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Greed does not heal – it kills.

Preventing the Latest Texas Two-Step by Koch Industries on Cancer Liability

Bankruptcy was never meant as a panacea for profitable companies to shirk liability claims – especially on an issue as serious as this.

Johnson & Johnson Voluntarily Recalls Baby Powder For Asbestos Contamination
SAN ANSELMO, CALIFORNIA – OCTOBER 18: In this photo illustration, a container of Johnson’s baby powder made by Johnson and Johnson sits on a table on October 18, 2019 in San Anselmo, California. Johnson & Johnson, the maker of Johnson’s baby powder, announced a voluntary recall of 33,000 bottles of baby powder after federal regulators found trace amounts of asbestos in a single bottle of the product. (Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

A recent legal decision in a case involving Johnson & Johnson (J&J) may ultimately impact the massive profits Koch Industries and its Georgia-Pacific subsidiary have been raking in while sidestepping asbestos liability claims. At the end of January, a federal appeals court ruled that J&J could not shield itself from pending lawsuits arising from exposure to its now off-the-market baby powder by transferring them to a new subsidiary and then declaring that company bankrupt. Continue reading

Shocking and Immoral‘: Report Details Private Equity’s Stranglehold on US Healthcare

“The damage that private equity has wrought on Americans’ healthcare from cradle to grave, simply for profit, has become a life-or-death situation.”

Private equity’s ownership of U.S. healthcare providers is incompatible with the needs and best interests of patients and should be checked with federal legislation, according to a report published Wednesday by the consumer advocacy group Public Citizen. Continue reading

‘Appalling’ Biden Administration Declines to Force Big Pharma to Cut Price of Prostate Cancer Drug

“This decision effectively rubber-stamps continued Big Pharma abuse.”

Activists hit a pinata carrying empty pill bottles during an October 6, 2022 protest against the price of prescription drug costs in front of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) building in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

Patient advocates on Tuesday blasted the Biden administration’s refusal to compel the manufacturer of a lifesaving prostate cancer drug developed completely with public funds to lower its nearly $190,000 annual price tag.

In 2021, prostate cancer patient Eric Sawyer petitioned U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra to grant march-in rights — under which the government can grant patent licenses to companies other than a drug’s manufacturer — for enzalutamide, which is sold under the brand name Xtandi by Pfizer and Japanese pharmaceutical giant Astellas. The drug’s development was 100% taxpayer-funded. Continue reading

Here is the Truth: Medicare Advantage Is Neither Medicare Nor an Advantage

“During my two decades in the industry,” writes Potter, “I was part of an annual collaborative effort to persuade lawmakers that Medicare Advantage was far superior to traditional Medicare — real Medicare.” (Photo: designer491 / iStock via Getty Images)

Right now, well-funded lobbyists from big health insurance companies are leading a campaign on Capitol Hill to get Members of Congress and Senators of both parties to sign on to a letter designed to put them on the record “expressing strong support” for the scam that is Medicare Advantage.

But here is the truth: Medicare Advantage is neither Medicare nor an advantage.
Continue reading

March 3, 2023: Your Health – YOUR Choice!

Pancreatic cancer rates skyrocket as Covid jabs and boosters send toxic spike protein prions into vital organs
…including the pancreas, fueling turbo cancer!

An alarming trend in cancer rates skyrocketing for perfectly healthy people has garnered major attention, even in reports published in peer-reviewed medical journals. What is being termed “turbo cancer” since the Covid vaccines hit the market may be the prime culprit of this disastrous increase in deadly cancer cases, including those of the pancreas, which has the lowest rate of survival of all cancers. Women under 55 years of age, mainly black women, are especially being targeted by pancreatic cancer, according to a report in the Gastroenterology journal recently, and scientists seem befuddled.

Pancreatic cancer cases increasing, causing more than 3% of all cancer deaths in USA… (Continue to full article)

Men can reduce risk of bowel cancer by 20% if they stick to diet high in veg and beans
Men who eat a diet rich in vegetables, whole grains, beans and lentils can cut their risk of bowel cancer by more than a fifth, a study has found.

Women were also included in the research but no link between eating lots of plant foods and lower cancer risk was uncovered, which the scientists put down to men having an overall higher risk of the illness.

