One of the Secrets to Living a Long, Healthy Life, Oxygen

I was going to start today by asking “What is Oxygen and how does it help the human body?

After considerable thought, I decided to ask, “Do you know how many forms of oxygen there are?” What might be your answer? The real answer is that there are more than six forms of oxygen that are a great help to the human body.

One. Regular Oxygen (with nitrogen) that you breathe.

Two. Purified oxygen (O2, in pressure cylinders).

Three. 3. Ozone (O3)

Four. Hyperbaric oxygen (Pure O2 in body contained bodysuit or container).

Five. Activated stabilized oxygen.

Six. H2O2 (Activated in the body, hydrogen oxide releases oxygen ions that help eradicate pathogens).

There are so many great things that oxygen does in the body that writing a complete essay would fill a big book. This chapter about oxygen will only include the very important functions and uses of oxygen.

Oxygen has a very oxidizing nature which allows it to be reduced to oxygen ions and hydrogen peroxide in the body. This allows the oxygen derivatives to be able to kill many pathogens. Oxygen denatures the protein in many kinds of pathogens and many are killed instantly.

Researchers have found that one of the great functions of optimum oxygen intake into the body is to prevent aging. The researchers have shown that when the body is no longer able to maintain or regenerate new cells, it leads to aging. Optimum oxygen utilization from exercise and other oxygen mechanisms. Many publications and articles are now saying that a person, without exercise and other mechanisms of intake, will reduce lives by as much as 15 years over a lifetime. Aging is a process that is closely associated with body cell maintenance and the regeneration of new cells. Several research studies have shown that an absence of a good diet and exercise (optimum oxygen) causes the formation of free radical cationic (atoms in molecules) in body cells. Free radicals are unstable atoms that can damage body cells and lead to cell death. This is a normal process but people who do not get the extra optimum oxygen will experience damage to body cells. Over time this little retardation of oxygen produces a toll on the telomeres. This increases the free radical cell damage and cell death in body cells that can be a detriment to aging.

New cells produce adenotriphosphate (ATP). For the production of ATP in body cells, an optimum supply of oxygen is needed. ATP provides cell energy. It stabilizes and creates metabolic and cellular processes which help prevent aging. Extra oxygen can be provided with exercise. That is why researchers say it prevents aging.

This discovery is great, but that is only the beginning of what oxygen can do. Below are more very important reasons why oxygen is so important in the body.

ONE. Exercise enables your body to produce more oxygen by increasing blood supply to the body cells. Many experts say, “The better you breathe, the longer you will live.” They say that lung capacity is the number one factor in how long a person will live. There is clear evidence that shows the way you breathe, lung capacity and regular exercise are insurance plans that create longevity. Sorry, you couch potatoes, but if you want to stay healthy, get off of the couch and get MOVING. I have mentioned many times that a person needs to exercise 4 to seven times a week, doing what they are able to do. Older people need to at least walk briskly. Younger people need exercises that speed up the heart for at least twenty to thirty minutes.

The extra oxygen from exercise is reduced to oxygen ions and hydrogen peroxide in the body. This denatures the protein in pathogens and kills many of them. The absence of exercise may be the reason that many older people are more susceptible to the covid-19 virus, and maybe other diseases.

There are many other great attributes about exercise and oxygen. It increases oxygen to the brain. In 2018, the Journal of Neuroscience showed that exercise, oxygen, and breathing through the nose improve both learning and memory. Exercise also improves heart function, fatigue, hypertension, mood, stress, digestion, and sex performance. Exercise increases dopamine, a great asset to the body.

TWO. Breathing through the nose. Recently, a lot of research proved that breathing through the nose has a great influence on getting more oxygen. It helps in the creation of nitric oxide in the sinuses. DENTISTS need to be aware of a child’s breathing through the mouth. Correction of mouth breathing is vitally important for a child who has many decades to live. Nose breathing may add many more years to their lives. Another great benefit of nasal breathing is that it helps prevent hypoxia. Covid -19 patients that breathed through the mouth were much more subject to hypoxia than those breathing through the nose.

THREE. Hyperbaric oxygen. Hyperbaric oxygen (HBOT) is not promoted as it should be. It is one of the most effective health and oxygen treatments. It is non-invasive and helps treat many illnesses, disorders, and diseases. It is also used to help deep-sea divers who come up from ocean depths. They can escape having the “bends.”

The use of hyperbaric oxygen goes on and on. Autism, epilepsy, herniated disks, stress, headaches, diabetics, and many other diseases are greatly helped with HBOT. Many naturopaths have HBOT machines. If you haven’t visited a naturopath recently, You should visit them to find out the great things that the HBOT machine will do. Hyperbaric oxygen is a great help for diabetics. It helps circulation, especially in capillaries and small blood vessels. It helps cells repair and provides more oxygen for overall health. All diabetics should be advised of hyperbaric oxygen and how it helps them

FOUR. Ozone. Ozone increases oxygen in the blood. It is a great machine for anyone who needs oxygen. It is a great benefit for anyone who wants to increase the oxygen in their home. It is a great help for diabetics, heart disease patients, lung disorders, and any health problem that needs increased oxygen. Ozone machines are relatively inexpensive and can be a great help to almost everyone. Ozone has the ability to destroy the cell walls of viruses. It disrupts the DNA inside the cell walls to cause apoptosis (death) in viruses.

