that accompany most pharmaceuticals? If so, they hide it very well. (A later section contains a massive amount of information concerning the dangers of F.D.A. approved pharmaceuticals in comparison to Natures’ creations.)

Put simply, doctors, excepting a few, are just as dummied down and indoctrinated as most of the rest of our people are. I suspect that they believe that if the F.D.A. approves a drug and the schools teach the use of it, that the chemical poses no danger to their patients.

Even more alarming is the fact that if a doctor does know about the effectiveness of natural cures, he also knows that using such knowledge to cure his patients would likely cause the repeal of his license to practice medicine.

Thus, unless such a doctor has impeccable integrity and the courage to really go out on a limb, he will continue with orthodox treatments that do not cure but, instead, are more likely to damage his patients. Even with doctors, fear rules.

Perhaps one is getting an inkling of the fact that both Indica and Sativa (and other natural preventatives and cures) are medicinally in direct competition against the pharmaceutical industry. One cannot overstress the importance of this fact.

Add this that Cannabis is also in direct competition with other industries. There is nothing like competing against such giants as the petroleum industry’s mighty cartels to bring the wrath of these elitists down upon a person.

Remember this, or learn if you never knew. A tumor is a symptom of having the condition known as ‘cancer’. The tumor’s location determines the name ‘given’ the cancer in most cases.

Also, remember that if one’s immune system is healthy, one cannot suffer from cancer. The immune system will stop it, just as it will any other illness type condition, including Diabetes II and other chronic illnesses/diseases.

For personal experiences in natural curing by Marijuana, watch Richard Simpson’s ‘Run From the Cure‘. It gives one a great start for information concerning the wonder of Cannabis, particularly Indica, and using its THC as a cure for cancer and other conditions. Never mind searching.

Mr. Simpson’s video will also lead to others that have cured themselves through not only Cannabis, but also many other natural means, along with evidence supplied through other sources that have validated natural cures for cancer.

One of the latter is a book and video by G. Edward Griffin. The book is named, World Without Cancer, and his video of the same name that reveals the cancerous condition as a vitamin deficiency should be watched and downloaded.

Another video on an alternate cure is by Dr. Burzynski that is allowed to run field tests on his procedure, permission that came after years of battling with government and the only clinic I could find with such permission. He tells his story along with the development of his cure. You may view or download his video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBUGVkmmwbk

For further documentation from another medical source that, even though she was very nearly dead from the cancerous condition she endured, she cured herself of cancer without surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation. Go to, www.drday.com, read her story, and then order her DVD, “Cancer Doesn’t Scare Me Anymore!” I have it and I assure you that you, your family, and friends will not be disappointed.

Why does government treat Cannabis (and other natural cures) as being illegal and dangerous? Why does the government prevent our people from enjoying its many health benefits? Why does government deny we people its many non-medical and industrial uses?

The answer to that appears complicated but is, in fact, rather simple when one sees the whole picture. When one understands that government became a criminal organization controlled by criminal organizations, the answers leap out at you. The fog of confusion dissipates with the corruption of the system made crystal clear.

However, at this time, let me state that keeping Cannabis illegal is simply a great moneymaker (including property theft) and law enforcer creator for the government. It is part of the war against the people’s health and well-being and, of course, the free exercise of inherent, unalienable rights.

The criminal acts by government contributes directly to the huge increases in most chronic illnesses, with the medical, pharmaceutical, and other industries increasing their profits tremendously.

Along with these effects is the fact that the profits and control of the traitors that now fill every level of government have also increased way, way outside of constitutional limitations, which means outside of Law. This is the basis for my belief that government (all levels) is a criminal enterprise.

It is, of course, my responsibility to prove the above beyond all doubt. In meeting this goal, it is important that our people understand exactly how the F.D.A. operates. I.e., why does it NOT approve natural substances while approving extremely dangerous drugs?

~ Addendum ~
I must apologize to those that read this series. When I began the research, which is ongoing, I did not know where it was going to lead me. I did have a basic idea of what I would find due to extensive study into government corruption. The result the volume of information has increased my planned original two articles into I do not know how many at this time. ~ E.L.

Show me de monee!

Just for example, the findings on the operation and control of the F.D.A. and Congress by the pharmaceutical, the major corporate farming and food processing, the petroleum industries, and the effects on we people could fill a huge book.

