Cancer is Exploding because of CV19 Vax

                                      Dr. Betsy Eads

Dr. Betsy Eads has been warning for more than a year about extreme disease and death coming because of the CV19 bioweapon/vax. Dr. Eads has been punished by the medical community for being a CV19 vax truth warrior. Everything she predicted has happened, and it is guaranteed to get worse—much worse. Using fresh data just on breast cancers alone posted by the American Cancer Society on, Dr. Eads explains, “From in the year 2019, for those women under 45 years old (with breast cancer), it was 26,660. It 2020, it was 26,500. In 2021 when the CV19 vax rolled out, it was 26,561. . . . Cancer was not seen in the initial rollout because it took some time for the spike protein delivery.

In 2022, those numbers went from 26,561 to 47,000. That is a two-fold increase. That’s a direct result of the mRNA (CV19) shots. In 2023, it went up six-fold to 297,000 breast cancer cases, and we are not even done with 2023. That may be as high as 500,000 breast cancer cases. So, cancer is exploding, and there is a direct correlation to the mRNA (CV19) vaccines. . . . The data is just pouring out. The Department of Defense DMED data has cancers up 600% to 1,300%.”

The good news is there are new treatments for cancer. The bad news is information on those treatments are being suppressed. Dr. Eads says, “I use science-backed papers. If you type in NIH, Ivermectin and cancer, it will spit out a bunch of papers of proof that Ivermectin treats cancer. If you go and search Fenbendazole studies from Europe, you will see at least 63 papers on Fenbendazole as a treatment for cancer, but not all cancers. . . . There are a number of them that show the combination of Ivermectin, Fenbendazole and B17 as (treatments) and cures for cancer, but not all cancers. . . . There is enough literature (peer-reviewed scientific studies) to support using those. . . . They suppress those studies, and, of course, it is not going to get out into the mainstream media. Of course, that is all propaganda. . . . On December 29, 2012, President Obama signed HR 4310. The 2013 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Basically, section 1078 of that bill authorizes the use of propaganda inside the USA, which had previously been banned since 1948. . . . They legalized propaganda. So, they legalized mainstream media, Big Pharma, Hospitals and doctors . . . to put out campaigns against Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Ivermectin.”

In February 2023, Dr. Eads predicted there would be “At least 1 billion dead or disabled from the CV19 bioweapon/vax.” Is Dr. Eads sticking by that prediction? Dr. Eads says, “Yes, I am, and, actually, it’s going to be higher than that. . . . A paper recently came out showing 600,000 Americans a year are dying from Covid shots. That data is supported by people like Ed Dowd. He looked at the actuary numbers in life insurance companies. We don’t have good data from the hospitals because they are not reporting vaccine injuries and death. They are not correlating the deaths with the mRNA vaccines. They are doing this on purpose.”

Dr. Eads says the number of deaths from the mRNA injections may be 1.2 billion per year world-wide. Eads says, “If we allowed doctors to use Ivermectin, HCQ and CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution), we would not have 600,000 a year dead (from the CV19 injections), and I believe that is a low number. We would not have that, and that’s the tragedy. This is a democide.”

Follow the link below to watch the 54 minute interview.

Written by Greg Hunter for USA Watchdog ~ June 24, 2023

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