How It Is That Family Members Can Be the Last Ones to Listen to Reason and Wisdom, and Why

(They have a harder time taking your knowledge seriously because they knew you before you had knowledge… and they want to follow a media created “authority”)

“May we prescribe you a remedy for your ailment?”

My sister is a nurse. So is her husband. Both were among the first to receive this gene “therapy.” I guess because they want to believe they did the right thing, they have become vocal proponents parroting the completely owned MSM’s message with a mix of their nurse’s jargon. They use words like “manage,” “protocol” and “variant” and think they know what they’re talking about. They never question where these protocols come from.

With regard to health matters, I gave up on my sister years ago. She’s all about drugs; it’s the world she swims in. I tried a few times to help her see the light about staying out of the way of our bodies’ wisdom, and the profit/other motives around patented “medicine,” but to no avail. I couldn’t compete with her big-pharma-financed education that drugs/surgery are the only answers for what ails us. Her mindset is one of, “finding the right med in the right dose to match the symptom.” It sounds like your daughter had a more open mind than my sister, and was likely threatened if she didn’t comply.

On my dad’s side, my great grandparents both lived to be 95 and never took a drug in their lives. My grandparents on my dad’s side lived until age 86, dying just a week apart. They took several drugs daily – for high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. I couldn’t keep quiet when my sister supported 9 pills a day for our father. It was one thing if my sister wanted to enforce this on her patients but how could she do this to our father? Easily as it turns out.

To make a long story short, my father passed away in July of last year at the age of 87. No doubt toxic as hell, his demise hastened a decade by his daily swallowing ritual. I miss him dearly and his wonderful influence on my 14-year-old son.

This very moment, my father’s youngest brother – 81 – is in a Reno, NV hospital and most likely will not live much longer as he recently received his first inoculation. I visited him last Sunday. He’s a shell of a man after more than 20 years of being poisoned. He can’t speak and is in a drug-induced stupor. We sit and read to him, and talk about days gone by. He can’t respond; he just turns his head to look at us but we don’t know what he’s perceiving, if he even recognizes us. For years he has been taking in excess of 25 pills a day – given at 4 different times. This is what passes for medicine. My sister and her distant colleagues in Reno lament the fact that his throat swelled up and now cannot swallow his normal allotment of more than 2 dozen pills daily. We live in an insane asylum; we just don’t realize it. Prior to being admitted to the hospital last week, my uncle has been in assisted living since 2017 – AKA – a pill-dispensing center.

I’ve always been close to my brother, much closer than with my sister for reasons that go beyond the arena of health. He’s the better, younger version of me – incredibly intelligent, caring, humble, athletic, outgoing in the best of ways, and a successful computer engineer. He’s the person that most guys want to be. I’m reasonably intelligent, moody, and not so sociable. I haven’t admitted this to anyone – not even my wife who knows me well – but I was more effected to learn of my brother’s voluntary jab.

I guess I wasn’t surprised when I found out about my sister’s partaking – because of her profession. I expected it at some point. But not my brother. He was off limits to the ghouls and not to be touched by the insanity swirling around us. Wishful thinking. How can somebody so smart and away from the medical system believe such hype? Big brothers are supposed to protect their younger siblings. I feel as if I failed him. If I can wrap my head around the purpose of this, surely my brother’s better brain could. I was saddeningly wrong.

I’ve stopped being surprised. My sister-in law told me that they wanted to be able to visit her father, and that if they were vaccinated, they would be less of a health threat to him. I didn’t know what to say to her. This world is upside-down.

Humanity is going backwards, and at a fast clip. I see this world as a kind of whetstone for our souls. That’s my attempt at making sense of this tyranny.

Vince P
August 21, 2021

NOTE: The above was sent to me by a long time friend and associate. ~ Ed.