Part of my intent also expanded to providing enough information so others may gain some insight into officials that somehow believe they have the authority to prohibit our use of natural substances. We are human beings with inherent rights, not some lower test tube subject or pawns for their craziness.

We have the right to healthy food without all the government permitted toxins; clean natural water without all the government permitted toxins; and non-toxic air without all the government added poisons and anti good health chemicals and other agents.

Think about it. Just who the heck do they think they are???

“The medical establishment works closely with the drug multinationals whose main objective is profits, and whose worst nightmare would be an epidemic of good health. Lots of drugs MUST be sold. In order to achieve this, anything goes: lies, fraud, and kickbacks. Doctors are the principal salespeople of the drug companies. They are rewarded with research grants, gifts, and lavish perks. The principal buyers are the public – from infants to the elderly – who MUST be thoroughly medicated and vaccinated…at any cost! ~ Dr. Guylaine Lanctot, M.D., author of The Medical Mafia How To Get Out of It Alive and Take Back Our Health and Wealth

Section A – Reflections
Can this be – that the worst nightmare for the medical establishment would be an epidemic of good health? Does this not mean that the medical establishment promotes and propagates bad health? If so, how can this be?

After all, do we not have a Congress and all officials that protect our individual rights? Isn’t it the goal of “…a President of the United States of America” (Constitution’s proper title) to assure no agency or Congress or any other body politic allows intentional dangerous substances used on our people?

Do we not, for example, have organizations led by the Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.) that assures all substances taken in by our people are safe?

Is it not the alleged purpose of the Drug Enforcement Agency (D.E.A.) to assure damaging drugs do not stay available for use by the public? Is it not part of its duty to assure no organization makes these dangerous drugs available for use by the public?

Or, are these stated goals purely a myth with true intent disguised?

If so, how can the medical establishment possibly promote substances that do not promote good health but instead promote bad health?

Is it possible that we people face a cartel of organizations that do not promote good health? Is it possible a cartel works to assure substances that could make us healthy are removed from use by the public?

Does the cartel, if such a thing exists, depend on the faith that people have in medical doctors to promote the very things that cause and perpetuate poor health rather than the converse?

Are doctors just as dummied down as most people? Do they not act as if they believe the falsehoods told by the prescription drug industry? Do they not support those that stand to gain by our people becoming sicker and sicker, with chronic conditions prevailing instead of excellent health?

Should we be calling the F.D.A. the Fraud and Deceit Agency’; the purveyor of poisons rather than the protector of cures of medical conditions and proper food (nutrition)?

Should we not think of the D.E.A. as a criminal agency since it supports the use of damaging drugs upon the people, while enforcing against the most beneficial naturally occurring substances? Or, is it just the opposite?

Does it – and the F.D.A. – also not work diligently to keep natural drugs (actually foodstuffs) from the people that we have every right to use at our choice?

If so, is it just so they can keep their cushy government jobs? Is it in part so that they can satisfy their psychopathic tendencies? Do they not use violence and other coercive measures to force compliance to changing rules? Are these measures not psychotic and genocidal?

In that light, would it not be more appropriate to think of the D.E.A. as a Domestic Enemy of America’s way of life – the freedom of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness)?

Is it actually unreasonable and against the facts to believe that there is a cartel (interest group)? How about if we include those that work together to deny people natural foods and medications? Does this group not include drug companies and agricultural based firms, such as Monsanto? How about corporate farming and food processing during which they add in F.D.A. approved toxins?

Is it possible that medical schools and hospital staffs do not figure into the mix? How about other members of government, from state and local, that make and enforce de facto rules coerced upon us that regulate synthetic drugs (poorly) and natural foods (unconstitutionally)?

Is it true that all of these and others are involved in creating and increasing chronic and often death-causing illnesses to epidemic proportions? Do they all not aid in increasing other less life-threatening conditions in our people?

Are a huge number of our people drugged from birth on, beginning with vaccinations that usually cause more harm than good? Or, is the opposite the truth?

Does it not seem as if the goal is to drug all our people? Kind of, “Hey, don’t fix the problem. Got an ache? Take a pill. Child misbehaving? Give him some psychotropic pharmaceutical drug. Can’t sleep? Take a pill. Can’t wake up? Take a pill. Depressed? Take a pill. Over active? Control it chemically with a pill or two.” And, so on and on it goes.

Then, the D.E.A. enforces the cartel’s unconstitutional (within the many states) desires and orders. This includes acting against the healthy foodstuffs we may use. Often, as well depicted in mainstream media, F.D.A./D.E.A. attacks against the people involve state and local enforcers.