The study, published in the journal BMC Medicine, involved 79,952 men and 93,475 women around the age of 60 in the US… (Continue to full article)

Researchers develop new blood test that can detect prostate cancer with a claimed 94% accuracy
Researchers from the University of East Anglia (UEA) in the United Kingdom have developed a blood test that can detect prostate cancer with 94 percent accuracy.

The 94 percent accuracy rate beats the currently used prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test used around the world, which is only able to accurately detect prostate cancer in one out of four men who test positive.

The screening process the researchers developed is known as the Prostate Screening EpiSwitch (PSE) blood test. They believe this new test shows significant potential as an accurate and rapid cancer screening diagnostic… (Continue to full article)

‘Forever’ Chemicals Put Kids at Higher Risk of Diabetes, Cancer, Cardiovascular Diseasesdo no harm
A study published Wednesday found that PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances — used in a wide variety of consumer products — disrupt key biological processes, putting children and young adults at higher risk for a broad range of diseases.

Exposure to “forever” chemicals can put children and young adults at higher risk for a broad range of diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer, according to a study published Wednesday in Environmental Health Perspectives.

Researchers at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California found that PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances — used in a wide variety of consumer products — disrupt key biological processes… (Continue to full article)

Millions of Americans are being kept in the dark about toxic trains rumbling through their neighborhoods as railroad companies refuse to disclose which carry hazardous loads
Do you live in the next East Palestine?

Millions of Americans are being kept in the dark about secretive toxic trains like the one that has devastated East Palestine and are moving regularly through their communities, can reveal.

Railroad companies disclose general information on hazardous loads to local authorities and emergency services – but only when asked and even then they only give rough expected annual figures.

Specific details on train times and exact hazmat loads are treated as ‘sensitive information’ by the rail operators and are not disclosed, regulator the Federal Railroad Administration revealed… (Continue to full article)

Florida Issues Health Alert: mRNA COVID Vaccines Caused ‘Substantial Increase’ in Reports of Adverse Events

Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo, M.D., Ph.D., issued a health alert on Wednesday warning that the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines caused a “substantial increase” in reports of adverse events in Florida.

The alert was based on a letter he sent earlier this week to the heads of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) pointing out the excess risk of adverse events associated with the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. Continue reading

37-Year-Old Injured by Pfizer Vaccine Had to ‘Learn to Walk and Speak Again

In an interview with The Defender, Dedra Long described how she went from a surgical technologist and busy mother of three to an invalid after her employer pressured her to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dedra Long had a fulfilling life, working as a surgical technologist and raising her three children. After contracting COVID-19 in February 2020, and being exposed to it several more times through her job, she developed health problems that led her to seek new employment at a credit union.

In 2021, Long’s new employer began pressuring employees to get vaccinated — and that’s when things took a turn for the worse for Long. Continue reading

The High Cost of Prescription Drugs

Americans often pay extortionate amounts for their prescriptions, but some relief is in sight.

When I was chief of cardiology at Indiana University School of Medicine, I invited a senior executive from a major pharmaceutical company to lecture about new drugs in their pipeline. He delivered a great talk about their discoveries but was unprepared for the first question I asked when he finished.

“Why are prescription drugs so expensive in the U.S. compared to other countries around the world?” Continue reading

Why the American Medical System Is Broken

Anyone who’s recently visited a hospital in America knows the system is broken. Prices are outrageous, answers are slim, and insurance companies are insufferable. Each time I think about how the medical system in America is terrible, one of the only small comforts is that Canada’s healthcare situation is worse.

Still, we didn’t arrive here without a string of bad decisions leading to an overpriced, unhelpful, and increasingly woke medical system. So how did we get here?

Big Pharma, Carnegie, and Rockefeller
One gripe many have with the modern medical system is the rejection of diet, exercise, and natural medicine in favor of big pharma and a palmful of pills. But it wasn’t always this way. Continue reading

‘Do Not Run-We Are Your Friends’

We were told over and over that the Covid vaccines were ‘safe and effective.’

Biden told us if we got the shots, we wouldn’t get Covid, nor would we spread it. Biden parrots what he sees on teleprompter and those words came from so-called scientific ‘authorities.’ Their assurances were lies.