FIVE. Preventing sticky blood. Dr. Joanne Budwig, a German biochemist, pharmacist, and researcher, made some amazing findings with cancer patients. She found that they could get more oxygen with a formula that she found would unravel coagulated blood. First, while looking at the cancer patient’s blood, she found that the red blood cells had a greenish color. She THEN found that the color was from PLATELET COAGULATION. She called it “sticky blood.” Knowing that Otto Warburg discovered that cancer cells did not use oxygen to metastasize, she found that the diet also created a situation in cancer patients that throttled them of oxygen. She then found that oxygen starvation in red blood cells came from an excess of sugar, sugar substitutes, and derivatives, plus omega-6 vegetable oils bought from the grocery shelves. She went on to produce a food mixture that would unravel the red blood cell sticky blood. It was a mixture of cottage cheese, flaxseed oil, Quark (a fermented cheese), and crushed flaxseeds (crushed in a coffee grinder). My wife and I take this cottage cheese mixture every day to prevent “sticky blood.” You can read about it in my book, “Critical Non-invasive Treatment to Help Cure Grade III and IV Cancer.” The Budwig Cancer Clinic in Spain still treats cancer patients with a very high percentage of success. Patients with grades three and four cancer have also had great success in curing cancer at their clinic.

SIX. Activated stabilized oxygen. Newly researched, activated stabilized oxygen or O4 is an unstable gas form of oxygen. It is the combination of the two O2 molecules and breaks down into a bioavailable form of O2. It breaks down into bioavailable oxygen, distilled water, sodium chloride, and some trace minerals. It has a penetrating effect power to enter pathogen cells and shatters the membrane structure of many species of pathogens. Researchers at Purdue University have used O4 in patients and prove it may be very useful in cancer treatment.

SEVEN. Oxygen and the brain. The human brain uses about 20 to 25 percent of body blood containing oxygen. Exercise, hyperbaric oxygen, and ozone are great sources of brain oxygen. Oxygen is needed to prevent dementia, mental decline, and Alzheimer’s disease. People that exercise maintain their mental acuities better than those who do not. Breathing through the nose enhances brain oxygen and is vital for mental clarity, cognitive thinking, and many other mental functions. Hypoxia is very detrimental to the brain because the brain cells need a lot of oxygen to make new cells and keep the other cells healthy. Don’t forget that a bioelectric diet and exercise go hand in hand. So if you haven’t gotten out in the fresh air today and ran, walked, played tennis, bicycled, or worked out, please know it will help you very much.

Eight. Nitric Oxide supplements. By now most people know about nitric oxide. It relaxes blood vessels which allows more oxygen to flow to the blood vessels. Many nutritionists now talk about nitric oxide and how it helps the body and brain. Some of these great supplements are L-arginine, L-theanine, periwinkle, Gingko Biloba, and Turmeric. It may pay you to look into L-arginine, turmeric, and other great supplements. My wife and I take about 4 of the different ones every day. I recommend them highly.

Staying healthy and helping people is God’s plan, and is the most gratuitous deed any person can do. Clear thinking, helping people, and exercising are the start of something good.

Novenber 26, 2021

~ the Author ~

Merle E. Loudon, B.S., D.D.S. graduated from the University Of Washington School Of Dentistry in 1957. After two years of service in the Air Force, he started a private practice in East Wenatchee, Washington. For the past 45 years his practice has included Orthodontics and TM Dysfunction treatment specializing in temporomandibular pain treatment, headache, head and neck pain control, functional jaw orthopedics, and straight wire orthodontics. Associated with mercury elimination, oral surgery, crowns and bridges is TMJ treatment, diet control, parasite elimination, intestinal cleansing and healing (wellness).

Merle E. Loudon, B.S., D.D.S. has taught advanced courses for dentists on TM Dysfunction treatment, orthodontics and related pain control for more than 30 years. In 1972 he was the first dentist in Washington to use straight wire orthodontics and the first dentist to correct vertical deficiencies in children by placing vertical dimension-primary molar buildups and/or vertical (erupting) appliances. Merle E. Loudon, B.S., D.D.S. was involved with the first group of dentists to recognize lateral tongue splinting in young infants and integrate functional and fixed techniques to correct vertical dimension deficiencies and condylar placement. He is the originator of vertical dimension-primary molar build ups, which help to correct deep bites and Otitus media in children. He invented the Loudon-Chateau Anterior Repositioning Appliance, the functional muscle malocclusion concept, the twelve commandments of occlusion and the vertical overbite domino rule. Merle E. Loudon, B.S., D.D.S. has written numerous articles in several American and foreign dental journals and has lectured in over 50 cities and 7 foreign countries on functional jaw orthopedics, fixed wire orthodontics, Otitus media treatment and TM Dysfunction treatment. He has been instrumental in setting up criteria for teaching in the International Association For Orthodontics, including the certified instructor program.

Dr. Loudon is a member of The American Dental Association, Diplomat and Senior Instructor in the International Association for Orthodontics, and is a Diplomat of the American Academy of Pain Management. He also is a member of the American Orthodontic Society.