The above, including Parts I and II add up to this amazing fact. Our population is about 4.6 to 5.0 percent of the world’s human population. Yet, our people are responsible for over 50 percent of pharma’s bill for prescription drugs. See Leon Mosher, M.D. in “Prescription for Disaster…” cited within. And, this doesn’t count the over-the-counter drugs that people buy and use like candy.

So, just what the heck is going on? Why are Americans the most drugged people on this good Earth?

Section B – Pharma’s Control over the F.D.A.
Please note this addendum. The quotes contained below came from the documentary by Gary Null unless stated otherwise. The effort cited within is Gary Null’s and those professionals speaking or writing of their findings and concerns.

No doubt, there are those that might start thinking “conspiracy theorist”, so let us examine a few facts. After all, if there is a verifiable fact, then a conspiracy theory becomes a conspiracy. As we all should know, the best lies include some truth. So, if a truth exists that exposes the lies, then doubt of a conspiracy cannot withstand.

Dr. David J. Graham, MD, MPH, was serving as the Associate Director for Science, F.D.A. Office of Drug Safety. He reported that the drug industry thought that every day of approval delay costs the industry from a million to two million dollars. Thus, it is to the industry’s benefit to get drugs approved as rapidly as possible.

The educational machine teaches we people that the F.D.A. exists to protect us against poor (dangerous) foodstuffs and dangerous drugs. Our protection, after all, is the stated goal of all American governing entities (See the “unanimous Declaration of Independence…”).

As the prime regulatory agency, it is the F.D.A.’s job to determine if the research is valid, and whether or not the drugs produce the desired positive effects while minimizing negative effects. Do the benefits outweigh the risks, one might ask.

The F.D.A. has about an annual $400 million dollar operating budge. The public funding of its operation should assure that it does operate only in the best interests of the people. After all, there is no other reason to use public funds, and this cuts out obvious influence and conflicts of interests.

Enter the drug companies and its most important goal – to make money hand over fist. Allegedly, the companies examine the drugs thoroughly, including do they work and if they have any bad side effects, both short and long term.

You see, no matter what, drug companies do not produce natural substances, as the companies cannot patent natural substances. They are, therefore, foreign to the human body, which makes the potential of harmful side effects very real.

The problem for pharma was how to get around full research that might take years before the F.D.A. approved a drug. Drug companies hired lobbyists. The lobbyists spend billions in pushing for rapid approval for new drugs. In other words, the goal was to buy (bribe) our “illustrious” members of Congress and F.D.A. officials.

The lobbyists were (and are) did their jobs so well that in 1992 Congress made an agreement with the drug industry. Our “caring” members of Congress created the “Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA).

As reported by William Faloon, founder of the Life Extension Foundation – “In recent years, nearly half of the Center’s (F.D.A.’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research) 400 million dollar budget has been paid for by drug companies.”

What this amounts to is the drug companies pay the F.D.A. nearly half of its budget, or close to 200 million per year. If this is true, there can be only one reason. Drug companies “buy” rapid approval rather than assuring the drug works safely.

Certainly, neither companies nor the F.D.A. determine long-term effects, as many drugs have side effects that take years to show up. I believe Dr. Graham stated the F.D.A. approved some new drugs within three to four months.

In other words, it appears as if the F.D.A. works closely with the drug companies to get drugs approved. This is the theme one hears in documentaries or reads over and over in writings by investigative journalists and other researchers.

Let us examine this hypothesis (theory)…

Add the fact that the largest contributions (bribes) to members of Congress come from regulated industries, including the drug industry. This amounts to billions through the years from just the drug companies.

The Denver Post, May 23, 2004, had an article by Anne C. Mulkern, titled “When Advocates Become Regulators”. In it, she stated that, “Bush [the 2nd] installed more than 100 officials who were once lobbyists, attorneys or spokespeople for the industries they oversee.” Does this “buddy” system exist?

Please do not get the idea that this is to bash Bush, one of the poorest presidents ever. The fact is that control of government officials and medicine/drugs/food is the fault of every official since the 1930’s. And, I might add, of the American public manipulated (brainwashed) by behind the scenes controllers.

The extreme control became most apparent with D. Rumsfeld (former U.S. Secretary of Defense) getting a puppet in as the head of the F.D.A. in order to get the neurotoxin and deadly poison, Aspartame, approved. Just search for Aspartame or Rumsfeld’s Disease for the complete story of Aspartame and Rumsfeld, former C.E.O. of G.D. Searle, Co. (the patent owner of Aspartame).