And don’t worry if those gene therapy ‘Fauci Ouchies’ were grossly under-tested. It was an emergency after all, so 10 years of testing in preparation for human treatment could be compressed down to a few months. Nothing could go wrong. After all, science respects emergencies. Especially when huge money is to be made, right? Continue reading

Health Care — A Monopoly of Monsters

As noted by The Hill’s anchor Briahna Joy Gray in the video above, Americans pay twice as much for their health care yet get the worst care of any developed Western nation. And, while other countries guarantee treatment regardless of income, treatment in the U.S. depends on whether you can afford costly health insurance, or have a job that provides it. Continue reading

The Cancer Within Modern Medicine Part 4: Manipulation of the Minds

There is a cancer within what we know of as modern medicine – eating away at the very heart of its original design. Rather than saving and healing humanity, this cancer seeks to destroy us from within. As we continue to dissect the cancer within, in this segment of the report, we will focus on the area of mind control and those who have shaped the minds of the masses since the turn of the 20th century.

Manipulation of the Unconscious Mind

Sigmund Freud

The study of the unconscious mind gained wide attention at the turn of the 20th century, through the research of Sigmund Freud, who popularized the concept that the conscious mind represents only the tip of the iceberg, while a vastly larger portion of the mind remains hidden below the surface. Freud postulated that repressed thoughts, emotions, memories, impulses and wishes of the unconscious mind are the primary source of human behavior and sought to analyze the hidden realm of the unconscious mind through the founding of psychoanalysis. Freud’s psychoanalytic theory of personality heavily focused on the sexual drive of humans, with an emphasis on incest, in various developmental states which he defined as the oral, anal, and phallic phases. Much of Freud’s theories, including the Oedipus complex, originated from the analysis of his own dreams. He believed that dreams provided access to unconscious thoughts and desires.

Freud’s theories revolutionized the field of psychology and intrigued the psychiatric community to pursue the study of the unconscious mind further. His practice of psychotherapy dominated the early half of the 20th century, which launched the practice of many variations of Freud’s concepts and theories that are still influential in psychology to this day. Continue reading

New study questions the effectiveness of colonoscopies

Colonoscopies are a dreaded rite of passage for many middle-age adults. The promise has been that if you endure the awkwardness and invasiveness of having a camera travel the length of your large intestine once every decade after age 45, you have the best chance of catching – and perhaps preventing – colorectal cancer. It’s the second most common cause of cancer death in the United States. Some 15 million colonoscopies are performed in the US each year.

Now, a landmark study suggests the benefits of colonoscopies for cancer screening may be overestimated. Continue reading

A Bad Bet: “Big Pharma Rolls The Dice With Your Life… SNAKE EYES?”

The vaccine makers, also known as Big Pharma, cannot be sued when their vaccines cause death or disabling side effects.

Back in the mid 80s, Big Pharma faced a great many lawsuits for damages caused by their vaccines. They lost a great many of those lawsuits. Instead of making safer vaccines, Big Pharma instead unleashed their lobbyists to pressure the government into protecting them with advantageous legislation. Continue reading

Johnson & Johnson and a New War on Consumer Protection

The company has spent billions on cases about one of its most popular products. As its executives try a brazen new legal strategy to stop the litigation, corporate America takes note.

God gives you only one body, Deane Berg always said, so you’d better take care of the one you’ve got. A physician assistant at the veterans’ hospital in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, she knew that spotting between periods wasn’t unusual for a forty-nine-year-old woman, but she went to the doctor anyway. Her two daughters had already lost their father to lung cancer, so Berg wanted to stick around.

Just perimenopause, the doctor concluded after a cursory examination. Probably a blood clot, the nurse practitioner told her when a subsequent ultrasound showed something on an ovary. “It’s not going to be cancer,” the gynecological surgeon said before removing both ovaries on the day after Christmas in 2006. But, when Berg went for her follow-up, she read the words on the pathology report before the surgeon had a chance to break the news: serous carcinoma. She cried, and the surgeon did, too. She would now need a full hysterectomy, chemotherapy, and a great deal of luck. Every year, around twenty thousand women are given a diagnosis of ovarian cancer in the United States, and more than half that many will die of the disease. Continue reading