Many sources state that the F.D.A. and pharmaceuticals have a “revolving door” policy. Basically, the policy is, “you help me and I’ll help you.”

For example of the “revolving door policy”, an attorney named Dan Troy was for a time the general counsel at the F.D.A. Prior to this, his law firm was an activist for the pharmaceutical, tobacco, and other elements of our economy regulated by the F.D.A.. While in the F.D.A., he was an advocate for pharmaceutical (and other regulated entities) companies.

When he left the F.D.A., he went right back to serving as an advocate for the regulated industries and most probably gained financially, as reported by Maurice Hinchey, U.S. Congressman (D – New York).

There are many sources for information on this topic. One that I relied on and noted above is a documentary by Gary Null, The Medical Mafia How To Get Out of It Alive and Take Back Our Health and Wealth

Here is the question to answer. Was the Mulkern article correct? Let us consider that James T. Reilly, University of Cincinnati volunteer law professor and long-time attorney with the F.D.A. had this to say: “The FDA is now in the business of helping lawsuit defendants, specifically the pharmaceutical companies.”

Then there is Dr. Graham that testified before Congress (2004) that Vioxx killed over a 100,000 people while injuring thousands more. He stated that the F.D.A. is incapable of protecting the people, that, “We [meaning the people] are virtually defenseless.”

Ray Moynihan, Australian freelance investigative reporter and author, with an associate, Alan Cassels, wrote, Selling sickness: How the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies are turning us all into patients. Nation Books, New York, 2005.

Mr. Moynihan is also one of the visiting editors of the British Medical Journal (BMJ). One of the articles he wrote for the British Medical Journal led to the cover of the BMJ 2003;327:E160 issue having the lead question of, “Who Owns the FDA? The drug companies or the people?”

In an interview shown in the source documentary by Gary Null listed above, Mr. Moynihan stated that for a most senior medical journal to bring up the question shows that there is “…a massive crisis of legitimacy in the F.D.A.”

Dr. Graham and many others agree, as do any honest researchers for reasons that I hope are clear by the end of this series.

In the September 1991 F.D.A. Hearing on Prozac, an extremely dangerous anti-depressant that is still on the market, witnesses revealed that many young people died. One witness stated 65, with some committing suicide in a matter of days.

Read the warning about all anti-depressants, not just Prozac. And, wonder just how many people have died since 1991 or been seriously damaged. Additionally, one must wonder why professionals do not help patients by seeking the cause of their depression, rather than advising chemicals that mask the symptoms.

It also came out during the hearing that the F.D.A. had verifiably suppressed information about drugs; that it fought against the truth by discrediting whistle blowers; or attacked experts by attempting to discredit them. Dr. Graham was one of the expert witnesses that the F.D.A. attacked in this manner.

Tom DeVine, Legal Director of the Government Accountability Project, stated that suppressing information is a severe threat to public health and safety.

Reasonable people must agree, considering the deaths of hundreds of thousands of patients were/are attributed directly to pharmaceutical’s chemical treatment of symptoms.

How bad is it?
Dr. Joseph Mercola, M.D. has stated that 8,000,000 people in the last ten years have died from orthodox medical and medicines. Causes for the conditions were not treated, only symptoms.

Dr. Sidney Wolfe added that adverse drug reactions resulted in 100,000 deaths per year, and that an additional 1.5 million required hospitalization.
I might add this is largely due to adverse side effects.

For examples of the dozens of side effects caused by approved drugs, rather than “tuning out” or paying attention only to the alleged benefits expressed by smiling, happy people in ads, listen carefully to the side effects of drugs advertised on television. (There is more on advertising below.)

Shane Ellison, Ms.C, Pharmaceutical Chemist, stated that drug approval is not based on science, that it is based on financial conflicts, in that six out of ten scientists have financial conflicts of interest so they advocate the approval of a drug. In other words, not only is the F.D.A. controlled through financial interests, so are the pharmaceutical chemists.

What happened to prevention and curing of conditions? Treating symptoms just covers up the problem and ignoring the cause of the condition is in my mind criminal, as it prolongs and allows for hugely damaging side effects to further damage the person. Part IV of this series answers this question, along with the associated criminality.

Section C – The Effect of Advertisements, Especially Television
One might state with a great deal of accuracy that television is the greatest, most effective, and most used tool to manipulate the thinking of the American people by those in control. Even public education pales in comparison, although public education could well set up the manipulative power of television.

The reason I stress television is because well over half the American people cannot read past the 4th grade level. This figure is estimated from fact that the U.S. Department of education computed a 40 percent functionally illiteracy of graduating seniors in 1975. By 1995, functional illiteracy had increased to 50 percent. If the same rate of increase occurred since 1995, then the level of functional illiteracy is most likely over 60 percent.

With the fact that the majority of the American people are not likely to do much reading for lack of skill and/or inclination, nearly all watch television to some degree. They are subject not only to direct ads and reports containing falsehoods and misleading information but also to subliminal messages.

With parents and then teachers, our youth learn to respond to those perceived as authority. If parents, at least in the early years of their children, say so, then the children perceive it as so.

If a teacher says it is so, then the kids believe it is so, as they are often in contact with teachers more than their own parents. They learn at a very early age to “not talk back to teachers”. After all, teachers are “educated” and know everything.

Soon this bleeds off on any perceived authority, such as newscasters, government spokespeople, attorneys, judges, cops and other enforcers of laws. Coercive measures seen in television shows (including the news) convey the idea that such measures are okay. Even the use of many forms of brutality, including deadly force, are deemed okay, as long as government okays it.

Put a white coat on an actor and suddenly the actor becomes some sort of medical professional.

Put a smile on an actor’s face that prances all over the screen or speaks with authority and whatever the product or action is, the viewer believes it is so and relates the actions to the product.

Show a sexy, barely dressed woman or an actor appearing as a “sexy” man and the product is related to being sexy or acquiring such a sexy man or woman – or both in these days of immorality. As we all know, sex related to products, including various drugs, is in constant use.

Show a person taking some drug with his alleged symptoms controlled and the viewer believes the drug will cure their ills, never thinking that the person is an actor paid to say his lines and nothing more.

If politicians and other spokespeople tell an absolutely outrageous lie about an event, the viewer believes that statements are the truth. Examples are the utter BS put out about 9-11, Panama, our attacks on Afghanistan, Iraq, and dozens upon dozens of black ops. The same holds true for domestic enforcers (cops, e.g.) that kill and torture with impunity and the gigantic lie, “just doing my job”.

For many of our “non-thinking for themselves” people, it does not matter how much evidence states otherwise. For these people, the lie is the truth, while the truth is the lie.

The drug industry knows all this and volumes more about how to manipulate people’s minds. And, of course, the two leading parties (actually the same party) and their “yes men” to the controllers, know this.

Thus, couple government entities and special entertainers (actors, sports figures, etc.) with, for example, drug companies in ads and the fix is in. Non-thinking people do not stand a snowball’s chance in hell of avoiding manipulation.

From the documentary video, “Prescription for Disaster…” referenced above, I learned that only two countries permit advertisements for drugs on television. I thought right away, the U.S. and Israel, but not so. It is the U.S. but the other country is New Zealand.

I also learned, as documented by Gene Haislip, former D.E.A. official, that in the 1971 “Convention of Psychotropic Substances”, that there is an, “…agreement by the United Nations Conference for the Adoption of a Protocol on Psychotropic Substances…”

The representatives of the member countries agreed that there would be NO advertising directly to consumers.

Mr. Haislip further stated that ads are to sell to make money and for no other reason. If one doubts the intent is making money, check out the markup on pharmaceuticals.

Thus, it appears that the goal is NOT to create healthy people, as the apparent intent of the ads has nothing to do with this. In fact, medical schools do NOT train doctors in nutrition, as drug companies control the information taught through donations. This is comparable to their control of Congress and the F.D.A. Money talks to officials. They listen, as they receive their orders (effectively), and then behave as the drug companies want.

Not only do ads, whether on television or magazine or whatever, influence our people, they also influence doctors. Doctors learn about drugs not so much from professional medically trained people but from drug company trained sales people. They then sell the doctors based on what the drug companies teach them.

People learn what they think they know as the gospel truth from ads, and often relate their physical state – or what they think is their physical state – to whatever symptoms the actor or text in the ad state. They then go to the doctor and say they want some pill, such as Nexium – the little purple pill for heartburn.

The doctor then describes it because, of course, the patient tells him he has the same symptoms as the person in the ad.

Of course, many may state this is BS. If so, then go to the “Journal of the American Medical Association” (J.A.M.A.), Vol. 293 No. 16, April 27, 2005. Read the article, “Influence of Patient’s Requests for Direct-to-Consumer Advertised Anti-Depressants”. The conclusion:

“Patients’ requests have a profound effect on physician prescribing in major depression and adjustment disorders. Direct-to-consumer advertising may have competing effects on quality, potentially both averting underuse [of drugs] and promoting overuse.” (My emphasis and italics)

I suggest that everyone download and watch “Prescription for Disaster…” referenced above. There is much information in it that one should become familiar with and pass on to family and friends.

I also reiterate watching G. Edward Griffin’s documentary type video, The Science and Politics of Cancer.

Quite apparent is that fact that drug companies never stress curing the condition but do stress treating the symptoms. These are two vastly different goals.

How different?
Contrast drugs and adverse side effects to treating conditions with natural substances and processes that stress curing with NO side effects.

Mr. Null stated in his documentary that Xanac had a 569,000 percent markup.

Contrast this with the fact that many natural substances that cure are free. Others are already included in the cost of food. And, still others we should exercise our right to freely grow and use without government thugs interfering.

And, that leads us to Part IV about natural substances, etc. that prevent and cure illnesses. They are the combatants against legislators, the F.D.A., and synthetic drugs bring on many – maybe even most – illnesses.

Editor’s NOTE: The series was originally written during the fall of 2011 and early winter months of 2012. When Mr. Lewis approached us about publishing all that you have read so far, he referenced this as a four-part series, and in fact – it is – and has been. Based upon what he submitted to us, we chose to “lift” the body of Part IV – and use it as the Foreword in this post. What follows are a series of responses from Ed to several readers of the original posting some years ago. ~ Editor

Hi Jackie,
Well, it seems that this is a great example of government demanding discrimination against heterosexuals and should be in violation of hate laws and, of course, not making any law concerning religion and religious beliefs. Like I have always told people – give one group additional protection and it removes the rights of others. And the controlling tribe is great at this, as it further divides people.

It is too bad people do not fully realize just how vile those in government are, pull their kids from federal/state propaganda and indoctrination schools, and start their own schools of the people and screw the feds and state criminal cabal called “government”.

Some will think this is promoting getting rid of government but it isn’t – it is just promoting replacing the bad seeds with good seeds that understand the meaning of human freedom that stay within the boundaries of equality in the eyes of the true Law and not that spouted by attorneys, office holders, and, of course, their enforcers of de facto laws that have essentially destroyed human freedom and America. ~ Ed

Hi Patty,
I guess you know from different sources just how utterly psychopathic those in government are for allowing the crap that now goes on, including okaying a ton of different poisons in food, especially neurotoxins, drinking water, and, of course, the spraying of us they are doing.

Sadly, it gets crazier now by the day since the so-called “leaders” are either directly from the tribe of psychos or controlled directly by them through blackmail and bribes, including campaign contribution, and threats to theirs and their families. It has nearly completely become a bad world where no species is safe with the crazy people that are now in charge of destroying most of mankind. Note the lack of birds, insects, rodents and other wild life, including trees and other plants.

While allowing the toxins, they stop healthy foods from advertising as such or, when the profits of major food and drug manufacturers is affected, and often now just make good stuff illegal, and prevent their usage thusly. Hopefully, one day some of the idiots will realize that what affects the general population also affects their posterity. Right now, though, it seems they are too wrapped up in the lust for control and increasing their own coffers. One day, though, truth will out and when it does, I hope it slams them right smack into the ground. ~ Ed

Submitted to Kettle Moraine Publications by the author.

~ The Author ~
Ed Lewis has been widely published on the Internet for several years prior to the last two, when he took a sort of sabbatical to somewhat helplessly watch America being manipulated onto the road to ruin. He holds BS degrees in Biology and Psychology, National Honor Society in both fields, and MS coursework and research in Psychology completed.

Lewis is a 64-year old Vietnam Era veteran that believes every official should be held accountable for treason and other crimes when Law, statutes, and their Oaths of Office are violated.

He believes that every American has the duty to stand against any government or chartered quasi-government that violates the rights of the people, and that no man, or group of men, especially foreign lobbyists and dual citizen people, have the authority and/or the right to interfere in our land and tell us what we might think, say, write, and do. Fear to do so will ultimately destroy America.

Contact Mr. Lewis at with@cvalley.net